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Down to Earth Weight Loss by Sharon Thiel

         I am very busy these days with the ever-growing stack of books I need to read for reviews. But, there are so many good books out there waiting to be read that I decided to feature books without my review on my site. I have done a little research on each book and found it worthy of being included in this new feature on my blog (worthy according to “Lucy”- meaning I would review the book if my pile were not so high.) The author’s are anxiously awaiting reviews, so if you see a book that captures your fancy, please feel free to contact the author and let them know that you would like to review the book.

Down to Earth Weight Loss

About the Book:

"Down to Earth Weight Loss" focuses on losing weight in a healthy way that fits into your busy lifestyle.  This book teaches basic principles of weight loss, incorporating physical, emotional/mental, social and spiritual aspects of health and how they relate to weight.  Author Sharon Thiel noticed that health often falls to the bottom of a busy person’s list of priorities and that too many people follow unhealthy fad diets that don’t end up working.  She has met many people who are confused and overwhelmed by weight loss, and she wanted to write a book that would make the process understandable and that would fit into everybody’s busy life.
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About the Author:

Sharon Thiel is a freelance writer who specializes in health and wellness writing, but also dabbles in social marketing, business writing, sociological observations, fiction and fantasy.  She writes for LIVESTRONG.COM and contributed entries to the ‘Encyclopedia of Juvenile Violence’ and the ‘Encyclopedia of School Crime and Violence.’ Sharon is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach with a Certificate in Fitness and Nutrition and a Master’s Degree in Sociology.

Sharon's main goal in life is to have balance. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and cat, soaking in the sunshine and of course, writing.

Author Interview:

What made you choose health and fitness? Did you grow up with a fitness conscience family or did you become health conscience because of a weight problem or health problem in your family or friends?

My mom was always into alternative health, and I guess I became interested in that because of her, which I think leads to my holistic view of health. I always had an interest in health, though, especially nutrition. And, ever since I was young, I enjoyed being physically active, as I often hiked, biked and played sports in school or with my dad and brother. In college, I was one of the people who gained the "freshmen 15”, or more like 20. I felt inspired by the process of losing that weight and felt like that gave me more personal experience of what weight gain and loss is like. Over the years, I was drawn to learning more and more about health and sharing it with others, who were always receptive.

There are a lot of health and fitness books on the market. What makes yours different?

Good question. I noticed that many books on the market focus on fad diets that don't provide reputable information, are misleading and often unhealthy and often do not work. Also, as I perform research for health articles I write for LIVESTRONG.COM, I often have difficulty finding basic health information, including on weight loss -- the field is simply inundated with fad diets or overly specific information. Also, over the years, I have met many people who were confused and frustrated about weight loss, yet did not seem to know principles of weight loss that I took for granted. I realized that the fad diets have been overshadowing healthy and researched weight loss advice. So, basically, I wanted to pull together a lot of information I have found to explain in a simple way how to lose weight. I also wanted to show how to fit it into the life you already lead, because I notice that many diets try to make you completely change your life and are therefore hard to stick to. Finally, I wanted to include a holistic idea of health, including different aspects of weight that relate to your mind, body and community because our lives are multi-faceted, and many other books do not treat them as such. > 
Book Quotes:

Ch. 1: Introduction to Weight Loss and Maintenance
The first chapter gives an introduction to the book. 

An excerpt from Ch. 1: 
“I’m here to guide you if you are confused about health and weight loss, which is likely with the bombardment of information, misinformation and fad diets all around us. I’m here to guide you if you are the person who follows all those fad diets without results and you need some help taking the next step toward health. Good for you for taking that step! I’m happy to take it with you!”

Ch. 2: Fad Diets – Letting Go of the Diets That Fail 
The second chapter discusses the reasons why the popular diets you have tried don’t work and the dangers of them. 

An excerpt from Ch. 2: 
“The key is to make health and weight management a part of your everyday life, just like the dishes, dealing with your teens and oil changes…although it actually doesn’t have to be as torturous as any of these duties. In fact, weight maintenance is easier than yo-yo dieting. It is much easier to make health a part of your routine than it is to work hard following a diet plan to lose weight, then gain the weight back, and go back and forth, continuously feeling bad about yourself. That takes too much energy and you never get where you are trying to go.”

Ch. 3: Weight Loss – Preparation and Process 
The third chapter prepares you for weight loss, helps you set personalized goals and teaches you methods to reach them. You learn the principles of weight loss and tips to achieve it. 

An excerpt from Ch. 3: 
“There isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan in this book, because it is important for you to have a plan individualized to your goals, factoring in your lifestyle, obstacles and habits.” 

Ch. 4: A Lesson on Nutrition – Incorporating Healthy Eating Into Your Life
The fourth chapter provides more detail on a healthy eating plan as you learn nutrition basics. You also learn how to include desserts, snacks and fatty meals in a healthy lifestyle. 

An excerpt from Ch. 4: 
“Instead of following various new fads that tell you to eat one type of food constantly, cut whole food groups out of your diet or greatly restrict the amount of food you can eat, learn to eat a balanced diet.” 

(There are three additional chapters in the book.)

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  1. Hello Donna and Sharon -
    I'm one of those who always tried something (for absolute years) until I finally got so discouraged I stopped even trying.
    I'm not sure it would take all that much work, probably more consistancy in food choices and exercises. What I do know, it's nice to have someone with you along the way, in support and encouragement.
    Sharon, it sounds like your book not only gives direction, but is also the support and encouragement for success.
    My interest is peaked.

  2. Sorry i have to post something absolutely irrelevant on this post.Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you found me. Cos your blog made me smile.You have a very informative blog. Would be reading your blog for some good reads and spirit :)

  3. Hi Kay Dee,
    That's what ends up happening with many fad diets -- the diets don't work or are impossible to stick to, so you get frustrated and give up! I think it just takes a different way of thinking, from quick weight loss to a lifetime of maintaining a healthy weight, and moving from a focus on weight to one on health.

  4. Thanks for visiting Sharon! I'm thinking I may have to download this book and read it (and use it) and then come back with a review!

  5. I'm honored that you're interested in reading it Donna!


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