Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

About the Thursdays Favorite Things Hop, this hop is where you can link your favorite post or write a post about your favorite things and share with old and new followers!
Here are the rules, yes there are rules. But just a few:
  • You must follow Katherines Corner ( through GFC, Google + or email)and today’s co-host ___________ If you’re a new follower, please let us know .
  • Please leave a comment so we know that you stopped by.
  • No adult content blogs.
  • Blogs only please.
  • Follow as many other blogs in the list as you can. Just click and go.
  • Please leave a sincere comment or message on each of the blogs you visit.
Now hop on. and lets share our favorites.
1. Katherines Corner
2. Creative Mind Tutorials
3. The Artful Diva
4. Chicken Chili Stew
5. Anthropologie Knock off sort o
6. Ooey Gooey Butter Cake
7. Tim Gunn and Risk Taking
8. Serendipity is Sweet
9. Highlights of 2011
10. Recycle Christmas Trees
11. Baby it;s hot outside
12. The Wedding Was Perfect!
13. Baby its hot outside
14. Baby its hot outside
15. Naptime Momtog
16. Breakfast for Supper
17. Homemade Delights
18. Toolman Thursday
19. Napkins From the Drapes
20. Style n Decor Deals
21. Attack of the Hungry Monster
22. Preparing Women for Purpose
23. Cajunlicious Cookbook
24. Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip
25. Am I a Blog Snob?
26. We Got Klout on Ewan McGregor
27. Christmas Eve At Home
28. Surprise Christmas Gift
29. Jewelry Holder
30. Vintage Photo Vignette
31. Babblings and More
32. My Life. One Story at a Time.
33. 2011 Revisited
34. Tomato Chardonnay Broth
35. Mommie. . . Again
36. Knitting Tote
37. belated Santa molds
38. Royalegacy
39. A Winter White New Year
40. Empty Nest
41. So long Elf on the Shelf!
42. WarmSunshine FOLLOWS BACK
43. A Little Knick Knack
46. Cheap & Easy New Years Ideas
47. Lucys Reality
48. SupermomWannabe
49. We Are All Gods Crea
50. Yummy Sauteed Asparagus
51. My Life, My Perspective
52. Song Birds
53. Gifts To Be Hidden
54. 4 days of Christmas
55. Top Ten 2011 Project Parade
56. Favorites From 2011
57. Sweet Nothings
58. Youll Shoot Your Eye Out
59. Book Cover Extravaganza!
60. baked granola
61. Time for a Toxic Dump
62. Christmas Eve At Home
63. LexieOnline
64. Calm at Fallingladies

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  1. You are awesome. I am so grateful that you share the Thursday Favorite things hop with your readers. Big Hugs!!!!


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