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My Crazy Life – November 20, 2011 – Lucy gets a vacuum

            Yesterday was Thanksgiving. The noonday was spent with Hubby’s family and the evening was spent with my family. My nearest and dearest cousins came over for dinner, and you just know that when Kelly and I get together, there is going to be some sort of incident. Especially since the question of the day became, “How many fingers am I holding up?” The wine was flowing long before dinner ever made it to the table.

            After gallons of delectable seafood gumbo, delicious potato salad, and scrumptious pecan pie had been devoured, it was time for the technology to rear its ugly head. Kelly was attempting to log on to my wireless network as a guest. No big deal, you say. Not for anyone else, but you have to remember, this is ME! He was the one who set up the network and was there when I chose the oh-so-easy to remember passwords. That is where things went terribly wrong. I could not remember the password, and I could not remember where I wrote it down.

            So, (and this is where things went to hell) we went into my office and he pulled up the information on the computer. Did I mention that Kelly is my technology guru? Unfortunately, for him, I do not hesitate to try anything because I know that he is just a phone call away. We changed the guest password to something new (and easy) and I wrote it down – this time in a place where I know I’ll be able to find it. THEN, I get the bright, brilliant, eluminating idea to change my regular password. We changed the password and a message came up stating that an update was available for the router. That was when everything went to hell. Technically, since it was Kelly who clicked the yes, he sent everything to hell, BUT I will take credit because it was my idea to mess with something that wasn’t broken in the first place. Do I get points from the Good Fairy for that?

            Me, being ME, cannot stand for something to be broken and not try to fix it on the spot, rather than wait until the next day – which normally makes so much more sense... So, as soon as the cousins were out of the door and safely on their way, I called the 1-800 to nowhere number and began a two-hour consultation/fix-it session. I unplugged and plugged, unplugged and re-plugged in different places. I moved the blue cord to the yellow cord and back again. I disconnected from the power source and re-connected, and did that again, and again. I did this repeatedly for almost two hours before the CISCO light became solid again.

            The technician asked me what other wireless devices I was using and when I told her I had a Kindle, she wanted to know all about the Kindle because she wants to get an e-reader. I did not want to discuss e-readers! I did not want to discuss prices of e-readers and how she could not afford one (which by the way I was baffled by because I would think that computer techs make enough to purchase a Kindle. There is one for $79.) Finally, she was back on track to fixing the problem.

            She then had to connect to my computer to be able to roam around in it. My mouse fascinated her – it is a heart with little hearts beating out it. I was about to scream by this time. I had been crawling on the floor under my desk plugging and unplugging cords and power strips, I did NOT want to discuss the heart on my computer. Thank goodness, and after a $39 fee, my wireless router was updated and working properly. All was not well, but ended well.

            Hubby was supposed to leave for the hunting camp first thing this morning so instead of hopping into the shower; I decided to wait until he left. That way, I could visit with him a little longer. This is prelude to a lesson I learned later in the day, so you need to know what I look like in the morning. It is nothing to be proud of and I would put the house in hock to keep pictures of me off the internet. It’s that bad. This morning was no exception. When I get up in the morning, I throw on the oldest pants I can find along with the oldest shirt in the pile because I am going outside to feed the dogs. Experience has taught me to do this. Calypso and Ryka always hear me rummaging around in the garage, fixing their dinner, and can be found sitting at the door when I open it. Calypso has never failed to jump on me, no matter how many times I tell her to sit. This means I end up with muddy prints on whatever shirt I have on.

            Hubby ended up piddling around until lunch, which means I didn’t take my shower in the morning. After he finally left, it was too late for me to run the errands that I had planned, and I just wasn’t in the mood anymore. What this means is I didn’t take my shower right away and we all know what that means. I am famous for getting sidetracked and today was no exception. I sat down at my desk and decided to finish all of the pending work I needed to do.

            Then, just as I was finishing up my work and thinking about taking a shower, cousin Kelly decides to remember that I had asked him to show me how to Face Time – YESTERDAY – not today when I look like crap. My phone started ringing – or playing a little Creedence Clearwater Rival. When I picked it up, I could see my cousin and then my picture in the corner. I was totally confused. I assumed Hubby had started to miss me and was calling and this just totally freaked me out. I forgot that I hadn’t taken my shower and looked like crap, so I answered the phone. So, I sat there for the next half hour having a conversation wishing I had a bag to put over my head.

            Let this be a lesson to all of you folks out there, get up in the morning and take your shower – FIRST thing – because you just never who is going to call! It was not a pretty sight that greeted my cousin! Just ask him!

            Did I mention that I purchased a new vacuum? Then, let me tell you. I purchased a new vacuum and I swear it must be self-propelled! It is also huge and purple! And, when I turned that stinker on, it took off with me in tow. Picture The Jetsons cartoon. My perfect coiffured hair was blowing in the wind, the sun at my back...okay, it wasn't that wild a ride.

            When I vacuumed the huge rug that covers the bulk of our bedroom floor, it was so bright! I guess my other vacuum must have been laughing at me, especially when it would blow dust at me each time I turned it on to vacuum. I have figured out that there is no place for the dust to settle when you do not have carpet - hence all the dust that has taken up residence in my home. I guess my carpeting hangs on the wall in the form of curtains! I love to clean (especially when you see the results) and this vacuum and me are having one hell of an affair at the moment! I am definitely in love.

            I know – what about the dogs. There has to be a dog story here somewhere. You are correct. Calypso now has a new name, “Pig Pen”. Remember Pig Pen with his cloud of dust from Charlie Brown; that describes Calypso exactly. She came out of her little spot in the flowerbed to greet me earlier today and when she shook, dust went flying like a cloud. I had to dust off my pants. I just cannot get her to stay clean. She loves being a dog.

            Calypso is also a muddy mess right now, sleeping peacefully like the puppy she is. Earlier, I observed some peculiar behavior. She went out of her way to walk AROUND a water puddle to climb into her water bowl. Ever since she was a puppy, she has always put her front paws in the water bowl when she drinks. Why she skirted the puddle baffles me. I just laughed. She’s my dog!

            Then, there is poor Ryka. Every morning when I put their food in the kennel, she looks at me, looks at the water bowl, and hangs her head as if to say, “It’s muddy again.” So, every morning, I dump the muddy water out and fill it with fresh, clean, cool water. Ryka always looks at me with such adoration when I do this little task. I think she knows she is loved.

            One last thing; according to all of the emails that have been flooding my inbox as of late, I am a millionaire many times over. Hold the applause please. So, if you have something other than peace and good will on your Christmas list this year, feel free to leave a comment on my blog with your request!


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Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark - Blog Tour with Prizes

As part of this special promotional extravaganza sponsored by Novel Publicity, the price of the Stay Tuned eBook edition has dropped to just 99 cents this week.

What’s more, by purchasing this fantastic book at an incredibly low price, you can enter to win many awesome prizes, including lots of Amazon gift cards (up to $100 in amount) and 5 autographed copies of the book. Be sure to enter before the end of the day on Friday, December 2nd, so you don’t miss out.

To Win the Prizes:

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Over 100 bloggers are participating in this gigantic event, and there are plenty of prizes for us too. The blogger who receives the most votes in the traffic-breaker poll will win a $100 gift card as well. So when you visit Novel Publicity’s site to fill-out the contest entry form, don’t forget to say that I referred you, so I can get a point in the poll.

The Featured Events include:

Monday, Radio Interview with Novel Publicity! We’re kicking-off on the Novel Publicity Free Advice blog. We interviewed Lauren on our radio show Sunday night and have embedded the full podcast and blogged about its highlights. Give it a listen and then leave a comment on the blog post. This is a great chance to get to know more about this fun and bubbly author. One commenter will win an autographed copy of Stay Tuned. Don’t forget to enter for the other contest prizes while you’re over there!

Tuesday, Twitter sharing contest! A tweet is tiny, only 140 characters. But on Tuesday, it could win you $50. Send the following tweet across the twittersphere, and you just may win a $50 Amazon gift card. An autographed copy of Stay Tuned is also up for grabs. The winners will be announced Wednesday morning. Here’s the tweet:  Take a break from the holiday frenzy, and read Stay Tuned. It's fast, fun, and reduced to just 99 cents! http://ow.ly/7zA1e #whirlwind

Wednesday, Google+ sharing contest! Yup, there’s yet another awesome opportunity to win a $50 Amazon gift card, and this time it just takes a single click! Visit Google+ and share Emlyn Chand’s most recent post (you’ll see the Stay Tuned book cover included with it). On Thursday morning, one lucky sharer will be $50 richer. An autographed copy of Stay Tuned is also up for grabs. Two chances to win with just one click! How about that?

Thursday, Facebook sharing contest! Stop by Novel Publicity’s Facebook page and share their latest post (you’ll see the Stay Tuned book cover included with it). It’s ridiculously easy to win! On Friday morning, one lucky sharer will be $50 richer. An autographed copy of Stay Tuned is also up for grabs.

Friday, special contest on the author’s site! Are you ready for some more fun? Take a picture of yourself with your copy of Stay Tuned either in paperback or on an eReading device, tag Lauren Clark’s Facebook page, and you can enter to win one of three Amazon gift cards! A $100 prize will go to the most creative photo, $50 to the best BFF photo, and $50 to the photo with the most people in it. An autographed copy of Stay Tuned is also up for grabs. If you need help learning how to tag a photo, you can visit Lauren’s Facebook page for detailed instructions.

Remember, it’s all about the books!

About Stay Tuned: What happens when a #1 news team becomes the top story instead of reporting it? For TV producer Melissa Moore, crisis management comes with the job. From employee disputes to her high-maintenance boss, there’s not much she hasn’t seen or can’t handle. But no one—including Melissa—expects a fistfight during the ten o’clock news. When sexy-but-crazy Alyssa Andrews lands a punch on her co-anchor’s face, Melissa jumps on set to help. She’s determined that WSGA’s reputation won’t be destroyed on her watch. Both anchors are fired and Melissa agrees to fill in—but not before polishing her look from haircut to heels. While the new Melissa wows WSGA viewers, her personal life starts fraying at the edges. Melissa’s husband is away more than he’s home, leaving cryptic Post-it notes in his wake. Her mother’s antics spiral out of control at the nursing home and a stalker decides Melissa is her next target. What happens next? Stay Tuned to find out… Get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

About the Author: Lauren Clark has been a voracious reader since the age of four and would rather be stranded at the library than on a desert island. In her former life, she worked as an anchor and producer for CBS affiliates in Upstate New York and Alabama. Lauren adores her family, yoga, her new Electra bike, and flavored coffee. She lives near the Florida Gulf Coast. Visit her on her website, Twitter, Facebook, or GoodReads.

Now please enjoy this sneak peek of Stay Tuned...

Chapter 1

Alyssa Andrews was missing.

Gone, vanished, MIA with just minutes to airtime.

“Melissa, where is she?” Our news director, Joe, shot a harried look in my direction. After dealing with a broken studio camera, spotty satellite reception, and last-minute script changes, his nerves were fried to a crisp.

“She’ll be here,” I promised, knowing my confidence was a front. Alyssa, one of WSGA-TV’s main news anchors, was a constant source of angst in my already-stressful job.

She was young, talented, gorgeous…and chronically late.

This lack of punctuality was a problem, especially when WSGA ran a show at exactly six and ten o’clock every night. Not a moment later.

WSGA was Macon, Georgia’s number one news station and had been for two years running. If we wanted to keep it that way, timing was everything. Every second mattered.

I produced both evening shows, which meant—among a dozen other tasks—organizing the day’s stories, writing copy, and checking video. Each segment had to run seamlessly between three-minute commercial breaks.

Deep breath, Melissa. Send up a little prayer. She’ll show up.

The red numbers on the clock continued to march forward. 

Another deep breath. Everything’s in place. Alyssa just needs to walk in and get on set…

“Tighten up on camera one.” Joe peppered the room with demands. “Mic check, now, not yesterday.”

Tim Donaldson, Alyssa’s co-anchor, obliged, counting backwards from the number five.

Joe’s thick fingers punched buttons on the massive keyboard in front of him. “Bring up the live shot.”

Still, no Alyssa.

Joe raked a huge hand through his long gray hair. “Five minutes!” he growled, with a glare into his empty coffee cup.

At this point, it was Joe’s show to run. He was in charge. I shuffled my scripts. “How about I call her?”

“She’s an adult,” he grumbled. “You shouldn’t have to.”

Joe expected nothing less than perfection. He was experienced, hard working, and a stickler for detail. Alyssa’s nonchalance made him crazy.

Which, at 9:55:36 on a Friday night, gave him the patience of a gnat. On crack.

This was particularly dangerous for an unsuspecting new employee, all of twenty years old and pimple-faced, who crept up behind us.

Joe ignored him at first, barking an order to me instead. “Fine, fine. Melissa, tell Princess A. she’s needed in the studio.”

On autopilot, I punched her extension, eyes focused on the row of monitors above my head in case she decided to appear.

While the phone rang, the new kid rocked on his heels nervously. I flashed a smile and shook my head gently in his direction, hoping he’d get the hint.

Not now.

Nope. The kid stood there, coughed lightly, and waited for one of us to turn around.

“What?” Joe finally snapped.

The force of the word made the kid’s body jerk back. Jaw open, unable to speak, his face turned crimson.

Joe waited about a second for the kid to talk, and then leaned back over the control panel. He pressed at switches, clearly annoyed. The kid looked sick. Joe rolled his eyes. My anxiety level cranked up ten notches.

9:58:09. Less than two minutes.

Wait…a flash of an ivory suit and blond hair.

“There she is,” I interrupted the tension with a cool nod toward the monitors.

Front and center, Alyssa sauntered into the studio, lips puckered, blowing her shell-pink nail polish dry. She slid into her seat next to Tim, and gave him a playful pat on the shoulder.

Joe muttered something I couldn’t repeat.

I stifled a loud sigh of relief and glanced around the room. The new guy was the only one in the building unimpressed with Alyssa’s arrival. With a shaking hand, he reached out and tapped Joe’s burly shoulder.

“Mr. Joe, there’s a problem with one of the machines—”

Joe’s back stiffened. He turned a millimeter in the kid’s direction and exploded. “Get your butt back there. Get one of the engineers. Fix it. Call someone.”

I caught the now-completely mortified kid’s eye, and motioned for him to come toward me. Grabbing the nearest piece of paper, I jotted down the engineer’s extension and held it at arm’s length with a kind smile. Poor guy. Lots to learn.

With a grateful look, the new kid plucked the scrap from my fingers and darted away.

Time to get started.

I settled in, gripped my pen hard, and looked up.

Okay. Alyssa’s collar was turned under. Minor detail, but sure to garner at least five viewer complaints. You wouldn’t believe what people called in about.

I leaned toward the microphone to let Alyssa know.

“Dare you not to tell her,” Joe muttered. It wasn’t a secret that the guys would willingly let Alyssa go on air with underwear on her head. She hadn’t made friends. Or tried to.

Tim, her co-anchor and current boyfriend, didn’t count.

“Just part of those darn producer duties, Joe. You know that.” I flashed him a smile and pressed the button to talk. “Alyssa, fix your collar.”

Her mouth parted into an O. Alyssa frowned, glanced down, and straightened the pale edge. Just in time.

Like a well-directed movie, the WSGA-TV opening video flashed across monitor one. Macon, Georgia’s skyline filled the screen.

My body tingled with a familiar rush of excitement. It happened every time we went on air. The cameras and lights, the beat of the music, the thrill of live television.

Here we go.

Seconds later, Alyssa and Tim appeared under the lights, their bright anchor smiles pasted on.

“Good evening, I’m Alyssa Andrews.

“And I’m Tim Donaldson.”

And on it went, without a blip, for the first ten minutes. I started breathing again after the third break.

Stanley and Sunshine, the weather cat, were ready for the five-day forecast, check.

Commercial break, check.

Sports, check. I didn’t worry about that three-minute slot. Plenty to talk about, visual stories; the anchors could get away with jokes and ad-libbing. Viewers loved it.

We rounded out the show with an inspirational kicker about a local scholarship winner, a kid first in his family to go to college. He’d won forty thousand dollars and was going to Georgia Tech to study astrophysics.

The show wrapped with a standard goodnight, credits, and a wide shot of the WSGA set.

The second the master control operator switched to break, Alyssa flounced off the set in silicone fashion. She barked into her jewel-encrusted cell phone about her min-pin puppy’s cancelled spa appointment and stomped out of the studio, teetering precariously in four-inch heels.


I climbed the flight of stairs back to the newsroom, relieved the night was almost over.

The phones started to ring five seconds later.

 Let's get to know the author a little better:
Did you always want to be a writer?
Yes. For as long as I can remember. Of course, my parents always remind that I also wanted to be an Indian princess named Tiger Lily, but that dream was more short-lived. On a serious note, I do have fond memories of spending my summer days toting stacks of books back and forth from my house to our town’s library. It always seemed like a magical place, with endless stories to get lost in.
You worked as both an anchor and producer after graduate school. How did that influence the writing of Stay Tuned?
So much! It was an accident, really, getting into broadcast journalism. I always thought of myself as a behind the scenes kind of girl, but after my first day on the job, I loved it and stuck with it for the next 6 years. Working in television is never boring. There’s always a story, always the next show. The camaraderie in the newsroom is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. It’s like living in a big, loud, mostly happy, very dysfunctional family every day.
What gave you the idea for Stay Tuned?
True story:  A few months before I took my first television job as a part-time health reporter, the two main anchors at one of the local television stations (who were romantically involved) got into a fistfight. They were outside the building, in the station parking lot. Shortly thereafter, they were both fired. In the months that followed, the two of them bantered back and forth in newspaper editorials, threatened lawsuits, and fueled all sorts of crazy retaliation stories. I never forgot about that incident and always thought about what might happen if such a fistfight happened on air, during a newscast. What would happen? How would it be handled? Who would fix this kind of mess?
What did you learn from being on air?
It’s very humbling, really. As a producer, especially, you are in charge of what’s being put out there—the news stories people watch and talk about each day. It’s a big responsibility to get it right. Not just sometimes, but all of the time. There were many sobering days—car accidents, house fires, school shootings—and those stories should be told with sensitivity and care. It’s someone’s son or daughter or parent. Everyone matters.
What was your most memorable experience as an anchor or reporter? 
I was on set during 9-11. I remember sitting there with our weatherman and waiting to be cued to go back on air after the commercial. CBS cut in and showed footage from a plane crashing into the Twin Towers. It was surreal and awful. We were all in shock. It didn’t seem possible. All I wanted to do was go home and hug my son.
Was it a difficult decision to leave television?
Yes and no. I loved so many parts of broadcasting. I was able to meet fascinating people – Vice Presidential Candidate Geraldine Ferraro, then-New York Attorney General Eliott Spitzer among many others. I adored the people I worked with, especially the folks behind the scenes. I was also fortunate enough to win several AP awards for anchoring and reporting.
On the flip side, I worked crazy hours (2 am – 10 am) and, as is typical in the industry, I received very little vacation time. I anchored every holiday (Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, you name it) and wasn’t able to spend much time with my young son. After more than six years, I “retired” from TV news. It was then that I really started to get serious about writing fiction.
How long did it take to write Stay Tuned?
About five years, all said and done. I wrote several other novels before that—and those manuscripts will never see the light of day! When I began Stay Tuned, I had just given birth to my second son, so my writing time was very limited. After putting it away for several years, I picked it back up about 12 months ago, brushed it off, and had an editor-friend look it over. We made some changes, tweaked the story, and fine-tuned the plot. A few months back, I was offered a contract with a small publishing company. Another friend introduced me to the talented and fabulous Emlyn Chand at Novel Publicity, who helped guide me through the entire publishing process. It’s been a wonderful journey!
What’s next? A sequel or a stand-alone novel?
Dancing Naked in Dixie is next (stand alone title) and I’m so excited to share that it’s been selected as a finalist for the 2011 Chick Lit Writers “Get Your Stiletto in the Door” Contest (Winner will be announced December 20, 2011).
Dancing Naked follows the story of a talented but scattered travel magazine writer who returns from overseas only to find out she’s on the verge of getting fired. To save her job, she reluctantly accepts an assignment in the Deep South. She’ll be writing an article about Eufaula, Alabama’s annual Pilgrimage event, which is a long-standing spring tour of antebellum mansions (the location is featured in the Reese Witherspoon’s movie, Sweet Home Alabama). Upon arriving in Eufaula, Julia falls in love with the area, its cast of charming characters, and her handsome tour guide. When she discovers that a developer has big plans to buy up many of the historic homes and turn the area into a tourist site, it’s up to Julia to save the day.
What is your writing schedule like?
With two growing, active boys and a busy husband, finding time to write is like looking for a missing Lego piece in a houseful of toys (Moms should appreciate that!) I often get up very early and write while everyone else is asleep or go to the lovely campus of our local university and shut myself in a study room. I love it there because I have to shut off my phone and I don’t have the password for an internet connection! No distractions! Of course, I do frequent two or three local coffee shops and draw inspiration from my daily dose of caffeine and good friends!
Who are your favorite writers? Favorite books?
Gosh, there are so many! My all-time favorites include Emily Giffin, Sophie Kinsella, Jodi Picoult, Alice Hoffman, Jennifer Weiner, Chris Bohjalian, John Grisham, Amanda Eyre Ward, and Lisa See. I also love Lisa Scottoline, Janet Evanovich, and James Patterson. Favorite books include: Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees, Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper, and Stellaluna by Janell Cannon (this is a children’s book that I’ve read over and over to my two boys).
What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Read. A lot. Write. A lot. Revise. A lot. I’m not joking.
Anyone can write. Writing well is different. It takes focus and tenacity and determination. I’ve heard Stephen King quoted as saying, “The first million words are practice. Malcolm Gladwell, in Outliers, says, “It takes 10,000 hours of purposeful practice to become expert at anything.” Just to be clear, at 4 hours a day (28 hours a week), that’s 7 years. I’m not quoting the experts to scare anyone or be a harbinger of doom. It’s the truth.
Pick up a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing. It’s brilliant and so true and funny in so many sections. If you’re serious about becoming an author, learn as much as you can. Read blogs and books about the craft, network with other writers, or go to a writer’s conference. Above all, write!

Enjoy a guest post from the author: 
Nine Myths and a Truth: The Real Story Behind the Scenes at a Local Television Station**
10. Reporters are paid tons of money!  FALSE—Reporters at small television stations are paid a little more than minimum wage. They are required to have a college degree and many just-out-of-school jobs are classified as a “One Man Band, ” which means that the reporter carries the camera, shoots the footage, does the interviews, then writes and edits the story.
9. Reporters get to meet famous people! SOMETIMES—I was fortunate enough to meet Vice Presidential Candidate Geraldine Ferraro and many local senators and congress members. However, I did interview Eliott Spitzer while he was New York State’s attorney general. Now that’s just creepy!
8. Reporters and anchors get lots of perks! SOMETIMES—Reporters do often get sideline tickets and backstage passes to events. However, it’s often a reporter attends only AFTER her or she covers the actual event, which means working for at least the first part of the concert, fundraiser, or dinner.
7. It’s always glamorous! NOT REALLY—Often, reporting took me to crime scenes, car crashes, bad neighborhoods, dairy farms, voting polls, and raging fires. My most unique assignments included reporting on a lost Emu and covering cattle judging at a local fair. In Alabama—try to stay cool and look pretty in 105-degree heat! In Upstate New York, this meant trudging through the deep snow to get a story.
6. If you’re an anchor, people do your makeup and choose your clothes! FALSE—In smaller markets, you do your own makeup (MAC is the best!) and bring your own clothes. Sometimes, the television station might give you a small clothing allowance, but a few hundred dollars doesn’t go far when you work 5 days a week.
5. Viewers call in and tell anchors how wonderful they are! SOMETIMES—I admit, I did get some fan mail and it was pretty fabulous. However, most often, people called in to complain about (1) an outfit someone was wearing (which a viewer didn’t like it), (2) a story reported on (which a viewer didn’t like it), or (3) a story that didn’t get coverage. There was one particular viewer who didn’t like the way I said “Iraq.”  (It’s not Eye-rack. It’s Ir-aq)
4. The hardest part of the job is interviewing people!  FALSE—I loved that part! I thought it was so amazing to talk to people from all walks of life and find out why they were a farmer, a policeman, or a teacher. I liked asking questions that made people think. Some of the most rewarding stories were health-related (recovery from an illness) or the features about children. The hardest part for me was the shift I worked:  2 am – 10 am. (This meant getting up at 1:15 am every morning!!)
3. You always have to dress up! FALSE—On the weekends, in smaller markets, it’s pretty common for anchors and reporters to wear a formal suit or top, but have jeans underneath and casual shoes (hidden under the desk).  I’ve known some sports guys to wear tennis shoes or flip-flops on set!
2. The camera adds ten pounds! FALSE—It’s actually more like fifteen or twenty! People often commented on how short I was or how much thinner I was in person. (Sigh!)
1. I’ve heard that anchors use Preparation H under their eyes to reduce puffiness!? TRUE—I’ve done it, anyway. When you’re working 2 am – 10 am, there’s only so much coffee and sugar can do!
Overall, it was an amazing opportunity to work as an anchor, producer, and reporter at two CBS affiliates. I made some wonderful friends, worked with many talented people, and really enjoyed the experience.
**These comments are solely the views of the author and do not represent the actual experiences of every anchor or reporter who currently works in or has previously worked in television news.

Fifty Shades of Grey - GoodReads Choice Award

Fifty Shades of Grey

Not long ago, I reviewed Fifty Shades of Grey on my blog. It was a fantastic book, along with the sequel. Fifty Shades is up for a Best Romance Award. You can read my review at the link below. If you read and enjoyed the book, I hope that you will take the time to vote.

Fifty Shades of Grey is in the final round of GoodReads Choice Awards for Best Romance. The Awards are totally decided by the readers. Just to be nominated for such an award is an honor, particularly for a debut author. Would you please consider voting for Fifty Shades of Grey? You can vote using the link below.


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Black Friday Book Bonanza

To show my appreciation for all of my loyal followers (and new followers) I am participating in the Black Friday Book Bonanza. There are
lots of prizes to be won; 
at least one on every participating blog.
 I am giving away an Amazon gift certificate to one lucky winner.

To enter, all you need to do is follow my blog publically either by GFC or NetworkBlogs and like My Life.’s Face book page.
Please leave your "follow name" and email address in your comment.
I'll be posting the winner on November 28, 2011 so check back!

As always, Tweeting about the give away is appreciated!

The give away is international! Please let us know what country you are
visiting from! There were people from all over the world
at the last hop! How exciting!

Our three “instigators” are:  Heather from Book Savvy Babe, Jenn from The Bawdy Book Blog, and Lisa from Alive on the Shelves. Be sure to visit their blogs.

My Life. One Story at a Time.: It's time for the Gratitude Blog Hop

Click on the links below and visit as many blogs as you want to.
There are prizes on EVERY one of them! AND, there are 72 blogs participating!!! That's 72 chances to win!!