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Surviving Your Worst Nightmare: A Guide for the Betrayed by Patti Snodgrass

"I believe that infidelity has become an epidemic, not only in the marriages of famous movie stars and athletes, but in the homes of “normal” families as well. Unfortunately Christian families are not exempt from infidelity. I know this because my husband broke our wedding vows. My husband was a Pastor of a large congregation when he confessed of his unfaithfulness. In those few seconds as the words of betrayal flowed from his lips, my life—the life I had known before no longer existed; it was shattered into a million fragments. Altered forever. We lost our home; our income, our retirement, our church family, and most of our friends were unable to offer support because of their own wounds caused by my husband’s betraying behavior.

I understand what it takes to emotionally heal and recover from the devastation that a spouse leaves in the wake of infidelity. I spent four years pouring through my journals and painstakingly relived my nightmare over and over in order to document how I survived my husband’s unfaithfulness. Surviving Your Worst Nightmare: A Guide for the Betrayed is a result of that laborious time. It is a guidebook to the aftershocks of infidelity; it will help those in the midst of their own wilderness walk to know that they are not alone that they too can survive nightmares of the heart.

My story paints an intimate portrait of my personal journey and what it took to overcome my suffering. Throughout each chapter I candidly share my journal entries along with background stories that depict my life behind closed doors. Learning to trust God with this nightmarish event was difficult for me; I constantly questioned the past and I pondered what might have been. Weaved throughout my story I describe how I struggled to believe that God was guiding my emotional recovery and the restoration of my marriage.

My survival experience was life changing; the knowledge I gained has made it possible for me to come alongside any who have been traumatized by infidelity by bringing clarity to their tormented and confused minds, and offering hope for their future. I am passionate about helping the betrayed learn how they too can survive nightmares of the heart.
I believe that my story—God’s redemptive story can be a helpful resource for anyone who is now walking the same path of betrayal that I walked a few years ago. After hearing from many readers I know that Surviving Your Worst Nightmare is an important guidebook; my hope is to get my story into more hands and hearts of those who are desperate in their search to find answers to their hearts cry."

Patti Snodgrass

Surviving Your Worst Nightmare: A Guide for the Betrayed
Discovery of infidelity lands the betrayed on a cruel and seemingly unending path. If your spouse has betrayed you, author and fellow survivor Patti Snodgrass offers assurance, a measure of grace, and proof that you and your family can survive. In Surviving Your Worst Nightmare: A Guide for the Betrayed, an autobiographical self-help field guide, Snodgrass suggests a starting point to rally your inner reserves in order to begin healing a broken heart.

In three accessible and sincere parts, including “A Nightmare in the Heart,” “Survival Guide—Chronicles of a Wounded Heart,” and “The Awakening,” the author shares the intimate details of her personal journey with infidelity and what it took to overcome her suffering. Candid journal entries are interspersed with engaging chapters, where, among other directives, readers are encouraged to be angry but also embrace a wide range of emotions on a journey towards health. There’s the inevitable questioning of the past and the pondering of what might have been, but there’s also clarity in being able to identify the truth behind the transgression in order to begin moving on. Snodgrass’ main objective is to bring stability and hope to the wounded heart as survivors navigate the painful journey of betrayal. 

Patti helps to bring sanity to the emotional injuries caused by an unfaithful spouse and offers immeasurable hope to those who are suffering from nightmares of the heart. In a very meaningful way, this resource is a guide to the aftershocks of infidelity. It’s a true compass to help those in the midst of their own wilderness walk to know that they’re not alone—that they will survive.

Print Length: 325 pages
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #36,082 Paid in Kindle Store

From the Author
"Your world has collapsed; your life dreams have crashed. It feels as if your heart has been wounded beyond repair. I understand; I stumbled along the same path of betrayal that you are on right now. My story of survival will help you process the wide variety of emotions that your spouse's choices have created. You will discover how you can move beyond the heart pain and devastation that this nightmare has caused. It is possible to survive nightmare's of the heart; upon awakening a new life will be found." - Patti Snodgrass

Patti Snodgrass
Image of Patti SnodgrassWhen I began the journey of broken wedding vows and forsaken love, I entered into the most strenuous battle of my life as I learned how to survive the nightmare assault on my heart. The personal discoveries I made as I wandered lost and frightened in the wilderness of betrayal were crucial for my survival. During my wanderings I often wondered if this journey through betrayal would be in vain. I wondered if I could be a voice that calls back to the brokenhearted, those who are now lost and confused by their loved ones' choices and consumed by overwhelming grief and fear? Is it possible that I might give encouragement to someone who is stumbling along the same frightening path that I traversed just a few years before? Could my story offer clarity - hope?

Surviving Your Worst Nightmare: A Guide for the Betrayed was written as a result of my wilderness wanderings. It was a long journey; a laborious journey - I did survive my worst nightmare. I knew my story of how I survived my husband's unfaithfulness must be told, so I spent four years pouring through my journals and painstakingly reconstructed my story into the form of a survival guide. I want to be a voice that calls out to the heart wounded in their darkest of nights; I want to encourage the faithful and help them navigate through the aftermath of their loved one's betrayal.

My survival experience was life changing; the knowledge I gained has made it possible for me to come alongside any who have been traumatized by an act of betrayal. I have had many opportunities to meet with individuals who are suffering from the aftershocks of infidelity; whether it is in a public speaking venue or privately with a betrayed spouse, I willingly share my survival story. My desire is to help bring clarity to their confused minds and offer hope for their future. I am passionate about helping the betrayed learn how they too can survive nightmares of the heart.

Connect with Patti 

          All of the information above (by the author) offers such a tremendous amount of information about the book, that a review could not possibly compete. The book was a superbly written book loaded with helpful information. 

          We’ve all been in relationships. First, our parents, then our siblings, with friends and lovers as time goes by. That alone means we’ve been screwed or played many times over. Infidelity is not exclusive to marriage; it is all inclusive of life. The question remains, what do you do when it happens.

          Infidelity, like any tragedy, comes with its own stages of grief. Patti developed her own strategy, or mantra of healing: “face it, embrace it, mourn it, and move on”. The author, in honest heartfelt words, which rip at your heart, let the reader into her life at its darkest moment. In “Surviving Your Worst Nightmare”, the author gives you insight into the hard work and pain, and courage and fortitude that it takes to work through the absolute heartbreak that infidelity causes.

          She includes exercises at the end of each chapter to help the reader work through their thoughts and feelings. The book was written for the betrayed one, but will help both of the parties through the vicissitudes of trying to put a marriage back together and then move beyond.

          It is a wonderful written book full of insight, and well worth the read.

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  1. This forward is loaded with emotional generating cliches.
    I'm not sure I want to bath myself in somebody else's pain! as their view may be on a different level to mine.When I read this book, I will have a bookmark with the words " Two sides to every story" written in red ink on it. as always Donna a great post. agman

  2. I know of someone who is dealing with this....would love to put this book in that person's hands. It seems like a good one, and with a Christian view of healing and restoration. Thanks for the good review, Donna!


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