Sunday, July 1, 2012

From the Heart – Best Friends

Best – better than all others
Friend – somebody who trust and is fond of another

         How do you define best friend?

Best Friends
Best Friends (Photo credit: Four Doxn)

         Do you have one?

         Do you want one?

         I was having a conversation with my best friend this morning - a texting conversation – and, after completing our conversation, realized just how lucky I was to have such a good friend. I can tell Girlfriend anything and she will not get mad at me, well maybe a little upset at times. My words may not be what she wants to hear, (or I, her) but we respect the other’s thoughts and opinions.

         Girlfriend and I have been besties for a few years now, and because we share many of the same personality traits, we know each other quite well, sometimes too well. And, that can lead to trouble at times. But, on the other hand, we also know how (or when) to push or not push the other’s buttons. 

          We know what will send one of us over the edge causing the other to make a hasty retreat, hoping for a white flag. We tell each other how we see it, even when we know it will be hard to hear. Everyone needs a person like that in their life. We all want to look at life through finger smudged rose-colored glasses and we need someone to take them off every now and then. and clean them. As I told her just recently (before she laughingly accused me of being poetic), I am here to plants seeds of thought, to help clear the cobwebs. That, is what friends do.

         When I have a dilemma, she plays Devil’s Advocate. When Girlfriend is having a problem, I take my turn; and even though I am secure in our friendship, you will sometimes find me hiding out behind the pecan tree because I may have pushed too far and feel her wrath buzzing around my head like a bee. I go in for the sting and then offer sweet iced tea.

         Let me add that texting is an easy way for two people who do not like confrontation, to have a sensitive conversation. Sometimes I come in like a gentle summer breeze, while other times I am like a Southern thunderstorm, like a bull in a china shop. I have no mid-way; I’m either not engaged or full out – nostrils flaring and pawing huffs. There is no doubt you have to be a special person to handle me.

         I have a few other close girlfriends who wander in and out of my life depending on how busy our lives are, but Girlfriend is a constant. Since we met, she has been my girl rock, my girl port in a storm; someone to celebrate achievements with, someone to pick me up when I’m down, cry when I cry, and laugh when I laugh, or make me laugh. We’ve seen each other through some rough patches when we didn’t think the storm would break long enough for the sun to shine through. Those are the times we reached for the other and choose to dance in the rain.

        Let's just say, here in the South, we take our friendships seriously.

         How about you? Is there someone in your life that you trust with your deepest, darkest thoughts? Do you have a best friend, someone who inspires you? (I’m talkin’ about someone other than Hubby.)

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  1. I have a girlfriend like you described. She lives many states away though..I wished we live closer.
    and I just attended a Memorial Luncheon for a dear girlfriend that recently passed away, I will miss her.

    1. Hello Melissa - thanks for stopping by. Isn't it great to have girlfriends! I hope you get to visit a little more often with your best friend. I have one as well that lives quite a few states away. She just visited and we hope to stay in better touch. My condolences on your loss. I wish your heart healing. Donna

  2. I am blessed to have several Best Friends. Two of whom I went to high school with. I can tell them anything and vice versa and if we don't talk for months on end, we simply pick up right where we left off without getting snarky with each other. :D

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Mel. I have also reconnected with several friends from high school through Face book. It is such a blessing to have them in my life.

  3. Hello Donna. We meet in the strangest places, lol. Real girlfriends are far and few between. You are blessed. My sisters are my best friends. We fight and laugh and start over. What a great post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I dropped by your blog to read the rest of your post on the Book Mobile and on why you write. Beautiful piece! HEY EVERYONE! I ENCOURAGE YOU TO STOP BY AND READ HER POST! Don't be surprised it you see the Book Mobile show up in one of my post real soon. My sisters are great friends too.


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