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OPENING DAY by Joe Perrone Jr.

           I am very busy these days with the ever-growing stack of books I need to read for reviews. But, there are so many good books out there waiting to be read that I decided to feature books without my review on my site. I have done a little research on each book and found it worthy of being included in this new feature on my blog (worthy according to “Lucy”- meaning I would review the book if my pile were not so high.) The author’s are anxiously awaiting reviews, so if you see a book that captures your fancy, please feel free to contact the author and let them know that you would like to review the book.

Opening Day (Matt Davis Mystery Series)

About the Book:

            Young girls are coming through a pastoral Upstate New York fishing village...but, they aren't all coming out--alive!  Following a close brush with death as an NYPD homicide detective, Matt Davis has taken early retirement, and accepted a position as Chief of Police in a small, rural Upstate New York fishing village.  While out fly-fishing on his favorite stream, he stumbles across the remains of a body, barely recognizable as human, killed approximately six months earlier.  With no physical evidence, no identification, and no clues, it's up to Matt to not only find the murderer, but to discover the identity of the victim.  The big question however is: Are there others?  Opening Day is the second in the Matt Davis Mystery Series, and picks up where As the Twig is Bent left off.

About the Author:

            Joe Perrone Jr is an author whose diverse background includes a stint as a sports writer with a prominent New Jersey newspaper, the Herald News, and several years spent freelancing as an advertising copy writer.  He has had numerous short stories published in the Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, and was just invited to write a short story for an online fly-fishing site.  In addition to his writing, Joe spent ten years as a professional fly fishing guide on the historic Beaverkill River in New York's Catskill Mountains.  Nearby Roscoe ("Trout Town USA") serves as the setting for Joe's second Matt Davis Mystery, Opening Day, and is a place to which Joe returns as often as possible to fish his favorite waters.

            When not writing, Joe can be found fly fishing the many quality trout streams found throughout the surrounding area of North Carolina.  He also enjoys cooking, listening to music (anything but hard rock), car trips with his wife, Becky, and relaxing with his cats.  He and his wife live in the mountains of Western North Carolina, with their two Calicos, Cassie and Callie.  The author welcomes comments and queries from readers via email  Joe responds to all emails promptly.

Author Interview:

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My life's work has been quite diverse, and has included time as a sports writer with a prominent New Jersey newspaper, the Herald News, along with several years as a freelance advertising copywriter. I've had numerous short stories published in the Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide and other publications. I spent a good deal of my life in the retail business, at one time owning a sporting goods store, and serving as the president of the local Chamber of Commerce. I have worked as a surveyor, substitute schoolteacher, limousine driver, tennis instructor, real estate agent, and life insurance agent, among other endeavors. I spent ten years as a professional fly-fishing guide on the historic Beaverkill River in New York's Catskill Mountains.  

I enjoy cooking, reading my Kindle, listening to music (anything but hard rock), car trips with my wife of thirty years, Becky, and relaxing with our two cats, Callie and Cassie.  

When and how did you realize that you wanted to be a writer?

I've always enjoyed writing ever since I was in grade school, and particularly enjoyed writing poetry in those earlier years. I've always loved to read, and I became infatuated with the typewriter when I first saw someone using one at our local library when I was ten years old. I don't think I ever consciously knew that I wanted to be a writer; it was just something that "happened." The sports writing job was the result of a feverish job search that occurred when I married the for the first time and desperately needed a job; it was pure serendipity. I continued writing as a freelance advertising copywriter, and then as a feature article writer for local newspapers. However, I didn't really get serious about writing until 1987, when I was working three jobs. 

One of the jobs was driving a limousine, and I had a lot of free time while waiting at airports for planes and clients to arrive. So, using that time to my best advantage, I began writing a memoir, which quickly morphed into my first novel, Escaping Innocence (A Story of Awakening). It is a poignant look at coming of age in the turbulent '60s. From then on, I have always had an ongoing writing project or two. Today, I am a full-time writer, with five books published, a sixth halfway finished, and at least one more on the back burner.  

Tell us something about your books.

My first published book was written in response to a need. As the manager of the fishing department in a sporting goods store, I was constantly bombarded with requests for a handbook for parents wishing to take their children fishing. So, I wrote (along with a friend) Gone Fishin' With Kids (How To Take Your Kid Fishing And Still Be Friends), which we self-published in 1997; to date, it has sold nearly 10,000 copies. Immediately after that, I began work on my first murder mystery, As The Twig Is Bent, and began re-writing Escaping Innocence. I self-published both in 2008. I then began working on a sequel to Twig, called Opening Day, which I published in 2010, as the second of the Matt Davis Mystery series. I am presently at work on a third Matt Davis Mystery, Twice Bitten, which I expect to publish later this year. In addition, about five years ago, I began a literary novel with the working title of Changes, to which I hope to return sometime in the not too distant future.

What is something that most people wouldn't necessarily know about you (that you would be willing to share here, of course!)?

My wife would definitely say that I am extremely "sensitive," and that my feelings are easily hurt. As is usually the case, I would have to agree with my wife; it's not something that many know about me, except my closest friends (and now the whole  

It seems you have a lot of experience in the job department. Have any of the job experiences played a role in your book plots?

Yes!  My experience as a fly fishing guide/instructor enabled me to incorporate accurate scenes depicting both the setting for the story and the actual sport itself into the story line of both As The Twig Is Bent and Opening.  In fact, there is a substantive character in both books how is a real person.  I obtained his permission to use his real name and character in the books.  

Please include my email and website addresses, in case anyone wishes to contact me.  I love to hear from readers.

This Book may be purchased at the following locations:

Opening Day is available in paperback from, and as an Ebook from Kindle andSmashwords.  Readers may visit Joe's website at to learn more about his books and his writing.

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  1. Excellent interview! Sounds like a good book, too. Sadly, your pile sounds like mine. Right now I am drowning in books!


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