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Beautiful by Katie Piper


Book Description:

'I heard a horrible screaming sound, like an animal being slaughtered ... then I realized it was me.' When Katie Piper was 24, her life was near perfect. Young and beautiful, she was well on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a model. But, then she met Daniel Lynch on Face book and her world quickly turned into a nightmare ...After being held captive and brutally raped by her new boyfriend, Katie was subjected to a vicious acid attack. Within seconds, this bright and bubbly girl could feel her looks and the life she loved melting away. Since then Katie has gone on to inspire millions with her brave determination, but the journey hasn't been easy. Beautiful is the moving true story of how one young woman had her mind, body, and spirit cruelly snatched from her and how she inspired millions with her fight to get them back.

About the Author:

Courageous: Katie last week wearing her plastic mask. 'I love my life and I have a future', she saysA picture of a vibrant Katie before the attack (left), and how she looks now

Katie Piper's documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face won her a BAFTA nomination, and was shown in 15 different countries around the world. She was the subject of an episode of 20/20 and has appeared on CNN. The documentary and the 20/20 episode both can be seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Katie now runs her own charity, The Katie Piper Foundation, which is dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of burns victims and other disfigurement injuries. Below is a link to an article about Katie.

Book Quotes:

"My new accommodation and all the friends I made on photo shoots pulled me still further into that glamour-fuelled world. It was like being inside a bubble - making it as a model became my whole existence, and everything else dimmed into insignificance. I forgot all about the way I used to hold those garage sales for charity, and even though I still gave money to beggars on the street, I didn't really think about people in need. It was all about the next audition, the new showreel I was making, the latest club opening, I was losing sight of what was important."

"Splash. The guy chucked the contents of the cup at my face and, in that split second, my life changed forever. The liquid drenched my face and dripped down my neck, and for one brief moment, I didn't understand what had happened."

"Two men had destroyed my face, and now this one was going to try to rebuild it."

"I'd never really thought much about God before. Mum and Dad weren't religious, and I'd never gone to church or read the Bible, but I tried to take some comfort in Alice's faith. For the first time in my life, I prayed to a God I'd never really believed in. 'Please help me. Please give me strength. Please show me a way to get through this.'"

'Everything's going to be okay,' a voice in my head said. 'Your journey's just begun. You'll get through this.'

"For the very first time since Danny had ripped my life apart, I felt hope flutter inside me. He wouldn't beat me. I wouldn't let him."
"In the last twelve months, I'd seen humanity at its worst, and its best, too. Had it made me a better person, deep down, underneath the scars?"
"...the judge's sentencing remarks, which had also been quoted in all the news stories: '[The victim] had a face of pure beauty. You, Danny Lynch and Stefan Sylvestre, represent the face of pure evil."
"'The facts of this case are chilling and shocking. You planned and then executed an act of pure, calculated, and deliberate evil. You decided to wreck the victim's life by thrusting a full container of sulphuric acid straight into her face from point blank range.'"
"'One of the hardest things about being disfigured is getting over how other people view or react to you.'"
My Review:
My Amazon records indicate that I purchased this book. I honestly don't remember. I only know that I am glad I found the book and read it. It is an amazing story of courage and how one young woman fought back to live. I think the book blurb and the quotes I use speak for themselves in recommending this book. Beautiful details how Katie set her life goals and worked hard towards attaining them, only to have them ripped from her. She fought through adversity and won. There is a message for all of us in this book. I also found the book to be very well written and edited. I recommend this book and even though I do not rate books, I give it 5 out of 5 stars. 
The Katie Piper Foundation (from the foundation page.)
Katie Piper is a beautiful young woman, rebuilding her life after surviving a brutal attach in 2008, where sulphuric acid was thrown in her face.
Katie spent seven weeks in the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, before starting a two-year stint where she wore a special plastic pressure mask for 23 hours of every day. Prior to the attach, Katie was a model and budding TV presenter with a hectic social life and a glowing future in the public eye. The attack ruined Katie from the inside out. Like many, she believed her life was over now that she was a 'burns victim'.
Following pioneering surgery, led by Mr. Mohammad Jawad FRCS, Katie was referred to Centre Ster in Lamalou-les-Bains, a specialist rehabilitation centre in France. This centre had a remarkable impact on her recovery, both mentally and physically. It was here, whilst interacting with other burn survivors, that she made the most progress in regaining control of her life.
"I am proof that disfigurement doesn't have to destory lives."
Katie also began to research and was introduced to additional practical support, such as camouflage make-up, lasering and medical tattooing.
After over 70 operations, and countless treatments and therapies, Katie still faces many personal challenges. Katie has made amazing progress. Relying heavily on her family and friends, and thanks to the outstanding treatment she received in France, alongside her own incredible determination, she no longer feels that her burns define her.
"I'm happy with who I am and I've learnt it's ok to live with disfigurement, and that scars don't mean I am unattractive."
In 2009 Katie made the big decision to share her story in a remarkable film for Channel 4, Katie: My Beautiful Face. From CCTV footage of the attack to the day she first steps out of her parents' house alone, Katie takes you through the daily ordeal of rebuilding her life, the pioneering treatments that helped save her and the effects on both her and her family.
Since then her achievements have only climbed, from talking on television and radio around the world to setting up the Katie Piper Foundation. Earlier in 2011, Katie released her memoirs, Beautiful. And a second Channel 4 collaboration sees My Beautiful Friends being aired in March 2011.
The Katie Piper Foundation was set up to make a difference to burn survivors.
The Foundation is ultimately working towards the delivery of an advanced rehabilitation and burns clinic in the UK. This will, in time, include residential facilities for patients, enabling them to benefit fully from treatments and from social interaction with other survivors.
In the short to medium term, the Foundation aims to:
  • Provide funding for the extended rehabilitation and scar management of burns survivors to access residential intensive block treatments. 
  • Support the need for consistent clinical care for burns survivors.
  • Offer one-to-one and group hair, make-up and self-image related workshops
  • Provide hand held massagers and small financial grants to assist in medical tattooing and other beneficial treatments.
  • Develop a support network for burn survivors.
  • Work to normalize disfigurement within society.


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    1. Thank you Sosheis! It was a great book. I hope you enjoy it.


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