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All Things Southern - The Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love

All Things Southern – The Tunnel of Love

         Seems in my zest to delete all the extra photos on my phone, I only have this one picture. I took quite a few pictures to get just the right shot and I thought that I had uploaded all of them. So much for thinking!

         We live in a small community along Bayou Lafourche called Valentine. How sweet is that? Hubby’s favorite saying is, “Everyday is Valentine’s Day because we live in Valentine.” I think he says that – especially on Valentine’s Day – to avoid buying a mushy card. Although, my sweet Hubby writes me poems and love letters and leaves them around the house for me to find. (I have them all tucked safely away in a box he built for me.)

         In fact, that is what he did when he picked our wedding date. We had been engaged for a while and knowing Hubby as I do, no decision was going to be made before its time, and that meant picking a wedding date. Hubby always prays about his decisions and he takes a long time in making those decisions. I am someone who gathers facts, analyses them, and makes a decision and moves forward. That is my personality. It is not Hubby’s personality. His personality likes to gather information, and then gather more information (praying in his case) and then they want more information.

         My personality is sitting, no make that standing and toe tapping, waiting for him to make a decision; Me of little patience! I usually pray and tell God to give me a billboard that I can view the decision I should be making as I fly by. I am a testament to the fact that God does takes our personalities into account when showing us His way.

         Hubby always has a “dilemma” as I like to refer to his decision making. Every time he sits down and says, “I was thinking”, it sets off bells and whistles in my head. “Oh no! He has a dilemma!” is what I begin thinking.

         But, getting back to leaving little notes around the house, that is exactly what he did when he finally figured out just the right date on which to be married. I woke up one morning and found a note with a clue on the pillow. That note lead to another note, to another, and finally the last clue, which held the date he had chosen. He was so excited as he followed me around the house as I found the clues (which were easy because I just do not get clues!)

         The date he had chosen, now our anniversary date, was April 19. Now – do you want to know why he finally chose this date? I am going to tell you anyway. The answer is not quite so romantic, but given the way he thought up clues, I let it slide. He chose the 19th because his birthday is on the 19th and he knew the date would be easy for him to remember. He told me he would always remember April 19 because his birthday is May 19. He also knew that having forgotten my birthday one year, the date thing was important for him to remember.

         What are you going to do but love this guy? That is why everyday in Valentine is Valentine’s Day.
         Back to the picture! We planted crepe myrtles down the driveway and this spring when they bloomed, their tips were touching. It is as though you are walking through a tunnel. All that is missing is the horse and carriage, although for Calypso and Ryka, they have ridden through the tunnel of love in a wagon hooked to the lawn mower. It brings new meaning to “Lucky Dogs”.

         Happy Valentine’s Day from Valentine, Louisiana! I hope you find your tunnel of love.
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  1. I think it's sweet.. My husband's grandfather picked his birthday to get married for the same reason :)


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