Review Policy/Contact Info

Thank you for taking the time to visit and for considering me to review your book. I do, however, ask that you please keep in mind that book reviewing is not my job, nor I am not a professional reviewer. I read and review books simply because I love to read. The reviews here on my blog are strictly my opinion. Some of the books have been sent to me by either the publisher or the author for review, others are of my own choosing. I will always try to give an honest book review, and as thorough a review as possible (which does not include regurgitating the book blurb); but, if you are craving further information about the book, please leave a response with your email and I'll be glad to correspond with you. I also do not review every book that is pitched to me. I reserve the right to choose those that I think will interest me.

A New Feature:

First Chapter Critique/Publish

I am opening up a new feature on my blog in January 2013. I will be accepting first 
chapters for publication and review on my blog. Any author or publisher, etc. who 
would like to submit a first chapter for publication along with my review of said 
chapter, may email me at:


Please continue reading for additional information pertaining to the genres that I will 
and will NOT accept. If your genre is among the NOT acceptable, please do not 
email me. I reserve the right to refuse any submissions that do not meet the 
requirements.  Please include the author's information with the submission. 
Thank you.

For Publishers and Authors

I am open to reading books from indie, small and large presses as well as those 
that are self-published. I accept print or ebooks (mobi file for Kindle) . I read on 
a Kindle and therefore require a mobi file (can be gifted via Amazon.  I also 
WILL NOT accept any files that are not saved as the title of the book. In 
other words, do not send me a file named with numbers or dates (
0002345-544 1-27-1960). It must be the name of the book. 

I enjoy reading memoir, non-fiction, romance, 
suspense, historical 
romance/fiction, chick lit, contemporary romance, and sometimes 

I DO NOT/WILL NOT review horror, erotica, science fiction, 

paranormal, or YA, elementary or middle grade books, graphic, poetry
or verse.  

I recommend looking at my Shelves (see the side bar) 
and Shelfari for examples. 

Authors, publicists, and publishers are welcome to pitch their books to me by 

emailing me at mylife (dot) onestoryatatime@ gmail (dot) com. Please remember 
that reviewing books is something I enjoy doing, but it is not my full-time work. 
If I accept your book for review, I will try to get to it as soon as possible. 
I also do not guarantee a positive review. What I do promise is an honest 
review which will highlight the positive aspects of the book without neglecting 
to mention any negative issues.   

I am open to participating in blog tours and pub day media blitz.

I offer authors 3 promotional options in addition to reviews. These options are 

available even if I do not accept the book for review. I reserve the right to refuse 
any request without reason.

1.    Announcements:  I will post the book cover, summary, book trailer
links to author/book, and other information the author/publicist/publisher 
provides. When possible I include links to other reviews. I will only post 
one (1) book  announcement per week. Please contact me at your earliest 
convenience to schedule a date.

2.    Guest post: I love having authors write a blog post sharing insight 
about themselves, books, and writing. A guest post may be offered as 
part of a tour, pre-publication promotion, or at any other time. I will 
only post one (1) guest post per week, so please contact me several weeks 
in advance to schedule a date. Authors should keep in mind My Life. One 
Story at a Time. is an open blog and content included in a guest post 
should be suitable for all ages. If pictures are included, I expect the author 
to have permission to use such photos and/or provide proper credit. I do 
not do interviews, but can provide topic/question(s) for guest post.

3.    Live events: I enjoy attending author events in my local area. If you 
will be appearing in Southeast Louisiana, I will consider covering your 
event on my blog.

Occasionally, I encounter a book that I simply cannot get through, and 
reserve the right not to publish a review if I cannot complete the 
entire book, or just do not care for it. This is, in fact, to the advantage 
of the author. If I can locate a positive review, I will post a link to that site.

What do I include in my review? (I ask that the contact person provide
me with some of items) 
- Book cover, Author picture
-Author web presence (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc)
-Link to purchase on Amazon
- Synopsis (usually from the book or Author's page)
-Guest Post by the author
- My review

Where will your review be posted?
-My Life. One Story at a Time.
AND, your choice of:

- Goodreads
-The Book Depository
-Barnes and Noble

What's my turn around time for review?
It varies, depending on the number of requests I receive and accept, but at this 

particular moment, my time frame is approximately two-three months. 

If there is a certain time period you would like your book featured, please 

let me know and we can work out a promotion.
A link will be provided to you for promotion purposes once the review is 


I would love links to my review from the author or publicists websites, and I
am open to having quotes used in publicity materials - just please let me know.
Please also attribute all quotations to Donna McBroom-Theriot and include
a link to the review on my blog. Thank you.


To inquire about a book review or other author promotions please email 
Donna at  (don't forget that dot 
after mylife(.) In addition to reviews, I also offer guest post spots and 
announcements/promos. If you are appearing in the Southern Louisiana 
area, I will consider covering your event. Please see above for further 
details on the promotional opportunities I offer.

PLEASE remember when contacting me to include the cover art (jpeg), author

photo (jpeg) and bio, synopsis, publication date and a link to where I can read
more about the book (goodreads/amazon), rather than just LINKS to them. 
The extra minute or two that this requires is greatly appreciated. 

Also, please keep in mind that if you send an email copy of your book along 
with the request, do not assume that I will automatically review your book. I will 
evaluate each book and accept them at my own discretion, bearing in mind 
whether it will be a good fit for my blog and something I think I will enjoy reading. 
Thank you.

You can follow me on Twitter (@DonnaMTheriot) where I tweet about 
what I'm reading and just about anything else that comes to mind.

Books are provided to me by the author or publisher for free. I will not sell 
ARC or printed books given to me. I will, however, pass them on to my 
family, friends, Nursing Homes, or use them for blog give-away's.


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