Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Christmas Tree that almost wasn’t…

       Yes, that is correct.

       Third times the charm? Not so!

       Putting up the tree normally takes about four hours; start to finish…key word here – normally. It wasn’t “normally” this year.

       As always, the Friday after Thanksgiving in my home is put up the tree day. I have an artificial tree that I absolutely love and one of the things I love most is that it is sooooo easy to assemble and decorate.

       The branches are all clearly labeled and as I assemble each row, I lay the lights down on the branches and then move to the next level. This way I end up with so many lights on my tree that it looks like a starry night. Then, the top of the tree is one section that looks like a miniature tree. Like I said – easy, peasy.

       I carefully assemble the bottom section of the tree and was ready to secure the top portion when I noticed that I was a couple of rows of branches short. This wasn’t good. It also wasn’t funny, because as I was looking around for the missing branches, I came across the branches that were supposed to have been the lowest level.

       I calmly started removing the lights and disassembled the tree all the way back to the stick. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Then, I began the arduous task of painstakingly putting it back together – again.

       Just as I was looking around for the top row of branches, my eyes fell on the last pile of branches sitting on the dining room table. They were not the ones I needed. They were the branches that should have been put on the stick two rows before! Again, I repeat myself. Not good.

       I sat down – hard. I was a big girl. I put my big girl panties on and started once again to dismantle the lights and branches. As soon as I had worked my way back down to the row I needed to add, I checked, and double-checked, and then I triple-checked to make sure I had the correct branches in the correct order, because darn if I was doing this again.

       It finally worked out. The tree is together and it’s beautiful. It is full of ornaments that have been collected and cherished through the years. There are the twelve days of Christmas ornaments from St. Jude’s Hospital. More St. Jude ornaments feature reindeer and Santa and angels. I have several MacKenzie-Childs ornaments that I find so unique and beautiful. There are, of course. Many red balls as those are my all-time favorite. 

        There are the little Hallmark Angel ornaments that my mother gives my sisters and me each Christmas, and then there is the Mr. And Mrs. Santa that once hung on my mother’s tree. Maybe one day, it will hang on one of my daughter’s Christmas trees should they want them. There are the name ornaments featuring everyone in our family – there will be another addition next Christmas as our son will be marrying in February. It is a tree that evokes memories each time you pass it.

       And last, but not least, I placed the wooden train that my father made me so many years ago underneath the tree.

       It may have taken several tries to get it right this season, but it’s perfect now.

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