Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What do you do with old underwear?

Spiegel 1963 women's underwear sets
Spiegel 1963 women's underwear sets (Photo credit: genibee)

I'm having fun today.

Do you ever throw yours away? 

No matter how many holes there are?

       I am here to confess – and my sisters and anyone else who knows me well, will be looking around thinking – where is my sister and what have you done with her because SHE doesn’t talk about these things – back to confessing – I actually threw a pair of underwear away today. The kicker is – they were clean, but none-the-less full of holes.

       Seriously, do you throw underwear away, or are you like me? I see that it needs to be trashed, but then who throws away dirty underwear? Yuck! I know, who is going to see it? So, I wash it, and then I think – I’ll just wear it one more time, it is clean after all and so the cycle continues. The underwear never makes it to the trash!

       Today, I threw away a pair of clean underwear. Now, I am asking all of you to fess up – do you throw away underwear – and if you dare – clean or dirty? I am throwing down the gauntlet. Leave your confessions below and know that we’ll keep them in the strictest of confidence.

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  1. To funny. Absolutely I throw away underwear but I do it like a 'spring cleaning'. I go through my drawers and chuch out so they are clean.

    I'm sure I have thrown away dirty ones before but can't think of when or why.

  2. My confession, I was delivering an aircraft out of Texas to Egypt and was against the clock with a cash penalty to the company for being late. So 6am in the morning I showered and put on clean Kit and wondered out to the aircraft, I flew up across America into Canada across to Greenland,over to Iceland and on to Scotland then south across Europe, up the Med and into Egypt making it on time, I wouldn't swear to it But it took around about 10 days? no wash or shave so in the Egyption hotel I stood in the shower (starting out fully clothed and stinking) for at least 30 minutes, after a sleep I took my knickers rapped in a tissue and buried them in the garden at the hotel, clean by the way? Boy! I have a red face thinking about this.
    Great site,thank you.

  3. The underwear issue is always in the back of my mind because of my ER nursing profession. We are the ones who will cut of your holey underwear to do unspeakable things to you. Lol. Every time one of mine gets ratty looking I have to force myself to throw because I'm always thinking....if I get in a wreck or get sick and have to go to the ER, everyone will know my secret. Not everyone abides by this code though. I won't get into it but wake up peeps.... If you have to go to the ER for a "cooch" complaint, please by all means clean it & put on some decent undies !!!! Lol. Sorry for the TMI because as your sister, I know you don't usually speak of such things. Roflmao !!!

    1. I thought you'd get a kick out this topic - it is SO unlike me! Thanks for stopping by and sharing TMI! lol

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