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OUT OF THE BLACK by John Rector

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The Book

To keep the light of his life, he’ll have to do some dark things. After Matt Caine loses his wife in a car accident, all he has left is his daughter, Anna. But just as the little girl — who survived the accident — finally starts thriving, Matt’s former in-laws threaten to take her away via a bitter custody battle. 

Desperate to keep Anna and in debt to some dangerous local thugs, Matt has no good options. But he does have Jay, one very bad friend. Just out of jail and plagued by drug addiction, Jay tempts Matt with a foolproof kidnapping scheme. But what sounds like the perfect solution to all his problems eventually leads Matt through a nightmarish maze of betrayals and reversals, pushing him to his breaking point — and beyond. Now, with his entire life hanging in the balance, Matt makes a pledge of brutal payback.

John Rector
John Rector is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of THE GROVE, THE COLD KISS, ALREADY GONE and OUT OF THE BLACK. His short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and won several awards including the International Thriller Award for his novella LOST THINGS, many of his other stories can be found in his collection THE WALLS AROUND US.
His last novelALREADY GONE, hit the top 10 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, had a stint as the #1 bestselling e-book on Amazon, and found international success on the Heatseekers’ Chart in the U.K. It was also nominated for an International Thriller Award. 
He lives in Omaha, Nebraska.
Last year, the Los Angeles Review of Books wrote, "It's time to get on board, before Rector stops being 'the next big thing' and becomes the phenomenon he deserves to be."

My Review

OUT OF THE BLACK by John Rector is a quick read thriller with twists and turns that will have you flipping pages as fast as you can read them.

The book  begins as Matt Caine, an Afghanistan veteran, loses his wife in a tragic accident that leaves him with his one treasure - his daughter Anna. He is trying to put his life back together, only he has no money, he is in debt to a notorious loan shark, and he is about to lose his house.

Anna is finally getting back to being her normal self when an old "friend" from his not-so-virtuous days before becoming a Marine, pops back into his life with a scheme to end all schemes - an easy and very profitable kidnapping job that Jay claims cannot go awry. Before Matt can second guess his decision to participate, he is in the thick of kidnapping a woman for ransom. Little does he know, but the woman is the wife of a powerful and brutal crime boss. 

The story takes a twisted turn when not only is Jay killed and the ransom money gone, but a very angry mobster now has his wife back, and has also taken Anna for revenge. What happens next is that one man, a father, must find a way to get his daughter back, no matter what the consequences may be, and in the end, learns that some people and some lines should never be crossed.  

I felt the book was very well written and the story line intriguing. Had I the nails to bite, it would have been that kind of book. I felt the book was missing needed back story to explain some of the circumstances that led Matt to make the decisions he was making. As with any book, I think the reader figures out in the beginning, that when it is to good to be true, it usually is, and if it can go wrong, it does, although the ending was one I didn't expect.

I am looking forward to the next John Rector book. I am giving the book four stars. 

The book comes with high praise as well as 3, 4, and 5 star reviews. 

"Swift and savage and smart, Rector (writes)...superior pulp in the grand James M. Cain tradition." —Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition 

"(John Rector is) a novelist who I consider to be one of the very best new writers to enter the scene in a very long time... John Rector is a game changer." —Spinetingler Magazine 

”A bestselling author who doesn’t make us embarrassed to have his books on our shelves.” —The Nerd of Noir 

”Rector brings some really impressive writing and strong characters into a genre that is often teeming with contrived, cringe-worthy dialogue and flat, unoriginal characters.” —Baltimore Reads 

”(Rector’s) consistent excellence in storytelling is already proving his calling card.” —Books and Writer’s 

”John Rector writes a lean, mean mystery.” —Lincoln Journal Star 

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