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The Golden Sky by EC Stilson

The Golden Sky

The Golden Sky by EC Stilson

            When Elisa ask me to read and review her book, she told me it was taken straight from her dairy; and it would be in its unaltered form, unedited. I agreed, not knowing what to expect.

            I sat down with The Golden Sky and began to read. I felt as though Elisa was sitting there with me, deep in conversation. Each time I put the book down and picked it back up, I felt like I had gotten up for a cup of tea and come back to continue our conversation. The more I read, the more I felt as though she were sitting in my favorite room telling me her story.

            As Elisa told me her story, I was given insight into her bubbly, hyper personality. She loves making the people around her smile, even at the expense of her own feelings. I sat there as she told me her love story. She told me how she and Cade met and fell in love. She told me of the morning the two of them hiked up a mountain with their instruments, and when they came upon a clearing, she began to play her violin. The music poured from her body and Cade sang along to the melody, although he had never heard it before. I could see the wide-eyed young girl she once was.

            They married three weeks later. Elisa told me about the challenges of growing up when her daughter, Ruby, was born. She revealed her innermost feelings as she learned that her second pregnancy was not progressing as it should have, and of the fears for her yet unborn son. Elisa continued to share her story of hope and despair, and of trying to keep everyone around her positive. She shared her fears of the hospital and the birth of her son. She shared the stories of the ups and downs with little Zeke and told me about the wonderful nurses who cared for him. I knew we were kindred spirits when Elisa commented that the nurse “made a funny.” That is an expression that I made up – and never heard anyone use – until Elisa used it.

            She told me of her frustration with her mother when she asked her to pray for Zeke to get better and her mother told her she couldn’t do it.

            Elisa told me about the time that she, Ruby, and Cade were driving home from the hospital and they were in an accident. She was trying to lighten the mood with Cade and he was yelling at her to keep her eyes on the road because she was looking in the backseat to check on Ruby. As she was yelling back that she was keeping her eyes on the road, they rear-ended a van.

            Through her stories, I observed a young woman who puts others first, a woman who loved her tiny, helpless newborn, a mother whose heart was breaking.

            Elisa Beth holds nothing back as she speaks to you through her dairy. She speaks from her heart with unbridled honesty. I am honored that she chose me to review her book. Elisa is a very brave woman. She literally served herself up on a platter for all the world to see. She was not afraid to show the raw, uninhibited emotions of a mother, at the apex of her life when her world went all to hell.

            I can understand how her demeanor was and is often misconstrued and misread. I identify with that. Some of us use our humor – strange, as it (our dry humor) seems to people – as a coping mechanism. Others think because we don’t show the same seriousness as they do, that we are not aware or acknowledging the gravity of a situation. I, myself, have a serious personality with a strange sense of humor, and I am, more often than not, misread.

            By the time the afternoon with my friend came to an end and we bid good-bye, the strong, young woman and mother that she has become, emerged once again.

            You can get to know Elisa on her website here:

Guest Post by Elisa Stilson

Giving Can Bring Healing

By EC Stilson

            In one month, my book "The Golden Sky" raised over $200 for those suffering with infant loss this holiday season. It's amazing how hard times can bring so much good if you search for the best. Because of my book, I've been able to donate $760 to this cause so far. Pretty exciting if it will help just one person.

            It was easy finding the places I wanted to donate to--they'd helped me so much once. While Zeke was in the hospital, several things happened that helped ease the stress and pain. One was when "Santa" came to visit the patients. He posed with the kids, even our son. I remember crying because we knew it might be his only holiday season. We still have the picture of him with Santa, and it means so much. Later that month, a mother who had lost a baby in the NICU made blankets and donated them. Zeke received a few of those blankets; I still have them in his special box. In addition to those wonderful people, we met counselors as well as a photographer who came and took pictures of Zeke before and after he died. It's amazing how much their support carried me through.
            When I decided to release my book--my journal--I knew one of my biggest goals was to help those struggling with infant loss. We've taken a large percentage of the profit and donated to Angel Watch (the counseling organization mentioned in my book), an amazing photographer who takes pictures of children who are passing away, as well as the Pregnancy Resource Center. This Christmas, I wanted my kids to be involved as well, so we took some additional money and bought fabric to make blankets. We've been working on those and plan to donate them to the NICU along with some copies of my book just before Christmas.
            Ten years ago when Zeke was born, I never knew how much his life would change mine. I never imagined I'd be working this hard to keep his memory alive and help others. But somehow, all this effort brings him back. Wonderful things have happened, things I really believe are miracles. I'm just glad that God helped keep me strong. Through all that pain I found my purpose. Like I wrote above, if it will help one person, then I know it's worth it. I'm just thankful to have realized that after the storm, there is a golden sky.

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