Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday - Where Truth is the Dare

Question of the Day: Where Truth Is the Dare   [QUES OF THE DAY] [Paperback]

It’s Thursday again – and we all know what that means!
Here is this week’s question.
Truth? or Dare?

What is the last thing you said that you regretted the moment it came out of your mouth?

I'll be posting my answer next week because 
I want every one to come up with their answer spontaneously 
and not be guided by my answer. I cannot wait to hear your answers! :)

Thank you all for participating.

My answer to last week’s question “If it is found out about, what are you going to get in trouble for?"

I’m always in trouble so I have a hard time answering this question. I like what someone else said. “Can you still get in trouble if you’re over 50?” Apparently, you CAN, and I DO! :)
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  1. I said to my everlasting regret " No"

    1. You know. I think I'll see you that and raise you one. Times I have said no sort of passed by when I read your response.

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  3. I have a few things to choose from. I said "Muslim women must be brainwashed to wear a cover while their men are dressed comfortably."

    1. Hi Judaye! Thanks for stopping by and being so honest. I have such a long list, it would take me from here to Sunday to list them.

  4. These are comments from Google+. You really should visit Dave's site and read his post. Mortifying!

    Dave BartlettApr 26, 2012
    Not the last thing, because this was years ago, but the most excruciatingly embarrassing, socially crippling thing I ever said is detailed here: (Too long a story to type into a comment)
    I can see the funny side of it now, so feel free to take amusement from my discomfort.

    David J. AgostineApr 26, 2012
    Dare : )

    simone mimbsYesterday 5:16 PM
    i told my boss to go to hell, and of course i was fired after that!


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