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The Truth About Scarlet Rose by Julia Madeleine

About the Book:

Scarlet Rose, the once remarkably beautiful, queen of the burlesque scene in 1960s Toronto, has aged into a decrepit bitter alcoholic, living on welfare and her daughter’s handouts—a daughter she forced into the adult entertainment industry at the age of sixteen to support the family. Now in 1983, Scarlet’s wealthy ex-husband has been found tortured and murdered in a hotel room, and her twenty-two-year-old daughter Fiona, must help the police find the killer. 

While Fiona navigates her way through the dark recesses of her family’s history, uncovering shocking secrets that threaten to destroy her, Scarlet Rose employs the skills she learns in Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War, fixating on making a new life for herself using other people’s money. But when she befriends a lonely American woman sitting on an inheritance, greed that knows no bounds, cold-blooded murder and identity theft, might just prove to be Scarlet’s undoing.

About the Author:

Julia Madeleine is a thriller writer and tattoo artist living in the Toronto area. For a year she lived in the country on a 30-acre property in the middle of nowhere which became the inspiration for her novel, No One To Hear You Scream. Find out more about her books at

Book Trailer:

My Review:

            For those who enjoy murder, mayhem, and suspense, they will find this book appealing. Personally, I did not enjoy the book. I have discovered this is not a genre I enjoy. I trudged through it because I wanted to be fair in my assessment of the book, as well my curiosity needed to be assuaged. I had to see if the villain was caught and if there was a happy ever after ending. The challenge with reading on a Kindle, it is not as easy to “flip” to the last page as it is with an actual book. I enjoyed the book in the beginning, but toward the middle, it seems to start dragging on and on. I needed a quicker ending. As I indicated before, the genre is a little out of my element of comfort.

            Julia Madeline wrote a book about things we would rather not acknowledge. Much to our dismay, there are actually dysfunctional families like Scarlet Rose’s. They are people who have fallen into lives of exotic dancers, prostitutes, drug addicts, gangs or forced their children into these lives. They have lost their hope in achieving a better life.

            That may be another of the reasons I didn’t particularly care for the book. It brought to the surface things I don’t care to think about, not because I am prejudice about them, but because I can’t save them all, and that is what my humanness would want to do.  

                        Scarlet Rose is a sinister woman without heart. She is full of malice and self-righteousness, and steeped in greed. How anyone escapes her unscathed is beyond me. Who would turn their sixteen year old daughter into an exotic dancer so that she didn’t have to work, and then manipulate her loyalties. I know that this happens and it makes my skin crawl.

           Having said that, I did feel that the book was well written. The characters were believable; and I did not find any grammatical errors.  Although I did not enjoy the book, I feel safe in saying that I do believe it will find its targeted audience and they will enjoy the book. That is evident in the praise that this book has garnered.

Praise for The Truth About Scarlet Rose:

“The Truth About Scarlet Rose begins with a scene full of menace and eroticism. It is a compulsively readable crime novel that packs a lot of punches. Julia Madeleine is an accomplished author who sketches characters deftly and then draws you into their inner lives. They are inner lives worth reading about. This is a novel that is full of suspense, that is about the loss of innocence and the cost of freedom. Julia Madeleine has written a great page turner, I highly recommend it.” - Richard Godwin, Author Of Apostle Rising.

"The Truth About Scarlet Rose is a gripping, atmospheric and powerful thriller with dark shades of noir and even traces of the Gothic." - Paul D Brazill- Guns Of Brixton, 13 Shots Of Noir, Drunk On The Moon, Brit Grit.

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  1. That would have been a tough read for me, too. Not my cup of tea. But you did a great job on the review - maybe it will help some who particularly like that genre.

    1. The beginning was good. But, then it started getting a little more sinister. The thoughts of the villains were going places I didn't want to go. Thank you for the compliment.


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