Monday, January 16, 2012

My Crazy Life – The Blurring of Lines and the Power of Reconnection

January 16, 2012

            I have found myself thinking on more than one occasion about the technological wonder we call Face book. I know that it has allowed me to reconnect with people I went to high school (and middle school and grammar school) with that I never thought I would see again.

            Unlike many people, I moved from the home and town where I spent my childhood the day after high school graduation. I never went back. I had no idea when I opened my account on Face book that I would soon be “talking” to so many people from that time in my life.

            Age and time seem to have eroded the feelings of inadequacy and teenage jealousies from our lives and we seem to have morphed into viable friendship sustaining human beings capable of deep emotions.

            Who knew that thirty-five years later we would be looking to each other to offer encouragement on diets, listen to boasting about our grandchildren, and requesting prayers for our loved ones? We share a security in knowing our friends are but a keystroke away; and they are ready to help us celebrate our victories and to sustain us in our tragedies.

            I had not had contact with any of my classmates before I found Face book. I am still reconciling the kids I knew in school with the adults I have come to know today. Some married high school sweethearts, some of us made decisions that took us in other directions.

            In my mind, I still see the kids we were in high school and I sometimes think, “Would we have been different towards each other then, if we had known the human beings we would someday become?”

            Some of us are still the class clowns. Some of us are still the serious students. Some of us are still laid back. I see the cheerleader, the high school quarterback, the chemistry lab geek, the bully, the introvert, the one with the glorious voice, the prettiest one, the most handsome one, the outcast. I see God’s children and I make a toast to Face book for bringing us full circle and back into each other’s lives.

            Here’s to friendship! One thing is for certain, we have grown up, and I appreciate the human beings we have become and I look forward to sharing my triumphs, my tragedies, and everything in between with these friends. 


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  1. Donna,
    I have to tell you that I reconnected with people at my 30th high school reunion that I went to elementary school with and I have to say that I feel the more comfortable with these people than anyone else. They have known me since I was 5 years old and they actually know the REAL me - the one who I am on the inside. So I completely know where you are coming from with this post and I couldn't agree more!

  2. I had some friends who left wonderful comments on my Face book page. I don't think they will mind if I share them here so everyone can enjoy them.

    Rebekah Daniel Kelleher Thanks for writing this, Donna. You articulated what many of us are feeling. So glad we have reconnected.

    Joanna Rankin Gober I too thank you for you have expressed my thoughts and feelings perfectly. There are so many from our school days that I have reconnected with on a much different level and the bond that comes just from growing up in the same area is reassuring at times. Several times I have had exchanges with people that I "knew" in school on a dfferent plane and have thought we could be such good friends! I don't know if age has given me such a different perspective or what but I am grateful for FB and all those that I am friends with. I take a lot of comfort in knowing that so many of us have a deep faith in God and are not ashamed to ask for prayers when needed. It is truly like having an extended family which is so important to me as I do not live near my family and I miss them! So, thanks Donna!!

    Marlene Madere Hunter LOVED this, Donna! Lots of times, people look at me and ask, "You have a Facebook account?" and look at me like I'm crazy. And, I think to myself, if I would not have one, I would not be in touch with so many people that I have not heard from in so long. So, yes, I have a Facebook account, and I am SO glad that I do! To be honest, it wasn't the reason that I originially got one, but, look what happened!

    Connie Bennett Mallory Donna, I loved this! I feel the same as you, but could never have put it so well. I am amazed at how the years seem to drop away when we all chat back and forth on here. I only have one problem with what you wrote. You said, we have all grown up...I hate to tell you dearest, but I haven't!! Not only that, I REFUSE to grow up!!! I may age and grow old and wrinkled but I absolutely refuse to grow up!!!! O:)

    We agreed on "matured."


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