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Naked Determination by Gisela Hausmann (Review, Guestpost)


Naked Determination, forty-one spirited tales for fearless, motivated underdogs is a story e-book. Each of the stories can stand by itself or be seen in a group of stories covering topics like professional life, money, love, and much more, and of course as a complete ebook. The book covers a variety of adventurous stories, covering exotic trips to Asia, “meeting” two KGB agents while taking a picture of President Gorbachev, getting invited by a sky marshal into the cockpit of a Boeing 747 (in 1982), but also how to use email to get promoted, how to trim hedges in record time, and even why it can be an advantage to be the underdog. 

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Gisela Hausmann

Gisela Hausmann has authored and published seven books. Her book “Vienna – Aerial Panorama” was chosen as a gift for President Clinton, when he visited Gisela’s hometown Vienna, Austria. The story of how this adventure came about is featured in her newest ebook "Naked Determination".

Trying to live her life in the most adventurous way possible she pursued a career in the movie industry while journeying through 47 countries on three continents.

Her unusual background also includes work experiences in teaching, and the industries of construction, transportation, publishing, and aerial photography.
Gisela’s motto is: “You only live Twice”.

Guest Post by Gisela Hausmann

Why do adventure stories still matter?
In 2008 my friend Mikey asked me to tell him about my trips to Russia. Mikey, who studied Russian History, was about to go there with his Study Abroad Program. So I told Mikey about how I traveled on the Transsib, the longest railway in the world, one train that travels for seven days through seven times zones. That at the time, in 1996, they served only one kind of food on this train - beef stew - for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I told him about the unbelievable treasures I had seen in the czars’ museums: charger plates 2 feet in diameter made from 24 carat gold, and much more. Mikey listened fascinated and said, “Wow, these are some kind of adventures.… You have got to write a book.”

Though reading adventure books had encouraged me to take adventure trips, I was not sure that this concept was still working. These days, life’s adventures not only happened when hiking the Himalayan Mountains or crossing the Gobi Desert. Today, “adventures” could happen or break lose at the workplace. In the last half a decade, at least I had wished many days that my biggest worry would be whether I would or could catch a plane or train instead of wondering whether a pink slip was looming with no other work in sight.

Then again, the solutions to the travel adventures very often proved to be the solutions to the office adventures of the Great Recession.
I suddenly realized how my stories could help others. Most important would be that the stories were real and unembellished. Only then they could help. I would name details, steps of actions, and what worked and did not work. Readers could use the the stories of my successes and failures, accumulated in over thirty years, to their advantage. If I could help only 1,000 people to get the answer they were looking for, for instance, how accidentally I found a way to overcome rejection, I could make a real difference in readers' lives.

I hope you enjoy reading Naked Determination. Please share your thoughts and adventures. Stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter. All of us can learn so much from each other. 

My Review:

There are those who dream and those who do. This author is both, and the resulting stories are fascinating. When she wants something, she has the courage to chase after it and grab it with both hands. There are forty-one stories that the author uses to portray the life lessons she has learned. She writes with humor and insight and the book is a joy to read. I am including a few quotes taken near the beginning of the book to inspire you to read it. It would be so very easy to quote the entire book. 

I enjoyed the structure of the book. The author told a story and then at the end of each story, she added the life lesson that she had to relearn. It is an enjoyable read and one you will want to pass along to friends.

(Upon finding her brother being beat up by a bully) "Then I had an idea. I had read these stories by Karl May about this brave cowboy, nicknamed 'Old Shatterhand'. He could punch any guy, any size and knock him out - with a single blow to the temple! That was exactly what I was going to do. Michael the Bully was still surprised by the attack. I could tell. Probably nothing like that had ever happened to him. Fired up by seeing that he didn't know what to do, I grabbed him with my left by his collar and pulled his head up. At the same time I formed a fist with my right. 'Smack', I hit Michael with all my might against his temple. I was going to knock him out. Unconscious! Right now! But, Michael with his stocky body did not pass out. "Hm, somehow I must not have done this right." Old Shatterhand's opponents always passed out. So, while Michael lifted his head in utter astonishment I hit him again with my fist. Michael's head fell back onto the gravel. But, again, he lifted his head. Well, what could I do? I was trying to get this right. I hit Michael again..."

"One of them is the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest railway in the world. Traveling the Trans-Sib, which she is fondly called by the travelers who have done this trip, means conquering a distance of almost 10,000 kilometers, crossing two continents and seven time zones...It is a train trip that lasts seven days...It is most certainly the ultimate railway trip!"

"In this world of endless opportunities out dreams compete. It we wait to start a journey the destination may not be anymore what we wanted to find. There is no perfect time to do what we feel we must. All we can do is to line up everything as good as we can, then capture the moment just like I had done when by chance I took the picture that foresaw Tibet's changing."

"Lesson I had to relearn: Pursue your dream - in time."

"Nobody had ever told me that asking questions could lead to living my dream. In the past I had thought that the purpose of asking questions is to find answers I did not know. Then I learned that asking questions is a two-way street. It reveals what we want to learn and how much we care about a certain matter...On a lucky day our questions may even be the answers to somebody else's questions." 

"Lesson I had to relearn: You must ask for your dream."

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