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Technology Monday - iPhone Aps - Making Lists

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I remember sitting at the table with two of my sisters, who were playing with their new iPhones, and remarking that I would never be able to figure out the app thing, and therefore, would never get an iPhone. 

Well - we all know what happens when you use the word "never". Yes, about a year and a half ago, I got an iPhone. Needless to say, it didn't take me more than a few minutes to begin figuring out all those wonderful apps - and life has never been the same.

Which, got me to thinking. Seems everywhere I go, I end up teaching someone about a new app or two. It's baffling to me that so many people have iPhones and are not utilizing them. I am going to teach you about using apps - by using the ones that I use on a daily basis.

By now, especially if you are a follower of my blog, you know I am an organizing fanatic, and I am always looking for a more efficient way of accomplishing the tasks I need to do. Hubby sometimes refers to it as something else - laziness. But, that is because with our different personalities, we have different life mottoes.  Mine is "If you can do something more efficiently, then do it." His is "Use your brawn and do the work." I realize that these two statements, taken completely out of context here, do not make much sense - but, in any given situation between the two of us, it definitely does.

For example, if I have three bags of garbage to haul to the can up front (quite a long walk as we live in the country) I'll toss them in my big red wagon (which is why it was purchased - for hauling) and roll them out. He will pick up the three heavy bags and carry them out to the curb, and risk hurting his already aching back. He refers to my way as lazy. I refer to my way as efficient. Ryka does too, as she hops into the wagon when my back is turned and gets a free ride up the drive - that dog doesn't miss a chance for a ride. Now, that is lazy!

Anyway, back to the app of the day. I'll start with one that comes with the phone; your calendar. Do you use efficiently? My calendar does all sorts of things for me - mostly reminders as I forget everything - even checking my Todo list

Liking my organized life, I have a reminder each day as to what chores I want to accomplish - with an alarm to remind me. Mondays in my life are for mowing the huge yard we have and cleaning the bathroom. So, as I'm sitting down to write this post, my phone is playing a pretty little tune to remind me not to get distracted as I have chores to do. 

Also, on this Monday (and each day) I have an alarm set to remind me to check my Todo list - which I keep in Evernote (we'll learn about that on another day). I want to add at this point just how much I LOVE Evernote! 

I also have an alarm to remind me (sadly) to take my mornings meds and to exercise. We all have those mornings where we sit down for just a few minutes to check our email and before you know it an hour (or two or three) has passed and we haven't exercised! I also schedule my book reviews so I know what's coming up on my blog. 

Mondays for me is also office day, meaning I schedule all the bill paying and appointment making for our business. This may take me an hour or two and then I'm finished for the week.  If there is a segment on one of the news programs or talk shows that I want to catch, I'll also schedule that on my calendar with an alarm. 

If used properly, the calendar app on your phone can be a tremendous asset to your life. I schedule birthdays, dog medicine day, any repeating event I have, and the calendar keeps track of it all and adds it to the next year or month or week as needed.

Now, I still have my paper calendar. I call it my "picture" because I am a visual person and it is my snapshot of the month at a glance. 

I hope you found this little segment informative. Do you have a phone with a calendar? And, more importantly, do you use it to organize your life? I would love to hear what system you use, so please leave a comment.

The views expressed are indeed my own.
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  1. Hi Donna.. thanks for sharing your ideas regarding iphone apps. I agree with you that some people are lazy to learn new things on application they have downloaded on their phone. I believe these apps are really helpful especially if it's related in your daily activities..

    Hope you have also time to visit my blog: check out this site

    1. Thank you Laurice for visiting. I hope you'll be back.


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