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Winter's Magic by Cynthia Gail


My husband and I live in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee with our teenage son and three dogs. Life is busy, but when I have free time, I love to read. A math/science girl at heart and a retail analyst by trade, I never thought I’d be writing romance. But one day, a story popped into my head and I had to write it down. The fantasy, escape, and wonder of just reading multiplied by ten-fold and I couldn’t stop my fingers from typing my own fairy tales.
I hope you enjoy my stories. Each one touches on modern day issues, fears, and challenges that women face every day. And each one illustrates that love is within reach if you let down those walls and allow your heart to open. Our lives and experiences are so much more meaningful when we have someone to share them with.
Cynthia’s latest book is the contemporary romance, Winter’s Magic (Book 1 in the Music City Hearts series).
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Beth Sergeant and Nick Chester come from opposite ends of the social food chain. While he sees a beautiful woman without an agenda, she sees a wealthy playboy. Can he convince her to let go of her insecurities and take a chance on love, when challenges from his past force her to reveal her most guarded secret?
Owner of La Bella Vita, a five-star day spa nestled in the affluent suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee, Beth Sergeant knows her elite clientele first hand. She attended their private schools. She was even engaged, although briefly, to one of their most recognized bachelors. But she never fit in to their social-elite world.
After losing his parents to a car accident at a young age, Nick Chester was raised by his grandfather, the wealthiest man in Nashville. When he chooses to socialize, he has a never-ending list of exclusive events and beautiful women vying for his attention. Yet he never lets himself forget that everyone has an agenda.
Beth can’t resist Nick’s charm and accepts an invitation to dinner, despite her deep-seated insecurities. She proves she’s nothing like other women Nick’s dated and learns to trust him in return. But just as the last of their resistance crumbles and true love is within reach, challenges from Nick’s past threaten to destroy everything and force Beth to reveal her most guarded secret.

My Review:

I enjoyed Winter's Magic. It had a charming love story with a few conflicts thrown in. Personally, I felt the conflicts were not very complex and were solved a little too quickly,  but overall the characters were well-developed and likable. 

I thought the book had a wonderful beginning that began with what else other than comparing the chocolate of choice to sex. It seems a lot of authors are beginning to weave chocolate into their stories, almost at an alarming rate. That  being said, and also being a confessed chocoholic, I never tire of the chocolate references and enjoyed the first page of Chapter 1, especially since you meet the two leading characters at this time.

"Beth took a bite of the Caramello and closed her eyes, slowly savoring every ounce of dreamy satisfaction as the creamy milk chocolate blended with the gooey caramel center. "Mmm. Whoever invented the Caramello deserves a humanitarian award. I swear this is better than sex."

I found the author's description of the shallow rich girl quite entertaining. 

"He found out Lauren's definition of personal achievement means her nail polish matches her designer handbag."

I thought the author had a real talent for describing the wintry scenes in the story. Being familiar with Nashville and its surrounding area, I felt part of the story as they drove along the snowy roads and took the horses into the mountains. I also felt as though I were sitting at the dining table looking out over the river watching the snow fall. It is not every author who can successfully put the reader into the book and I felt Cynthia Gail did an admirable job of this.

Although not part of the book, I enjoyed the words that the author chose to share with her audience and thought you might enjoy hearing them as well:
I believe in love at first sight. I believe there are people who from the moment they meet, have an instant, electric connection, and know they've found their soul mate.

And then there are others who take longer to realize that the person God has picked out for them is right in front of their eyes. They could be best friends or just an acquaintance, but one day the blinders come off and they realize This is the One.

...So, no matter how you meet your soul mate, whether sparks fly instantly, build over time, or smack you in the face one morning when you least expect it, LOVE is the greatest part of life's journey.

Work hard for it. Treasure it. And thank God for it every day.

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