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Let The Willows Weep: Guest Post by Sherry Parnell

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Sherry Parnell began creating worlds of her own into which she could escape, dream, and live for a moment outside of her own life. Now this passion has become her profession with the release of her first novel, "Let the Willows Weep"." 

I hope you'll give a wonderful welcome to my guest Sherry Parnell.  

Where is the line between destruction and redemption?  What happens when one doesn’t know—do they fall or do they find their way?  

When the tenuous ties of her family break, Birddog Harlin is forced to choose a path which leads her away from those she loves, threatening to completely destroy her before she ultimately seeks her salvation.

Birddog is a willful and bitter woman whose husband, after years of suffering her emotional abuse, leaves suddenly one morning. She is left with her precocious and introverted young daughter who is devastated and angry, further deteriorating their already strained relationship. But during a seemingly insignificant moment with her daughter, Birddog privately recollects her own adolescence and the tragic events which drove her to make the choices that threaten to destroy not only her own life but also that of her daughter.  Memories of loss, love, and unbearable hurt flood her mind.  But as each moment recedes once more, Birddog realizes that although life is partially fated, it is her own choices that determine her true destiny.

About the Author:
Captivated by books at an early age, Sherry Parnell began creating worlds of her own into which she could escape, dream, and live for a moment outside of her own life. Now this passion has become her profession with the release of her first novel, "Let the Willows Weep".

In addition to her love for both reading and writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, running, and talking with those who share her passion.  Sherry also loves new experiences because she feels that each is an opportunity for inspiration to create a new story.   

An alumnus of Dickinson College and West Chester University, Sherry lives with her husband and two sons in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, where she is a full-time writer working on her second novel.

From Sherry's Blog:
"Hi. I’m Sherry.  And, at the risk of seeming completely self-indulgent, let me tell you a bit about myself.  I was born in the year when people could find answers to their most pressing questions with the power of the Magic Eight Ball, Sid and Marty Croft’s shows seemed entertaining, not creepy and Arthur Fonzarelli’s monosyllabic vocabulary consisting only of “Aayyy” made him cool not unintelligent.
Growing up I was always imaginative, creating worlds that harbored characters inspired by books, television and my own creation.  When I wasn’t bending steel bars as the Bionic Woman (I had the broken crayons to prove it) or struggling with the onset of blindness as Mary Ingalls (well, more broken stuff), I was in my best friend’s closet as we pretended to be Jewish refugees hiding from the Nazis (I was very pale that summer).
Another summer was whiled away running through the woods behind my house, which doubled as an elaborate make-believe world where my friend and I were alone on an island trying to escape an evil elderly couple (disclaimer: I am not an ageist; it just worked with the story).   Because you see, I always have had characters and stories running through my mind."

To read more...http://redroom.com/member/sherry-parnell/bio


Guest Blog Post:

Sins of the Mother

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
Is the way you were mothered affect the way you mother?  Do her choices become your choices, her mistakes your mistakes? Do we create our own path or simply walk the one our mothers trod? 

The familial relationship is the foundation of one’s experiences.  Our families, and often our mothers, are the ones from whom we learn about morals, love, and what to do as well as prejudices, hate and what not to do.  The relationship we have to our family is often most influential because it is our first.  We learn their mannerisms, their likes and dislikes, their happiness and their sadness.  We experience their approval and their disapproval and both affect us more than we often expect or want.  This is especially true of our mothers.

Emulation of a mother’s good qualities, behavior and loving manner is commendable but what about her mistakes and bad choices?  What happens when she is a cold and distant mother?  Many often either rise above or sink into what they have experienced.  But what determines which way one goes?

Personal strength, character, purpose and choice are all determinants but the greatest among these is choice.  Because regardless of our experience, we choose who want and will become.

The protagonist, Birddog Harlin, in my story, “Let the Willows Weep” learns this but only after almost destroying not only her own life but also that of her daughter.  Birddog’s mother is emotionally distant and unsympathetic to the hardships her daughter endures contributing to Birddog’s bitterness as well as her detached relationship with her own daughter.  However, Birddog is forced to recognize this perpetuation of destructive behavior when her husband suddenly leaves.

The abandonment is one more heartbreaking moment in a lifetime of hardships and tragedy.  And it causes Birddog to recollect all the suffering and pain she has endured, forcing her to recognize how it has shaped her.  It is in the eyes of her daughter, eyes much like her own that she finally sees her own pain and the pain she has caused.  Birddog realizes that she can choose how she mothers her daughter regardless of how she was mothered. 

Birddog Harlin, like most of us, discovers that although we may and sometimes do, we don’t have to repeat the sins of the mother.

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