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My Crazy Life – July 18, 2011 – So, this is crabbing

            This week my daughter and her husband came to visit for a couple of days. They are in from New York for a while, and we decided to do something adventurous. We went crabbing on the beach on Grand Isle. The only crabbing I’ve done is watching Hubby empty the crab cages off our wharf on the bayou. This was a completely new experience.

            Hubby got out of bed asking for his swim trunks. I didn’t think anything of it. I found his swim trunks, and he put his jeans on over them. The swim trunks were then forgotten. I had never been crabbing on the beach, I didn’t realize they were important.

            We loaded up the car with ice chests, water, crabbing paraphernalia, and enough beer for an army. I do not know who they thought was going to drink all that beer in a few hours time – men! And, off we went to go crabbing.

            Grand Isle is about an hour’s drive from our house. I haven’t been to the island in a few years so it was interesting to see all the changes taking place. There is still a lot of construction and rebuilding taking place since the last hurricanes. We found a place to access the beach and began hauling all of the stuff that we had packed closer to the water.

            I had not paid any attention to what Hubby had packed so I was looking around wondering where were the nets to catch the crabs (I was confused with crawfish nets – have not been craw fishing either.) (Have you concluded yet that Princess Lucy was going to be sitting in that nice comfortable chair she packed?)

Katie, Hubby, Jude

The Gulf of Mexico

Tie the turkey neck here
Jude and Hubby


Turkey necks

Turns out, to fish crabs, you need turkey necks (we had stopped to purchase them) and string and weights and an empty jug to float on top of the water so you can locate your crab line. Hubby and son-n-law set up the string and tied the turkey necks and weights to it, and were ready to put it in the water. Hubby peels off the jeans (oh – the white legs – grabbed my sunglasses – found them already on.) Hubby then looks at son-n-law and says, “Let’s go” (meaning let’s go in the water) and son-n-law looks back at him with a strange look (like what are you talking about.)

           With all of these looks going ‘round, we finally realized that son-n-law didn’t have his swim trunks. He had never been crabbing on the beach either (turns out Hubby was the only one who had been crabbing on the beach.) Being the good sport that he is (and the fact that he wears boxers) he pulled off his shorts and they headed out into waist deep water. Remember, the forgotten swim trunks? Hubby does not explain himself very well or ask questions and when you don’t know enough to ask questions, this is what happens. (This happens a lot at our house.)

            Hubby is looking at us as if we are from another planet. He then says quite matter-of-factly, “I said we were going crabbing on the beach.” Uh – we civilized, never been crabbing on the beach folks translated that into “on the beach” not “in the beach (water)”.
That's my man - white socks and legs!
Katie-Beth and hubby, Jude

Taking the crabline out

Sending my man to sea

            The whole process was interesting and I enjoyed every minute of it immensely from my chair ON the beach under an umbrella (it is where the Princess belongs.) We (notice I said “we” – I was there) ended up catching two huge ice chests full of crabs, plenty for us and plenty to give away. Dolphins treated us to a show for about 45 minutes. Five dolphins swam around jumped and frolicked. They normally just swim by and that is it, but this time they stuck around.

Running the crab trap

Victory - Crabs

Sunglasses please, those are some white legs!

Crab catch
            Once the ice chests were full, it was time to head home for a crab boil, and a lesson on peeling the crabs for Katie-Beth and Jude. Hubby learned how to peel crabs from a crab peeler and he is very good at it (thank goodness because I would not get any crabmeat otherwise.)
The catch

Jr. Princess


Boiled crabs, shrimp, potatoes, corn, sausage, onions.....sweet ice tea

           Well, Calypso has officially been banned from the front porch. She has chewed the rockers, the swing, the table, and gnawed on the storm door. She has even tried her hand at imitating a beaver and attempting to saw through the six by six column.

           My Hubby, the innovation expert, strung a piece of trawl net up across the steps and secured it. Calypso has even succeeded in gnawing through the string securing one of the bottom hooks to the net. After enough fussing and no’s, she finally gave up. Although, her favorite perch at the moment is the top step and I am sure she spends her time there wisely, thinking of how she can get through the net and onto the porch.

            It is a good thing that our cottage is sitting on concrete blocks and not wood pilings, otherwise, our house might be resting on the ground by now. She is like one gigantic, furry termite!

            We have toys hung with care by the chimney – wait, from the trees to keep her busy. I was thinking that what I really need is a tennis ball machine to spit out balls every few seconds for her to chase.

            She goes for a swim and once refreshed, she is off on another scavenger hunt in the barn. Want to know where things are that you lost back in 1982? I’ll bring Calypso over and let her play for a while. I guarantee that she will locate all sorts of missing objects, as well as some you didn't lose. Now, the only way you will get them back is if you want to chase her around the yard. That is how I got my chewed up phone back. Yelling did not work, cajoling did not work, and begging did not work. Running and a quick bank to the left, and shimmy to the right and I had her by tail. Once I worked my way up to her mouth, I was able to retrieve what was left of my phone. The dog doesn’t make things easy (and I would not suggest anyone else grabbing her by the tail.)

           Last night, or should I say this morning, Hubby got up and put her in the outside kennel. Something has been around the last few nights disturbing the dogs and they have been barking most of the night. Sometimes, when I look out, Calypso is sitting in the front yard barking at nothing particular (or so it looks like) and I go back to bed wondering if she just likes the sound of her own bark. We all know people who seem to like the sound of their own voice (am I right?) so Calypso may just like her bark.

           I was getting set up to mow the grass the other day and the moment I rolled the mower out of the barn, Calypso took off. I learned my lesson. Get Calypso into the kennel BEFORE pulling the mower out. After she saw the mower, there was no way she was coming anywhere near it or the kennel. I finally put Ryka in and closed the gate. I knew that Calypso was under the front porch and not coming out – or so I thought.

           I gassed up the riding mower and took off for my flower garden. The gate to the front yard is next to the porch. I’m not sure if I even made it that far before she had escaped and was on her way to the kennel to hide out in her house. I got off of the mower, thinking surely I would be able to coax her out, only to find her gone. I walked completely around the house and spotted her waiting impatiently at the gate to the kennel. Silly dog, I could barely get the gate open as she was trying to get inside at the same time. She nearly knocked Ryka down on her way to her house.

           It wasn’t a very exciting week (as it normally is) and for that, I am thankful. I needed a little rest. I tried to refrain from saying that my life is boring this week because every time I mention that, something happens. Hubby just informed me that he wants to go crabbing again this week. Uh?
           Hope you enjoyed the visit.

Donna “Lucy”
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  1. Well done fishermen. I love crabs and shrimp. :)

  2. That looked like great fun and the water looked so tempting. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Those crabs look absolutely amazing! What a fun and productive day...and you write with such wit and humor....I Love your story posts, Donna!!
    Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

  4. Thanks all of you for stopping by. Always an adventure going on here. The crabbing was fun (noticed where I was having MY fun!)

  5. I loved this post..look at the big..loved all the pix u posted...what a fun day! :)

  6. That's hilarious! Looks like a great time, and that feast! My goodness! It looks like it was worth all the excitement. :-)

  7. I love your crabbing story! I want to go, being a crabby type myself, of the Dungeness kind. Your site is a warm, homey place to be.


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