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Review: STERN by Brenda Jackson

Stern Westmoreland never makes mistakes—until he helps his best friend Jovonnie "JoJo" Jones with a makeover…for another man. Now Stern wants JoJo for himself. Their attraction is undeniable and there's only one way to test it: one long, steamy night together as much more than friends!

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My Review

"Stern, what can a woman do to make a man want her?" What a way to begin a book, especially when it's best-friends, Stern and JoJo, having the conversation. Brenda Jackson has another hit on her hands with STERN.

"Stern Westmoreland, who had been looking through the scope of his hunting rifle, jerked his head around at the unexpected question, nearly knocking the cap off his head. He glared at the woman beside him who was staring through the scope of her own rifle. When a shot rang out, expletives flowed from his lips. "Dammit, JoJo, you did that on purpose. You asked that just to ruin my concentration." She lowered her rifle and frowned at him. "I did not. I asked you because I really want to know. And if it makes you feel better, I missed my target just now." Stern rolled his eyes. So what if she had missed her shot now? Nothing had stopped her from taking down that huge elk yesterday when he had yet to hit anything, not even a coyote. On days like this he wondered why he always invited his best friend on these hunting trips. She showed him up each and every time."

And that, folks, is a great setup for a great book. There are two best friends, a man and a woman, who have been friends since grade school when JoJo beat up a bully to keep the bully from beating up Stern. But, what happens when best friends realize that they have fallen in love? Does it transition smoothly or does all hell break loose? 

(In conversation with cousin, Zane) "I don't know why I kissed her. I was p;laying with her hair one minute and then the next thing I knew, I was practically shoving my tongue down her throat."..."I'm surprised JoJo didn't karate chop you."..."She didn't because she thought I was testing her."..."I made the mistake of telling her that she needs to improve on her kisses...and now she wants me to help her become a better kisser."

Is there nothing best friends won't help each other with? 

(JoJo to friend, Wanda) "Okay, we kissed. More than once." "And?" JoJo rolled her eyes..."I enjoyed it and I believe he did, too. It started out as a lesson on how to improve my kissing technique for Walter and-" "You've got to be kidding," Wanda interrupted in an incredulous tone. "No, I'm not kidding." "And Stern went along with it? Giving you kissing lessons for Walter?" "Yes, and then he felt bad because he lost control."

JoJo decides the only way to get over Stern is to find someone else to fall in love with. And, with a make-over (suggested by Stern) she's determined to get Walter to fall in love with her. 

As with all of Brenda Jackson's books, the love story is remarkable and heart-warming. I really enjoy this particular book because it was about two best friends falling in love. The Westmorelands are a huge family and getting larger by the day, and they have been such a joy to get to know - which is how you feel when you read her books. 

STERN is a quick read and very enjoyable. I am giving STERN five stars. I really liked the book. 

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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