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Spectacular Giveaway - 6 books in all!

I have been given six books for a spectacular giveaway on my blog. How cool is that? Easy entry - just leave a comment with your name and email for contact purposes. (Also, the one free entry on the Rafflecopter!) 
You will win one set of two books.
3 chances to win

Set 1
The Chosen of Gaia

Set 2
Ticket to  Hollywood
The Uncommon Thread


Set 3
Comeback Love

The author's want to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for the support!

Book Details:

Paperback, $14.99
ISBN: 9781470039868
Fiction, 336 pages
9 to 1 Press
Author: Steve Piacente Summer 2012 

An unholy union exists between a racist U.S. senator and the candidate poised to become South Carolina’s first black congressman since the Civil War.

The year is 1959, the setting, rural South Carolina. Poor, black teenager Ike Washington stumbles on a Klan lynching led by a white judge. Caught, he must choose: join the dead man or begin hustling black support the ambitious judge needs to advance. In trade, Ike is handed a life of comfort and power.

Decades later, as he is poised to become the first black SC congressman since Reconstruction, guiltwracked Ike winds up alone in the same forest, a long rope in his fist. Rookie reporter Dan Patragno uncovers the truth just before Election Day.

@WordsProf Bella Steve Piacente

Book Details:

Paperback, $13.99
ISBN: 978- 0985808433
eBook, $3.99
Sci-fi / Fantasy YA, ages 12 +
230 pages
Author: M. Mariz
Sept. 28, 2012

Fifteen-year-old Albert has just received an invitation that could transform his
disappointing life completely – a chance to belong to an advanced and hidden society that
only reveals itself to a select few.

Immersed in a new world of mind-boggling technology and intriguing peers, Albert will
overcome his fears enough to ignore a few suspicious details. But soon he'll find his
family dragged to the center of a scandal that threatens to tear them apart and erase their
very identities.

A conflicted Albert must find the strength to challenge authority by relying on his
newfound allies and gift for Revelation.

Prepare for adventure, humor and suspense in this fast-paced tale of a “normal” family
striving for their place in a “perfect” world.


Book Details:

Paperback: $14.95, eBook, $9.99
ISBN: 978-0-9847860-1-5
Comic Fiction, 216 pages
Running Meter Press / Big Earth Publishing
Dec. 3, 2012
Author: Gar Reilly

In Ticket to Hollywood, the second of 11 comic novels about Denver cab driver Brendan Murphy, a.k.a “Murph,” a young woman on the way to a showing of The Great Gatsby leaves her purse behind in Murph’s Rocky Mountain Taxi Cab #127—and then goes missing. Murph finds himself confronted by police and loses his job. He becomes entangled with filmmakers and makes his way to Los Angeles in search of the lost woman and in desperate need to restore his reputation and regain normalcy, which in Murph’s case means doing as little as possible.

Ticket to Hollywood follows the June 2012 debut of The Asphalt Warrior. The first volume of Murph’s adventures rose to No. 3 on The Denver Post best-seller list.

Book Details

Hardcover, $25
ISBN: 978-0-9852671-0-0
Nonfiction/Essay Collection
205 pages
Author: R. Scott Anderson, M.D.
China Grove Press, June 20, 2012

For the past three years The Uncommon Thread has been one of the most popular regular features of the JOURNAL: of the Mississippi State Medical Association.

Only a state with a literary tradition as rich as Mississippi’s would dedicate a regular column to literary exploration as part of its monthly scientific medical journal. A strong literary commitment is not something new for the JOURNAL; The Uncommon Thread sprang fully formed from its progenitor Una Voce, which now continues under the pen of its founder Dr. Dwalia South.

But, for two years a madman held Una Voce captive while its true author was serving as the
president of the Association and then engaged in both her own and her husband’s battles with
cancer. By the time she recovered and returned to restore sanity to her own column, the editors
were stuck trying to find someplace to put a stream of consciousness gadfly that somehow
continued to charm at least as many readers as he antagonized.

Thus The Uncommon Thread was born. So, try a story or two, if you don’t like them, read a few
more. Because, in here, you never know what’s going to show up next.

Book Details:

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press
August 7, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60832-372-2
Price: $14.95
Author: Sandra Brannan

With a mind for crime solving and headstrong about protecting her family – Liv Bergen finds herself trailing a vengeful killer with a crooked sense of justice The third Liv Bergen mystery picks up right where the second one left off: the murder of Liv’s future sister-in-law has been solved, but an older rancher has been bludgeoned
to death in a style eerily reminiscent of a long-inactive killer known only as the Crooked Man. FBI agent Streeter Pierce, still on assignment in Sturgis, South Dakota, must now turn his sights on tracking down the killer—his nemesis from ten years earlier.

Pierce doesn’t complain, though; he’s falling in love with Liv and sets in motion an
unconventional plan to recruit her for the FBI’s training camp in Quantico as they work
the case together. But is Liv falling for the brilliant, exotic agent Jack Linwood instead?
Once again, Liv’s vast knowledge of the Black Hills of South Dakota—territory made
famous by the gold rush that followed General George Custer’s expedition—and the
novel folk who live there leads her to unearth critical clues about the Crooked Man. But
are facts enough to safeguard Liv’s sister Elizabeth and her friend, an elderly woman
battling cancer who was attacked just days after her husband was murdered? 

Will the frail yet feisty widow recover her strength in time to help Liv thwart the Crooked Man’s
murderous plans and fatal blows?

Book Details:

Paperback, $15
eBook, $9.99
ISBN: 978-1451656329
Fiction, 304 pages
Atria Books
April 3, 2012
Author: Peter Golden

A debut novel about a man and his romantic quest to find the woman he loved and lost years before.

Like Nicholas Sparks and Robert James Waller, first-time novelist Peter Golden knows how to write the kind of nostalgic fiction that men and women alike fall for. In Comeback Love, a
universal story about lost love, he offers an evocative debut that begins in the tumultuous 1960s and ends in the feverish thrill of present-day New York City. Over thirty-five years ago, Gordon Meyers, an aspiring writer with a low number in the draft
lottery, packed his belongings and reluctantly drove away, leaving Glenna Rising, the sexy, sharp-witted med student he couldn’t imagine living without.

Now, decades later, Gordon is a former globetrotting consultant with a grown son, an exwife,
and an overwhelming desire to see Glenna again. Stunned when Gordon walks into her
Manhattan office, Glenna agrees to accompany him for a drink. As the two head out into the
snow-swept city, they become caught up in the passions that drew them together before tearing
them apart. And as the evening unfolds, Gordon finally reveals the true reason for his return.
Comeback Love is a bracing journey into the hearts of two lovers who came of age in the 1960s.

Plumbing the depths of youth, regret, and desire, Peter Golden deftly illuminates the bonds that
mysteriously endure in the face of momentous change.

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