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Behind God's Back by Anna O'Moss

Behind God's Back: Secrets, Shadows and Sex

Behind God's Back: Secrets, Shadows and SexWhen six old friends meet for lunch they discover things about each other they never knew existed ... Sandra, a writer, excited to have a book deal, which is based on her story of FORBIDDEN LUST, now must tell her friends what really happened on their last church camping trip, the one they swore they would never speak of again is going to be exposed to the world.    Now in her forties, Darlene is outraged, until she lets them in on her secret too. Sandra doesn’t know the hidden fascinating stories of her friends … All that she knows is the little secret between her and Darlene and that ‘unforgettable night’! As the story unfolds, the girls are appalled to learn about each other’s secret that they take a vow to remain friends forever – the same vow that they took twenty-five years ago, which brought them together this afternoon …    As their day turns into the night, a few bottles of wine later, these forty-year-old women share their secrets of forbidden lust too. Some tales are riddled with guilt, and others are so guilty because their stories of sexual pleasure are forbidden in the eyes of society, especially when their spiritual and religious beliefs conflict with each other. Their stories are of love, humor, anger, pain, and, sometimes, graphic sexual dialogue, along with their vivid images, and those haunting teenage memories move them to tears, and leaves them all questioning life itself.

Guest Post
Behind God’s Back: Secrets, Shadows, and Sex

As an author, I feel I can claim that title, and it would have come faster had I had the tech-knowledge that is available today. There is no excuse for one to say I want to write a book one day and not attempt to put that into action. That day is here and offers writer such sophisticated computers, to spell check to programs, and others that try and inform you, you have grammatical mistakes.

With a little bit of homework on the web, one can find  services, both free, or little cost, to the most expensive lined up to help you publish your work. Even if, you only decide to go the ebook route and play, you can still write your story without the fear of rejection hanging over your head, or five years of writing to agents with your desperate thoughts, please pick me.

The great thing is, writing doesn’t go away. It can only get better, and I have discovered that most books only get better. My first draft sits while I digest my own story. It’s the cake, and needs a great icing to spice it up. When the second take jumps out at you, like a new story, and takes  you by surprise, and you say,  I don’t remember writing that," or you see how that part can be so much bigger now.

I spend more time meditating when I write than I do writing, because when I’ve reached that place I see the story, characters, and even hear the dialogue been spoken, in another dimension of sorts. You are tapped into being honest with what you are writing and why even. You can’t write out of character, you are just cheating yourself and your characters from being authentic.

So today, I see it as endless in the way an author can be in the present, or playing in the future, or going backward in time. There are no rules to a good story, just analytical brains that love judging the way others voice their opinion. And I thank God every day that we all have that freedom to express, who, and what we think, and read. Thank you self-publishing for that option at this point in time, when it is needed more than ever to speak your mind.

Anna O’Moss

My Review
            After reading the book blurb and not being someone who has had life-long friendships, I found the concept of the book intriguing. The story is about six women who became friends at a young age and have continued that friendship through to adulthood.

“Thank God the pizza’s arrive.” She tried to silence them. “Shush you guys, it sounds like a whore house.”

            As one friend set up a luncheon to reveal that she had written a "tell all" book about her life and it included excerpts of their friendship, even she was surprised with the events as they unfolded. It seems that each friend, haunted by the past, had a secret to reveal. And, as each woman purged her soul, with the support of friends, she was set free from abuse, coming out of the closet, affairs, and boredom. And, as each woman garnered the courage to reveal her deepest secrets, she gained the knowledge that she was a much stronger person than she believed she was. Behind God's Back is almost like a coming of age book for adults, rather than children or adolescents. It was different from anything I’ve read.

            I was, however, disappointed in the number of grammatical errors and wrong words or tenses throughout the book. I also found the book, at times, difficult to follow. Having six characters and back-story filtered throughout caused some confusion in different parts of the book. However, I did enjoy the story line and thought it was interesting and original.

            Most people would find the book quite enjoyable, especially women who have enjoyed life-long friendships. It is a definite pick up for that next trip to the beach.

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