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Highway to Vengeance by Brian Springer

Highway to Vengeance (A Thomas Highway Novel)

About the Book:

Join us on a high-octane thrill ride as former Navy SEAL Thomas Highway sets out to kill the man who murdered his wife while simultaneously negotiating a pair of covert government agencies. One is trying to stop him. One wants to help. But both have their own hidden agendas.

Highway's search leads to a former drug lord turned terrorist who's looking to smuggle a WMD under the porous Mexico border. But that's not going to happen. Not if Highway can help it.

From the sun-drenched beaches of San Diego to the crime-ridden streets of Tijuana, HIGHWAY TO VENGEANCE combines a hard-boiled, neo-noir, first-person POV with modern thriller elements and a highly accurate account of real-life SEAL training to create a twisting novel that explores the darkness within us all, the lengths one man will go to avenge his lost love, and the difference between vengeance and justice.

About the Author:

Image of Brian Springer 

Brian Springer has been writing for upwards of ten years, starting when he was in grad school. He got so bored in class he started on a book and hasn't looked back since. He spent a few years with an agent in New York but after the agent wasn't able to place anything Brian decided to take matters into his own hands.

Brian spent his whole life playing baseball, culminating in a six-month stint in the Spanish Professional League. He spent the majority of the next few years managing a big chain bookstore but has also dabbled in the finance industry and some other short stints doing random things.
He has an MBA from the University of San Diego and has been married to Kimberley Springer for eleven years and counting. Together they have two young children.

He's currently editing two other books besides Blood Money and Highway to Vengeance. One is a supernatural thriller and the other is a more along the lines of his previous two, a straight action-thriller called Black Days.

Please feel free to visit him at or look him up on Facebook or Twitter and let him know what you thought of his books.

From the Author:


No doubt you’ve read about this subject before, as writers love writing about their methods and preferences, no matter how boring or uninteresting it might be for the readers. The technicalities of one over the other, why they prefer one over the other, what each style allows them to do differently within the specific book. I won’t bore you with these details, instead I’d like to talk about how much of a difference each style can have in the reading experience. 

 Take, for example, the two books that I’ve published to date. They are very similar in tone, style and basic plotting. Even the two main characters are quite similar in many ways. To my mind, they are alike enough that it makes me a bit uncomfortable, enough so that I was expecting angry emails from people who’d read both books, yelling at me for using the same protagonist and just changing his name and pretending it was a different character. But not once have anyone ever mentioned it to me. I often asked myself why this never happened. And the only thing I can come up with is the difference in POV’s.

Blood Money is written in the third-person point of view, which gives the impression of a narrator telling the reader about what the main character (Greg Kelton) is experiencing and thinking. Highway to Vengeance is written in the first-person point of view, which gives the impression that the main character (Thomas Highway) is talking directly to the reader. Now this may not sound like a major difference, but it is. It fundamentally alters the readers view of each character. And more importantly, in my not-so-humble opinion, it goes a long way towards masking whatever similarities that exist not only between the two characters, but between the entire books as well.

This is an important point. One thing I’ve learned over the years of writing and selling books is that writers are always looking for ways differentiate their books from one another, and by the same token, readers get tired of reading what seems like the same book rehashed over and over again by a certain author. One way this can be easily accomplished is by the writer embracing the differences between the two points of view.

There have been numerous books written about the technical differences between the two POV’s, so I won’t go into the details of the two approaches here, but it’s important to note how much can be achieved by a simple shift in the main character’s viewpoint. It gives the reader a completely different way of relating to the character, thus creating a totally different reading experience from one book to the next. And isn’t that what we are all looking for? I know I am. 

Book Quotes:

You know when you see a smoking hot chick with some random guy and wonder how the hell he’d ended up with her? I was that guy….friends constantly always asked how I had scored Josie, and I always gave some smart-ass response meant to simply garner a laugh. Truth was, I often asked myself the same exact thing.

So, due to this borderline unhealthy obsession with my wife, I was watching her as she waited for the WALK sign to turn green. I was watching her as she stepped off the curb. I was watching her as a Black Hummer pulled out of a nearby parking spot, accelerated far too quickly, and bee-lined straight towards her. Josie never had a chance.

It starts at just after three in the morning. One hundred and fourteen prospective SEALs, varying in ages from 18-29, out in the courtyard, bustling around in the dark, trying to line up in formation, instructors screaming the entire time, trying to invoke confusion. Eventually we arrive in the correct positions.

It begins with pushups, fifty of them. with water being sprayed in your face. And an instructor yelling at you to do them correctly. Back straight. Arms locked. Up. down. Up. down. All the while reminding you that this is only the beginning. That there is no success like failure, and that failure is no success at all.

“Oh, but it is,” Willis said. “Nobody keeps their books that clean unless they’re trying to hide something.”

“They all talk eventually.”.Smiling, I unscrewed the silencer from…

And then, just like that, you’re finished. 120 hours of constant activity interrupted by a mere six hours of sleep and Hell Week is over. Only 24 more weeks to go until you’re officially a SEAL.

We are independently finance, privy to all the information gathered by the American intelligence community, and very, very serious about our purpose.”

Justice has no need for witnesses. It is an end unto itself…there was a thump, and then it was done.

My Review:

            My uncle was a Navy SEAL and there was always this mystery surrounding what it was like, so I was especially intrigued by the training information. It was captured with such detail that it had me re-reading the author’s bio to see if he had indeed participated in the training. Highway to Vengeance is fast paced, it is thrilling, it is about revenge, and it will leave you racing to the next page to find out what happens.

            Brian Springer did a great job writing a solid plot. The main character Thomas Highway, did like so many other Americans in the aftermath of 911, he joined the military. His choice was the Navy SEALs. Brian Springer did an outstanding job describing the SEAL training. You were able to become a part of the training with the trainees, huffing, puffing, and straining right alongside them as they went through the obstacle course day after day. Thomas Highway’s dreams were quickly dashed as he contracted a life-threatening skin disease in the last vestiges of training.

            After his wife, Josie, is involved in a hit-and-run and dies in his arms, his world begins to fall apart. As he tucks his grief inside, and takes a good look around him, he begins to see the accident as a murder. His wife was working on an important case, and with her death, the case fell apart.

            In steps Highway’s best friend, Willis, who agrees to help him do whatever it takes to find justice. The plot of the book deepens and an unlikely unfolding of events happens that will leave you guessing at every turn about who the good guys are and who the bad guys are and just who do you trust with the truth.

            The book finished with a completely unexpected twist of a turn. I loved it. This book did not leave you wanting revenge or closure; it gave it to you – and that is all I am going to say. You need to read this book. I am envisioning lots and lots of stars for this book.

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You can find my review of Blood Money here: Blood Money by Brian Springer


Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the book with no obligation for a positive review. No compensation - monetary or in kind - has been obtained for this post. Cover art and book description courtesy of the author, publisher, or PR firm.


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