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Bombshell by Mike Faricy (Guest Post, Giveaway, Review)

Dysfunctional, bumbling, crazy babe-magnet Dev Haskell, P.I., becomes the envy of every guy with a heartbeat when he’s hired to watch over a team of gorgeous English roller derby stars. 

Though he’d rather be standing guard in the shower room, he suddenly finds himself under arrest and found guilty before he’s even charged. He’s got an attorney who drinks too much, a beautiful woman with a bad attitude, a feisty team of females ready to kill him – and no answers. 

Bombshell is another fast paced, engrossing suspense thriller from Minnesota’s master of the bizarre, Mike Faricy.

 Mike Faricy is the award winning author of mystery suspense thrillers woven together with a rich strain of humor and even some romance. He and his wife live in Saint Paul, Minnesota and Dublin, Ireland.

His entertaining tales are populated with the sort of quirky, oddball characters we’d all like to know more about, but wisely prefer to keep at a distance. They serve not so much as examples as they do warnings to the rest of us. None of his characters will be saving the world from terrorism, international banking conspiracies or coups to topple the government. Rather, they’re individuals inhabiting a world just below the surface of polite society. The difficulties they find themselves in are usually due to their own bad decisions, but then, bad decisions make for interesting tales.

All of his books are stand alone, read them in any order you wish. Russian Roulette introduces the bizarrely devilish Devlin Haskell as a PI with a foot on both sides of the law. Dev’s adventures continue in Mr. Softee and the soon to be released Bite Me. Mike is currently working on his latest top secret project. He graduated High School from St. Thomas Academy and earned a BA in history from St. Norbert College.

His latest book is the crime fictionBombshell.

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Daddy’s Ride Along by Mike Faricy
Guest Post

I may write books of no redeeming social value like my latest release, Bombshell. But I think crime fiction even when written with a sense of humor and some romance should still be accurate. I’m always ‘investigating’, attempting to learn something, anything that would make my books a little more realistic. All my stories are set in Minnesota, usually my hometown of St. Paul. Minneapolis and St. Paul are known as the twin cities. There’s really not much of anything ‘twin’ about them anymore. Minneapolis is a big booming metropolis and St. Paul, well we say it’s the worlds largest small town. If Minneapolis and St. Paul were sisters, Minneapolis would get all the hot dates, but St. Paul is the one you’d bring home to meet your mom.

A while back St. Paul offered its good citizens the opportunity to ride along in a patrol car with a team of police officers during their shift. I determined this would be a fantastic way for me to get the feel of exactly what a police patrol experiences on an average night.

That may be, but my ride along began at seven in the morning, so much for night duty. Mercifully for the two officers I accompanied it was pretty boring. No kidding, their names were Mike and Pat. They described the various codes coming across the radio. We responded to two traffic accidents, little more than fender benders. A report of a suspicious individual we never did see. An EMT call for some guy who fell off a ladder and a handful of other forgettable incidents.

Toward the end of the shift they offered to drop me off at home. As we pulled around the corner I wondered what the neighbors would think when I was delivered to the door by the police. Most likely it would just serve to confirm their suspicions. There was a gaggle of kids playing on the boulevard halfway down the block, three of whom belonged to me.

“Up there with all the kids, that’s my house,” I said.

“All yours?”

“Mercifully no, the one jumping in the puddle, splashing the others and in general being a pain in the butt, he’s mine.”

They gave a knowing nod.

St. Paul has a number of programs designed to put a positive spin on police interaction with youth, especially young children. They have an Officer Friendly who visits the schools warning kids about strangers and crossing streets. They also hand out sports cards and let the kids look inside the squad car. The moment we pulled up in front of my house the kids all gathered round to peer inside and I suppose give me the once over in the back seat. A few more kids came out of houses and ran over, there were maybe eight neighbor kids milling around.

“Does that play DVD’s?” One of the kids pointed at the computer mounted on the front dash.

“No, it’s our computer so we can check all sorts of things. Here, we can even look for bad guys or see if someone has done something wrong.” Pat said, hitting the keyboard and bringing up a screen.

“Yeah?” one of my kids questioned. Probably thinking he’d just stolen a handful of cookies and exactly how good was this system anyway?

“Sure, we can put someone’s name in, well, like your dad,” he typed in my name, Mike Faricy, waited a moment or two before the screen flashed. I’d love to say it came up with a gold star or my drivers license image with a halo. Instead a red bar began to flash across the screen that read OUTSTANDING WARRANT.

Pat turned round to look at me through the mesh screen as I sat in the back seat of his squad car.

“Hmm-mmm seems there’s a warrant out for daddy’s arrest.”

“You’re, you’re kidding, right?” I said.

“Not according to our records,” my two new pals had suddenly taken on a very serious tone.

One of the neighbor kids took off running toward home. I’d labeled his mother ‘Miss Information’ a year or two back; the whole neighborhood would be on this by dinner time.

“Read him his rights?” Mike asked.

“Guys, come on, I’ve never been arrested, you gotta believe me. Honest.”

My youngest daughter half cried, “Daddy?”

That broke the ice. “Relax, unpaid parking ticket. But I’d get it taken care of, sooner rather than later.”

“If you’ll let me out I’ll go downtown and do it right now.”

I did just that, a thirty-five dollar ticket from about a year and a half earlier, it cost one-hundred-and-twenty-five dollars, but I’ve got a clean record. By the time I arrived home my wife had received two phone calls from concerned neighbors wanting to now where I was being held. No one seemed surprised there had been a warrant issued. My son was bragging to his pals that I was wanted by the police.

“What did we learn on our ride along?” my wife asked later that evening. She smiled that sort of smile that added ‘you idiot’ without having to actually say the words.

“Pay my parking tickets?”

“How about not getting one in the first place. Go kiss the kids goodnight and let them know you’re no longer a threat to society.”

No, you won’t read about my arrest warrant when you pick up a copy of Bombshell ( But I think you’ll have a fun read anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read about my ride along, enjoy Bombshell, as well as my other books on Amazon and don’t forget to tell two to three hundred of your closest friends. 

Many thanks and all the best, Mike Faricy

My Review

Having read and reviewed previous works of Mike Faricy, I jumped at the chance to review Bombshell. It was absolutely delightful. His books are action-packed and offer the reader a tantalizing ride full of mystery. With words in the book blurb like "crazy babe-magnet" PI and "gorgeous English roller derby stars", you just know you are in for a wild ride and Bombshell doesn't disappoint. 

Mike's books are well-written with great stories and loads of adventure that will keep you spell-bound and turning page after page as the plot unfolds. Looks like Mike has another hit on his hands with Bombshell.

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Mike Faricy’s BOMBSHELL VIRTUAL BOOK PUBLICITY TOUR will officially begin on November 5 and end on January 18 2012. Please contact Dorothy Thompson at thewriterslife(at) if you are interested in hosting and/or reviewing his book. Thank you!

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