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50 Shades of Grey - Get over yourselves

That's right! Get over yourselves! NOW!

The author asked me to read the series about a year ago, before all of this hype, before I had ever heard of "Fan Fiction". I personally enjoyed the series.

I review books and I've been reading my entire life. As far as the writing goes, she is not a bad writer. I did not find errors in her books the way I find errors in a load of other books that I've been asked to review.
Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy
The story line? Well, folks. We discussed this at length the other night at a dinner party. Turns out there are only seven to eleven possible story lines when writing. Jessica, you can correct me as to the exact number. That's all folks. Have you never read a repeat story line? The whole "names have been changed and the city has been changed to protect the not so innocent", but the same story line? 

Personally, and I am quite sure I'll catch flack for it, but none the less, I am beginning to think people are just jumping on the band wagon for the heck of it - possibly without even reading the books. 

Maybe it is a load of misplaced jealousy. We all wish we could write - something. We all wish to be published (that's why we write blogs - we publish ourselves.) We all wish we would be lucky enough to be the one who lands the big deal. 

I, for one, feel the subject is stagnant. Isn't the Presidential election coming up a little more important than a book series?

Yes, feel free to voice your opinion - but, be courteous to me and everyone else who comments.  I live in a war zone. I do not care to have my blog a subject of one.

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  1. Hi Donna. I did read the first book. While there were things that could be nitpicked (aren't there always?) I didn't find it as "terrible" as I'd been led to expect. I actually liked the heroine, a great deal, and loved the sparky interchange between her and the hero. (I thought, besides his predilection for a Red Room of Pain, Christian was a bit too good to be true - rich, handsome, flies his own helicopter yet has endless hours to dally in sexual activity.)

    Where the book was a fail for me was... it didn't make me tingle. True, I'm not "into" the BDSM scene, but, I have read other BDSM novels, and even lesbian novels, where my personal heat level went way beyond tingle. So I won't be reading the other two books.

    I have tremendous respect for any author with the ovaries to write a book and get it out there, even if the book if not outstandingly well-written. So many people talk about writing a book, so few follow through, and even fewer see it to publication. And I have little respect for anyone who would bash - or praise - a book they have not personally read.

    1. Thanks Beverly for your candid response. I'm not saying the books sent me over the edge with tingles either. It was actually the first BDSM (can't even tell you what that stands for - lol) and I have to say - WHAT an education! I just didn't find them any worse than any other book I've read. I admire that she has continued to write amidst all of the controversy. And, like everyone else, I don't understand how so many people are criticizing the books based on others opinions. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. I read the series and liked it, but I would have to disagree, there are loads of errors in the book. Being from the same area the book takes place, I can tell you she messed it up big time.

    I think the books were fun to read, but I do not understand why they are as big as they are. I think it's ridiculous how big they have become and how so many people are bashing on them without even reading them. There are so many other books that deserve to be big and aren't.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and weighing in. Not being from the area, I guess that didn't factor in for me. I, too, thought they were a fun read. As to why some deserving books do not make it big while other less deserving books (in our opinions) do would really be interesting to figure out. I think the controversy is making it even bigger.

  3. Great post! I'm fascinated by trying to figure out what has captivated so many readers. I've yet to read this but will soon for my book club, and I've never heard so much about a book before I've read it. I hope I can evaluate it for the book itself and not all the reactions to the book.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by. I am fascinated by all the controversy. I read the books and enjoyed them. I hope you do too. I'm sure once you begin reading the books, you'll be able to decide for yourself whether you enjoyed it or not.

  4. Donna: Bad writing doesn't always mean errors. I did pick up 50 Shades and read a couple of paragraphs. That was all it took: the writing didn't breathe. It was flat, it was fine. Good writing is about word choice, sentence structure, plot, pacing, tension. It's about the ability of an author to make a character come alive, to use three words to paint a picture that a lesser writer would need three paragraphs for.

    Truly good writing is breathtaking. It's unobtrusive and yet at the same time, it is the star of the book. Think Water for Elephants. Think The Horse Whisperer. Those are only two, but there is some truly exceptional writing out there, even in the erotic genre.

  5. Ive read the series to and enjoyed the chemistry - bad boy , his secrets, why he was like he was, and the little extras James put forth.

    The BDSM is mild compared to most books, and as most are calling it mommy porn, maybe it is.. For readers who have never encountered this kind of kink, its intriguing and interesting for them and of course sexy. Others find it distasteful, allowing a man to hit a woman bla blalba.. But we all must remember that throughout the series, Anna had a choice. She had her secret words etc.. So overall, despite the continous repetitive phrases and however many times down there was used,it was a likeable story.

    The romance was was compelling and I to had a soft spot for mr Gray .... Everyone can have there own opinions. ;) But I agree read it before you judge readers... You may just find you like it.. You may hate it.. But everyone does have an opinion ;) kat

  6. I have not read this book! but it's all the rage around my area,usually like most readers? If I start a book I can't stop,I see nothing here in the comments that would encourage me to read it. I picked it up and remembered the commercialism that came along before it, and put it down, there are so many books that I want to read and there is not going to be enough time! to waste it, on books that don't stand on their own. I've been there and done that, I have the t shirt.
    Be well


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