Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All Things Southern – Love thy animal as thyself?

         We’ve become “those” people…(hanging my head in shame)

         Last night we dined with friends to celebrate Hubby’s birthday (he’s 52, but I’ll deny until my last breath that I mentioned that fact).

         We normally see each other about once a week or so, and after catching up with the latest news – our upcoming vacation and theirs, we arrived at the restaurant.

         As things normally go here “down on the bayou”, Hubby knew just about everyone in the place – both those coming and going – so there was a lot of conversation floating around. This also happens to be one of our favorite places to have a steak dinner. It is located along Bayou Lafourche and is a piece meal of a building, having been added on to thru the years. Monday night is steak night and people come from up and down the bayou to feast on their delectable steak and potatoes.

Land of the snakes - my brother-in-law is about 6 ft.

         Last night was no exception. Our meals arrived and for a while, no conversation was needed or wanted. Then, once our bellies were full and we could breathe again, we began to solve the earth’s problems. Conversation ran the gamut from kids to work and back again.

         Then – it started – Hubby and I have become “those” people. You know the ones – the ones that talk about their dogs – forever! And, as if that’s not enough, we even have pictures of their latest escapades!

         Yes! We have become “those people”. You see, Calypso has been up to her usual escapades and we think she is nothing short of a genius. Of course, we have to share her antics – even if the audience is our captive audience!

Our family

These are not dumb dogs! And, YES I pulled her around for a while. I didn't say humans weren't.

         Due to Calypso’s puppy chewing, Hubby came up with the brainstorm of hanging a trawl net across the front porch entrance to keep her off the porch (considering how well this turned out - a more apt name might have been "brain-fart"). She has chewed the legs of two very expensive rockers and the side of a table, not to mention knowing on the 6x6’s that actually support the porch roof. You can see that we’ve had to curtail her activities before the house began falling down around or on top of us.

        This trick worked - for a while. It was even good at keeping unwanted company at bay. The rule was, if you can’t grab hold of the post and swing your little self around it to the porch; you have to visit from the steps. You would be surprised at what folks will do to have a comfortable place to sit and visit. As you can well imagine, there is a lot of swinging going on at our house.

         Lately, it appears that the only beings being kept off the porch are the human kind. Ryka has gotten quite comfortable with jumping on and off the porch from the side and Calypso…well, Calypso has figured out how to chew and unhook the net from the eyehooks that Hubby installed along the bottom of the porch. Having figured that out, she now knows that she can slip underneath the net and onto the porch. As you can see in the picture, she gets stuck and then she looks around for help. It is impossible for her to gain traction on the concrete steps and nearly impossible for her to claw the porch for traction. Therefore, she spends a lot of time in this particular position – watching Ryka sit on the porch – until she gets tired and backs herself out from under the net, or I take pity on her and work her under the net.

I know I can get under here.

I thought I could.

Help! I need help! Stop laughing and help!

         It is funny how smart dogs are. She remembers the difficulty she has in trying to gain access to the porch and instead of jumping down at the first opportunity to chase something, she will stand and bark from the porch. It really has to be tempting for her to jump off the porch once she is on it.

         That’s not the only adventure Calypso and Ryka have had this past week. They managed to sashay across a busy, major highway. Those adventures will be coming soon.

         Meanwhile, we Southerners love our animals and treat them as family members. So, be prepared when visiting your Southern neighbors, to feign interest when they start expounding on the virtues and adventures of their “loved ones”.

Do you hold your company prisoner while extolling the current adventures of your animal's adventures?

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  1. I completely understand this post. My pup will be 6 on June 1st (the mere fact that I know her exact birth date should be a sign) and she is my child. People talk about their kids, I talk about my dog. I talk about my cats too! I've lived in South Carolina for almost 10 years now and I actually used to do that when I lived in New York too! :) Love my fur babies!

    1. Oh my goodness! I, too, know their birthdays! They are my little ones. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. You are very welcome!

      Oh and you've been tagged! Hop on over if you want to play!! :) http://justanotherdayjbe.blogspot.com/2012/05/ive-been-tagged.html

  2. Such a smart dog! I love it. I have a poodle who's figured out how to open the gate that keeps him out of the living room. He just loves to be sitting in one of the chairs waiting for us to walk by and catch him. Dogs are smart little tricksters.

    1. That is so funny. Calypso would do the same if she were allowed in the house. Hubby makes sure she stays out :) They would just walk all over me. I'm a sap when it comes to them. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. don't feel bad. We're "those people" too. Just of gerbils.

    1. I once had a friend say something about how people just go on about their pets - but then she had small children. Mine are adults so these have taken their place. Looks like there are many of us out there! Thanks for stopping by.


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