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Ship to Shore by Elizabeth Krall

Ship to Shore

About the Book:

Storms at sea and heartbreak on land. Betrayal and frustration. A forbidden journal. Oh, and bagpipes.

This ‘ship to shore’ love story follows Sally and Dermid, who meet on a tall ship sailing across the Atlantic. Sally is drawn to Dermid, despite what she considers to be his unfortunate passion for bagpipes, but their brief romance ends badly. Very badly.

They are given a second chance when Sally accepts a job assignment on a remote Scottish island. The fact that Dermid is on a nearby island has nothing to do with it. Or so she says.
But when Sally’s assignment is over, will she leave? Or will she find the courage to build a life with Dermid?

And could she ever learn to love the bagpipes?

Set against the tempestuous North Atlantic and the windswept beauty of the Hebrides, this is a wryly humorous story of two people who must learn to trust their feelings, and to trust each other.

About the Author:

Image of Elizabeth Krall

Elizabeth Krall lives in Sydney, Australia. She does not have a breathtakingly handsome husband, cheekily charming children, or cats. Nor is she very fond of bagpipes.
'Ship to Shore' is her first novel.

Guest Post by Elizabeth Krall

When Donna very generously invited me to guest post on My Life. One Story at a Time, my first thought was ‘what on earth will I write about?’. So I asked Donna if I could perhaps talk about tall ship sailing and tie that into my novel, ‘Ship to Shore’.

And Donna’s reply was, “Tall ship sailing sounds like a great topic – especially since I don't have a clue what it means.”

I get that a lot.

There are two questions people generally ask me about tall ship sailing. The first is “what the heck is a tall ship?” , and then, when they find out,  the second, in tones of disbelief and amazement, is “why would you want to do that?”.

So in ‘Ship to Shore’ I thought I’d get that out of the way on page 1, when Sally, my heroine, tells someone to think of a pirate ship. Pirate ships are tall ships, large sailing ships with masts and yards and huge sails, and miles of ropes. You’ll find them in many countries, some run by charities, some by historic ship buffs, some by navies; the United States Coast Guard, for example, uses a beautiful barque-rigged tall ship called ‘Eagle’ as a training vessel for its young sailors.

I have been lucky enough to have sailed on a number of different tall ships, and have made two crossings of the Atlantic Ocean. I’m looking forward to a seven-week voyage in the Indian Ocean next year, partly because for the first time I won’t need thermal underwear and a woolly hat on the night watches! Yes, parts of a voyage are cold and wet and sometimes miserable, and it can be boring, and like Sally I don’t especially enjoy working in the galley. But what pulls me back is the sense of having left the real world behind, the glorious sunsets and sunrises, the sight of so many stars that even well known constellations are hard to identify in a sky of an inkiness you never get in a city. And the camaraderie of 50 strangers, most with no sailing experience, coming together as a team.  

Of course, when you put 50 strangers in an enclosed environment for five weeks, some of them will fall in love.

‘Ship to Shore’ began when I was off work for four months. One day, after re-reading some of my sailing journals, I thought ‘why not write a novel about that?’ And give it a romantic twist, in that it would focus on two people who met on board.

Well I did, and it was awful. Far, far too long, with far, far too much sailing detail. A novel only a mother would read (and she did, bless her). And it ended in much the same way that Part One ends now – not well at all – so I had to write what started out as a sequel because I thought Sally and Dermid deserved a happy ending. Part Two takes place on one of Scotland’s starkly beautiful Hebrides Islands (that’s the ‘shore’ part of the title).

Many many rewrites and cuts later, ‘Ship to Shore’ was ready.

I hope you give my novel a go, and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Donna for inviting me!

 I will be reviewing Ship to Shore at a later date. Be sure to follow my blog to be updated on future reviews and giveaways!

Ship to Shore can be purchased on Amazon. It is available in book form
or ebook here:

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