Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm a list maker, are you?

       I make lists. I make lots of lists.

       I’m a list maker. Make that a habitual list maker.

Google Calendar - add an event
Google Calendar - add an event (Photo credit: Spinstah)
       I’ve always loved lists as a checks and balance type of system, to have a “picture” of how my time was spent. Fast-forwarding to the present, my lists have become multi-functional. I have grocery list, gift lists, delivery and return lists, book review lists, chore list, blood count/platelet lists, etc. I wasn’t kidding when I stated I was a habitual list maker. I have a list for everything.

       My main list coordinator, up until the iPhone, was my calendar. I fell in love with Day-timer eons ago, and with all the little notepads, folders, lists, and pockets and accessories, it worked quite well for me. It was a dream system that I would still be using, but since I no longer work outside my home, I find it a little cumbersome. When I grab my bag – too big to call a purse – I like knowing my current calendar – should I need it – fits inside. My Day-timer still occupies a prominent spot on my shelf because one day I just may return to it. I love maps, mine is leather with a map, and it has an old lived-well look to it.

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       Fast-forwarding from the trip down Nostalgia Lane, my iPhone is now my go-to for list making. It is an organizers dream world with all of the apps available for making lists! My favorite, although in the beginning I actually deleted it – is Evernote. I cannot say enough about this app. I have it on my iPhone, computer, and Kindle Fire.

       I love how I can make folders in Evernote and if I am working on the computer and have an idea or need to add to my To Do list, I just click on over and type it in and Evernote takes care of syncing all my devices. How cool is that? I host a Cookie Swap Party every December and I’ve been surfing the web for appetizer ideas. I just click on the Evernote button and it saves the recipe, complete with photo, to my Cookie Swap Folder. I found a site also that offers a special notebook for Evernote. There is a video to explain it. You can write or draw and then take a photo of it from the Evernote app and there it is - a list in Evernote.

       I’ve been web catalog shopping for an outfit to wear to my stepson’s wedding. My front door has been like a revolving in and out door, so I have a folder that allows me to keep a list of expected deliveries and returns I’ve made. Check, check, checklist!

       These are only a couple of my folders. Great app! But, not the only one I use for list making. I use abcNotes also. It is a sticky note app and who doesn’t love sticky notes? I make little notes of things that "come and go" on this app – little sticky notes. I also keep a current list of books I am reviewing and dates the reviews are due. When I finished one book and I do not know what to read next, I just grab my phone and check the sticky note.

       Grocery iQ is my go-to market app. With this app, when I run out of an item, I grab my phone and scan it onto my grocery list, then toss the empty container. It is also tied in to so if an item on your list has a coupon, it will let you know. Before leaving for the market, send the coupons to your printer, grab, and go.

       Before I became obsessed with Evernote, I found Pocket. This is another app that I have on my computer and Kindle Fire, as well as my phone. I don’t know about you, but I get a ton of emails and I don’t always have time to read the articles that catch my eye. When time is limited, I just go to the web page and click on the Pocket icon and it is saved. I sync my Kindle – I need a wireless connection – before I leave the house and I have reading material I can catch up on while waiting in line. My iPhone and computer automatically sync with this app.

       Last, BUT certainly not least – there are many more apps on my phone – is the Google calendar that came with the phone. I use my calendar for just about everything! If I need a reminder for a certain time – bingo! Jot that down in the phone with an alarm. I do this so much that Hubby has started asking – what’s the alarm for now? And, I love the little emicons – think that’s spelled correctly – that you can add. I also have book reviews on this calendar and I put a little book next to it. I schedule my favorite TV programs because I never know what day it is. I also just LOVE that when I put an event in the calendar, I can also get directions to the event.

       I haven’t learned how to do this myself yet, but I get emails for meetings and the person fixes the date so you can click on it and it automatically enters it into the calendar for you. Never miss a meeting anymore!

       All of these apps are great, but I do have to confess, I still have my paper calendar. I like a “visual” and I like putting pen to paper, and as much as I adore technology, I like flipping the pages of my calendar and writing things down. There is something about the security of the written word on paper. For me, nothing will replace the joy of writing things down and checking them off and seeing at a glance, the things I’ve accomplished that week or month. I am currently using a precious calendar from The calendars have a month-at-a-glance and daily log, which works out great for me. I always jot monthly items down and at the end of each month; I transfer these items to their individual page. It’s really cute and personalized with my name.

       This has been fun – but I’m an organizer so organizing is fun for me. Since there are so many more apps on my iPhone, I’ll be writing about apps that I’ve found helpful again. Stay tuned!

       To make this interactive – what apps do you use that you just cannot live without? For those of you who do not use an app-enabled phone, how do you make lists? Tell me what works for you.

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  1. Oh, boy. You and I are two peas in a pod....I am a List Maker Extraordinaire. :)
    I don't have a smart phone, and I really prefer paper and pen, so all of mine are handwritten. I dearly love and keenly anticipate the moment when I can mark something off my list. Yeah, I guess I'm a little OCD about lists. Haha! But at least I have a much better chance of remembering things I need to do, or to buy.


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