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Untamed Journey by Eden Carson (Review, Guestpost)


The Book

Orphaned by the Civil War and sold to the highest bidder by her last living relative, Ruth Jameson boards a train to untamed Colorado Territory to meet her new 'husband' - a man twice her age, pursuing money and power from the wrong side of the law. When the man sent to protect Ruth on her journey West turns out to be her biggest threat, Ruth decides to change her fate and sets off into a wild, unknown land to carve a place for herself.

Hired by the Union Pacific to protect their passengers from a rash of armed robberies, Marshal Beauregard Jackson dreams of hanging up his star and devoting himself to ranching and re-building the life and family he lost.

When fate crosses their paths, Jackson's dream takes physical form in Ruth, the bravest woman he has ever met. At first, he just wants to protect her. But that desire quickly turns to one more powerful, passionate, and personal. He will go to any lengths to make her his wife and embark on their own untamed journey of love, loyalty, and longing fulfilled.

Untamed Journey is a classic romance filled with fast-paced action. It's sexy, romantic, and fun with a guaranteed happy ending.

Eden Carson

I am a native Californian currently living in San Diego with my wonderful husband and two kids. I've tried my hand at several careers over the years, including teaching English in Brazil and Eastern Europe, marketing in environmental engineering, and software development. I started writing romance several years ago and discovered my true passion! Nothing gives me more satisfaction that creating a world and fascinating people to live and love in it. I've just self-published my first novel, Untamed Journey, with the hope of being my own boss one day.

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Recent Awards:

Second Place for Untamed Journey in the 2013 Romance Writers of America Gulf Coast Chapter Silken Sands Self-Published Star Award for Untamed Journey

Quarter Finalist in the 2012 ABNA contest in the romance category.

I've been asked, "What have you learned from being a self published author?"

With Untamed Journey, it has been exciting to try out everything. I read and read blogs, suggestions from other authors and try out what seems like it might work. I'm always open to ideas and have been amazed at how generous everyone has been in offering to help. 

The most intriguing aspect is that authors can now write whatever they want and get feedback directly from fans on what they would like to read! I'd love to hear from you, so send me an email or join my mailing list (reached via my website

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Guest Post

When asked why I chose a western setting for my first romance novel, my first thoughts were about what a great fit my personal likes as a reader were with Old West themes:

-        An alpha male (who else could survive in the wild west?)

-        A strong heroine with a sense of adventure and a desire to make her own rules

-        A happy ending (just like most romances, the best westerns make sure the bad guys always lose)

-        Lots of action

But going a level deeper, I realize that my family had a role to play in this choice too.  Not in the way you might think.  I grew up in the ‘burbs of Los Angeles, not on a cattle ranch.  Yes, we had horses, but I’ll only ride if being chased by something very large and scary.  And while Dad had a donkey as a pet (for a very short while before the neighbors protested), we lived a typical suburban life.

About the only thing not-typical was having only one T.V.  No, I’m not 85 years old, so this doesn’t make sense.  Not until I tell you my mother was not on good terms with gadgets of any sort, so we only had one T.V. in the house until my teen years.  Which meant my sister and I either watched a western with Dad or read a book.  I guess we did both.  And reluctantly, as adults, we both love a good western flick.  Combine that with my personal favorite book genre, the action-packed romance, and I wrote Untamed Journey.
Sis helped too.  She designed the cover for me, on her off hours from working for Nickelodeon on the Kung Fu Panda cartoon series.  Not only did she have great ideas for a dozen different covers, the price was right. 

For editing, I turned to my best friend, whom I met studying abroad in college. Heather Lowell, who you may also know as a romance writer, did the bulk of my editing.  She’s tough and remembers every detail.  To this day, I can ask her, ‘what was the name of the boat we took up the Amazon River’ and not only will she remember the name, she’ll tell me the names of the Captain’s three sisters, the card games we played on the deck of his boat, and who won.

My second editor, Erin, is a career marine.  She kept me honest on how far a rifle can shoot in full moonlight versus broad daylight.  And had a few things to say about my more unrealistic moves in fight scenes.

My husband kept me on track and pushed me when I floundered about year two.  Thanks to my family, I’m now half way through my second novel, an action-packed romance that begins during the Civil War in Union-occupied Louisiana, and ends on the Texas frontier.  I’ll be writing a book a year in between my day job duties and hope you’ll enjoy every one.

Stop by my website for the latest and join my mailing list for updates on new releases.

Thank you Eden Carson

My Review

I really enjoyed Untamed Journey. I absolutely love a leading lady who is feisty and determined, and that aptly describes young Miss Ruth Jameson. Left poor and homeless by the Civil War, she is bartered off to the highest bidder by a despicable old aunt, and left to fend for herself.

Before she knows it, she is on a train bound for the west with her husband's trusted right hand man who makes it plain that given the chance, he will definitely be taking advantage of her - willing or not. So when he does try to take her innocence, things start to snowball. She fires a gun and shoots him as the train comes to a screeching halt, women begin screaming, and robbers  board the train - all at the same time. 

What happens next will leave you gasping for air from laughing. Once the smoke settles, and the law men head off to track the bad men, Ruth's feistiness rears its ugly head as she follows them, thinking she'll be tried for murder or worse, sent to a husband she has now figured out is probably not an asset. What follows is a hair raising journey through the back country as she follows the law men, and a charming love story.

The author draws the reader into the story with vivid details of the scenery and characters, allowing the reader to board a horse for the trip of a lifetime. I enjoyed the book and highly recommend it. 


"Run!" Jackson shouted the order as he pulled Ruth behind the cover of his body. The old couple scrambled to follow, but were nearly run down by a dozen panicked passengers screaming for help. Ruth watched as Betsy decked a hysterical woman who had clutched her by the sleeve and would let go. The old woman knocked her senseless and was pulled into cover by her husband. "She'll be safer out cold," Betsy offered by way of explanation to the gaping Ruth.

She hesitated for just a moment, reminding herself that horse theft was a hanging offense. Then she clamped a shaking hand over her mouth, before a hysterical laugh could escape. I've already murdered a man in the eyes of the law. And they can only hang me once. Finding her new pistol secure, she mounted (the horse) in a flurry of skirts.

"There, there boy - it's okay. I promise I'm going to be a much nicer rider than your last. And since I don't know your name, I'll call you Caboose. Hopefully, you'll help me follow Marshal Jackson without him knowing. I'm convinced you've had experience sneaking up on people, considering your last owner. We just need to know the right direction is all, so I don't get lost. So stick with me, all right boy? I've been having the most rotten luck with males lately, so let's hope you can turn that around."

Ruth saw the tall, lanky  man dismount with more grace than his frame suggested was possible. While Jackson's impressive six-plus feet of pure muscle forced Ruth to tilt her head up considerable to subdue him with a look, this man would require her to mount Caboose to hold a conversation. 

"Young man, I don't sit in church seven days a week waiting for lost souls to come to Jesus," she explained. "If they knew their way, they wouldn't be lost, would they?"

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I received this book in exchange for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 55.

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