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Romancing The Valentine Giveaway Hop

Romancing the valentine giveaway hop

Welcome to the Romancing The Valentine Giveaway Hop hosted by  Reading Romances. Who doesn't like curling up with a good book?

Please go through the linky to find all of the great prizes (All Book related!) Being given away. The hop runs February 6th thru February 13th!

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In celebration of Valentine's Day I am reposting a favorite book of mine. It is "Perfect Strangers" by Rebecca Sinclair

Perfect Strangers

 About the book:

Gabrielle Carelton is one of Queen Elizabeth’s most devoted ladies-in-waiting. But her loyalty is put to the test when Her Majesty commands her to marry Scotsman Collin Douglas. When Gabrielle is kidnapped by Collin’s twin brother, not even Good Queen Bess can save her. Dubbed the Black Douglas, devilishly handsome Connor is known throughout the land for his magnificent feats of strength and cunning. But now he is in need of an heir. An English bride will bring peace to the warring nations — and give him the son he craves. What he doesn’t expect is a woman as passionate as she is proud … and a desire that knows no boundaries. Set against the pageantry and savage splendor of 16th-century England and Scotland, here is the story of a man and a woman who begin as enemies and strangers — and find a love that will triumph against all odds.

Book Quotes:

“A Maxwell takes care of his own,” he repeated softly, seemingly to himself. Louder, as realization dawned on him, he said, “What sort of kin would we be if we dinny lift a finger to get the poor, sweet wee lass away from her arch enemy, the Douglas?”

She lifted the goblet and took another drink of whisky, even though her thirst had passed. As any good Carelton could tell you, if one of anything worked well, two would work better…and three better still.
Gabrielle set the goblet aside and lay back against the pillow. She stifled a yawn with her fist and arched her spine, stretching tentatively at first, then, when her muscles didn’t cramp in protest, more expansively. Aaah, but that felt divine.

Mayhaps another sip of whisky wouldn’t be out of order? Heaven knew the unexpected jolts of thunder had made sure the effects of the first three wore off with alarming speed.

“Sulking around in the shadows now, are you, Douglas? Haven’t you ever heard of the term ‘knock’?” “Twill be a cold day in hell afore I’ll knock on me own bedchamber door, lass.” The words slid through Gabrielle much the same way the first sip of whisky had only moments before.

“And exactly how would ye go aboot doing that?” “By rescuing her myself if there’s no other way.” “Well, guddle me,” Ella muttered, then shook her head. Her laughter was soft and musical. “Lass, ye dinny e’en know where Gaelside is!” “True,” Gabrielle acknowledged thoughtfully. Her gaze had dipped to the fists clenched tightly atop her lap. If now lifted and boldly met Ella’s. A sly, challenging grin tugged at her lips when she added,” But you do.”

Thick raven hair, harshly sculpted cheekbones, forehead, and jaw, gray eyes that gleamed out of the murky shadows, and a gaze that arrowed straight through her very soul…

Unlike the last, this kiss was light, gentle. His lips whisked airily over heres with sweet promise, yet she sensed an underlying urgency.

His mouth carried through its promise and was on hers, his tongue urging her lips apart. His kiss was ravenous; it obliterated all thoughts of family and feuds and weddings from her mind.

My Review:

            Ok – I have to admit, the picture perfect specimen on the cover captured my attention before anything. Did you look?! Well, go back and LOOK!

            I also have a predisposed fascination with Scotland as my ancestors hail from the great country of Scotland. I love the brogue. I love the bagpipes. I love the kilts. I would someday like to visit Scotland, and I would like one of those men (from the cover).

            Perfect Strangers captured the love between Gabrielle Carleton and Connor Douglas magnificently. What sets this book apart from previous books I’ve read is that the author did not make Gabrielle a picture perfect woman. Gabby is a complex young woman who as part of Queen Elizabeth’s court, was ridiculed, and judged based on her lack of outer beauty. The “Black Douglas’” piercing gray eyes saw passed the outer shell to the beautiful woman beneath (and mine will too).

            The author not only captured the essence of Gabby but the complex humanity of the highland clans and their way of life in 16th century Scotland and England.

            Perfect Strangers is a story of a young woman, sent by her queen, to marry in hopes of ending the border feuds. Her betrothed’s twin brother, the notorious Black Douglas, whom ballads of his fierceness have been written and sung, kidnaps her.

            Soon after arriving at his castle, a battle breaks out and Connor’s old aunt is kidnapped. In her goodness and innocence, Gabrielle sets off to rescue her. Before the night has time to set, Connor comes upon her camp, and after a night of giving in to the passion that has been threatening to consume them, Gabby and Connor, are captured by a neighboring clan.

            Through the twists and turns of a great story, love trumps all. I will definitely be reading more from Rebecca Sinclair. The characters are well written and developed. The Scottish dialogue spoke of authenticity. The story draws the reader in and leaves you wanting more at the end.

            Well done Ms. Sinclair!


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