Hubby playing with his band

Calypso (front) and Ryka

The girls love to swim on hot days

Calypso, March 2, 2012 (13mos.)

Ryka, March 2, 2012
Taste testing Profiteroles. Yum!

Hubby and sons, Jeremy (left) and Joshua. Josh sings with Flashback.

Calypso graduates Obedience School - 10/2011

Dogs that play hard, sleep hard. 10/2011

They can't get on the porch so Calypso sleeps on the top step and Ryka on the bottom - that is, until they fall asleep and roll off. 10/2011

Dogs at Play 10/2011

Calypso - 4 months - Look like her dad "Nic"

Calypso - 4 months - hard to believe - from 10 lbs. to 42 lbs.

What happens in the rain, stays in the rain!

Daughter Katie-Beth was in for Easter. She and Jeffery are checking out an alligator.

Had to bring it in too much but it was still cute. Sitting side by side.

I assure you that there are two dogs here. Calypso is a little Sumo wrestler.

Calypso thought she could just reach in and grab a crab...

...And sometimes they just sleep...

Calypso - 9 weeks - April 4, 2011

Jessica Plaisance (left) and Donna McBroom-Theriot listen to Rochelle Frazier talk about her book, “Sweeteas” Saturday during the Jubilee Jambalaya Writers Conference and Book Fair at the Terrebonne Parish Main Library in Houma.  Saturday, March 26, 2011 (taken from The Houma Courier)

Calypso coming out from hiding under the rocker to antagonize Ryka

Calypso asleep on the swing

Calypso hiding under wagon picking at Ryka

Calypso trying to drink water with Ryka out of the rain barrel. Her tongue barely reaches.

Calypso in the flower bed. She thinks the Lirope makes a soft bed.

The girls got swimming pools. They love the water so long it's not a bath!

Cara came home and climbed into the chair with her Papa and promptly fell asleep. She is in her school uniform. March 15, 2011.

March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

March 15, 2011

Playing Chase in the back yard - March 15, 2011

Girl's Play Date - March 15, 2011

Girl's Play Date - March 15, 2011
Girl's Play Date - March 15, 2011

Ryka being good. Calypso on the loose! 03/11/2011

Calypso hiding from me. 03/11/2011

Ryka's new diggs.

Ryka at the gate to my flower garden. March 2011

Ryka caught me off guard with this one. She found Jake and Sentry's graves. March 2011

Calypso and Jeffery - March 2011

I have almost this same shot of  Sentry. This is Ryka at the front door. March 2011

Calypso chewing on her bone.

Calypso kept trying to swim in her water bowl. This is her swimming pool.

My husband, Jeffery

A dreary day on Bayou Lafourche, South Louisiana
taken from our wharf

A Happy Man = 3 fishing poles, bait, and a bucket of pecans to shell.

This is her new thing, She must be in the water to drink water.

Splish splash, I am not taking a bath!

There's my buddy!

Where's Ryka?

This is better than fingers any day.

Do I follow Mom walking or not?

The bone not mommy's fingers!

Here's my face.

Tuckered out.

Ryka at home on the porch. She blocks the door to prevent me from going inside.

Calypso playing with Ryka (in pen).

The little monkey teasing Ryka. She runs along the outside of the pen and Ryka runs inside.


Calypso - 6 weeks

Ryka Von Nobleheim (Theriot)

Ryka and Calypso. Calypso loves Ryka and is playing through the bars with her.

Calypso's sire: SG Copernicus Von Isabela, OFA Certified 

Baby Calypso and mom,SG BOOGIE VON NEVADA HAUS, OFA CERTIFIED and 2 brothers, 

Our little cottage on the bayou in spring

Sentry - 7/2002 - 12/23/2010

Spring and the azaleas

My sugar cookies

Southern cooking, field peas and sweet cornbread

More sugar cookies

Sentry - 7/2002 - 12/23/2010

That is Sentry again, sleeping on the front porch

Organization at its finest

My short story is published

New York City, Central Park, 2010

Jude, Katie-Beth, Me, Jeffery - NYC

Frozen Hot Chocolate - Serendipity

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    Bobby Brown


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