My Blog Awards


In September 2012, Forty again awarded me the "Booker Award".  Thank you so much for the honor. Forty Again can be found at

In April 2012, M.J. Kane awarded me the "Lucky Meme" award. Because I have no manuscript in which to skip to a certain page and give you a preview, I couldn't accept it. I appreciate it anyway!  Thanks M.J.!


Darlene Foster, blessed me with the "Beautiful Blogger" award. She is a really sweet woman who has a great blog. Thank you Darlene! It is always nice to know that others are reading your blog and think so highly of you.
(May 2012)


My blog was awarded the Spotlight Award by Donna Yates at
the Believe in Yourself Blog. Her blog can be found at
 Believe in Yourself: Spotlight Sunday  Thank you for the honor.


My Blog was awarded the Liebster Blog Award by The Tale of My Heart. Her
blog can be found at 
Thank you for the honor.


My blog was awarded the Tell Me About Yourself Blogger Award by Melanie at Christian Bookshelf Reviews. Thank you Melanie. Her blog can be found at

I hope you will stop by to visit Melanie's blog.


My blog was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award on April 17, 2012 by Steph from  Thanks so much Steph! I am always honored to receive an award.

My blog was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award on September 30, 2011 by A Bookworm's Bookmark. Thank you Debbie. Her blog can be found at  Lovely blog. I do hope you stop by to visit.


My blog was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. When my blog received its third award, I thought that a page all their own was needed so that I could go back every now and then and smile about it. Here is my blog's award page. I hope you enjoy it, because I do. I have also included the seven random things I shared about myself (which I don't often do) because I think it's nice to know a "little bit more" about the person behind the blog.

I love blogging, but as everyone knows, writing our posts can be daunting at times, especially when the think tank (brain) is lacking ideas. I really appreciate all of my followers who stick with me week after week. I love reading the comments and commenting back. I also appreciate the hard work everyone does on their blogs.

So, in receiving this award, I was given two things to do. 
1) admit seven random things  about myself, and 2) nominate five other versatile bloggers for this award.

Please be kind and don’t laugh as you read the seven random facts about me:

1.         I love making up words to fit where there just aren’t any appropriate words.

2.         I hate really big bridges; especially the ones that go so high above your head as you are driving across it. I have been known to hyperventilate. I have nightmares about driving off bridges because a section is missing. I even carry around my Pieta book because it says I will not drown if I die with this book on my person (no, it does not say I won’t drive off a bridge.)

3.         I do not trust easily; actually, rarely ever. I have one true best friend and she didn’t come along until I was 46 years old; but what a gem she is (well worth the wait.)

4.         As some of us tend to do, (and the rest is a quote from Amanda (Manda) “I lose myself in blogging. I think it may actually be a little unhealthy. I can mess around with my blog for hours and hours. Whether I'm writing posts, networking, changing the layout of my blog, looking for more books to read. I absolutely love blogging. Even if no one read my blog, I would still do it for me, because I love it.”

5.         I have a real issue with tailgaters! I have been known to slow to a slow crawl to back them off and then resume my speed. There was only one time this didn’t work (and he was an ass.) Yep! All you big truck drivers, I am the lady in the suburban that brought you to a complete halt on the highway so I could turn into my driveway – ya shouldn’t have been following so close!

6.         I am obsessed with my two dogs (German Shepherds) I am in love with them. If my husband would allow it, I would have them inside sitting at my feet in my office while I blog. That way, I could combine my two obsessions – my dogs, and my writing.

7.         I love to bake. I am obsessed with cookbooks, especially the ones for chocolate (I have 60 chocolate cookbooks alone.) I also have a massive amount of cookie cutters.

This next part was the hardest. How do you pick just 5 bloggers out of all the awesome bloggers you know. Impossible, but I managed and they were great blogs too. 


My blog also received the Stylish Blogger Award. That was a thrill. I get so many compliments about the design and the colors on my blog. I love color and it was a great honor to receive the award. 

Blog Awards!


My blog received the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Again, what an honor to have my fellow bloggers bestow an award on my blog.