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My Weekly Musings – Beginning May 19, 2011

            Thursday: Last week I had a request from Andrew for my double chocolate cookies (chocolate chocolate chip) for when he came back to my house today. First, how can I not say yes to such a precious little boy; and second, the look of rapture on his face as he devours the cookie is priceless.
            My husband spent his birthday (today) on a trawl boat, doing what he loves most, trawling for shrimp. He came home happy, but exhausted and bleary eyed. He has been trawling almost every day this past week. You gotta love it when he calls from the bay and ask if the sun is shining. Sooner (or perhaps later,) I’ll learn to "just say no" because if I say yes, then I have the chore of spreading his shrimp out in the sun to dry. And, that means, the dogs have to spend the day in their kennel (which they do not like.)
            Today I did not put the dogs in their kennel. I opened the garage door and they spent the day (the ENTIRE day) napping by the steps to the house; only briefly opening an eye or two as I made my way up and down the steps to put clothes in the washer or transfer them to the dryer. Those are my loyal companions. I know this because they chose me over trying to eat the shrimp.
            My husband is now cleaning fish in the garage kitchen (his man cave), the television blaring on his favorite channel – Retro. What is Retro you ask? Let me tell ALL about it. It sounds like the 1980’s in the garage (and the house – it’s that loud.) He watches Mr. T; Good Times, Sanford and Son, Archie Bunker, The Bundies, Dukes of Hazard (starting to get the picture?) I did not like these shows the FIRST time around and now I am doing penance for every sin I have ever committed! If there is a hell, this is it!

            Friday: I was supposed to spend the morning baking and decorating “pupcakes” for Cara’s birthday party tomorrow but somehow a book got in the way and the porch swing beckoned. Thank goodness for the boiled shrimp in the refrigerator because I also managed to forget about dinner! I have a very forgiving husband.

            Saturday: Baked and decorated cupcakes for Cara’s sixth birthday party today. She requested chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and purple sprinkles (can you tell she likes pink and purple?) I also made her icing shots because her favorite thing about cupcakes is the icing. She was very excited about that. All she had to do was pop the icing in her mouth and not bother with licking it off the cupcake.
            I finished Wingless, Book 1 by Holly Hood and posted a review. Good book and now I have such a curiosity about what is happening next that I purchased Book 2.
            My younger sister graduated with an advance degree in nursing (sorry, sis – I think it’s Nurse Practitioner.) Congratulations!! I am sure she’ll remind me of this the next time I need an ailment diagnosed (like the mysterious lifesaver looking bruise on my arm that I just sent a picture of to her.)

            ­Sunday: Supposed to be a day of rest but somehow, my husband forgot. Although, around 2pm he stopped and took a nap in his chair, about the time that he woke up, I fell asleep. We did spend a little time on the porch swing (with the dogs) enjoying each other’s company.

            Monday: The rat race is back on. Jeffery (husband) spent the day running errands and drying shrimp. The dogs love this because they sit under the large platform that he spreads the shrimp out on and hope that some of the shrimp fall. Ryka is a fussy eater and for some reason she has decided she loves shrimp. She actually jumps up and collects her own shrimp when no one is watching. Calypso is at her mercy as far as sharing goes. Calypso, on the other hand, is a little piglet. She thinks her food (and anything that resembles food) is hers and Ryka’s food is hers if Ryka doesn’t finish it soon enough.
            I baked Andrew more chocolate cookies. Although, after all of the chocolate chip pancakes he ate this morning, I don’t’ know how he is going to eat anything else all day long. If winter were close, I’d venture to say he’s storing up; but it’s summer. Maybe that’s it. This is his last week for Nana’s pancakes because it’s the last week of school.
            The kids were excited because Papa was home this morning. He always plays Papa says (Mother may I) with the kids. Then, he cuts up Cara’s fruit and they do the fruit song (# pieces on the plate – 12 little strawberries on their way to heaven, Cara ate one and then there were 11 – get the picture. That can get pretty funny.) After we drop Andrew off at school, Cara and I have begun playing roller coaster as we come back across the bridge. We chug, chug up the bridge, and then let go and wave our hands in the air (ok, I wave one) and scream as we descend and swing around the curves. We are all kids at heart! I even put the window down for her so she could feel the wind on her face. She loved it.
            And, what is Monday if not a great day to post a book review. I posted a review on The Pioneer Woman: Black heels to Tractor wheels. I really enjoyed the love story. I laughed so much. She is great writer and knows how to inject humor into the story. It also brought back loads of funny memories from when I was dating my husband.
            I also posted a review on Creed’s Honor by Linda Lael Miller. She’s been a favorite author of mine from way back. After a lot of heavy reading lately, a lighthearted romance where you just know the blue-eyed cowboy is going to get the girl was a fun read.

            Tuesday: Andrew was packing in the pancakes again this morning. He is old enough this year that I allow him to flip the pancake. He thinks that it’s the greatest thing. Cara normally sits at the table and Andrew grabs a stool at the island. They have numbered their “tables” and give their orders to the cook (me.) It has definitely become “Nana-hop” around here in the mornings.
            Today, Cara had fun in the sun day at school. She had her swimsuit on under her school uniform. Mom gave me the sunscreen to put on her at the last minute hoping it would protect her a little longer. That was a Lucy moment trying to put sunscreen on under the uniform. We had the jumper unzipped, and Andrew was holding up the back of her blouse while I was trying to reach around Andrew and under the blouse to rub sunscreen on her shoulders. We were laughing so hard, we may have missed a few spots. Mornings around my house are always comical.
            I was out spreading a little love to the plants (water) and Calypso decided to join in the fun. She loves water and thought the sprinkler was great fun. I took a lot of photos and posted them. I’m thinking that along with the entire championship breed in her pedigree, there must have been a lab!

            Wednesday: It’s the second to last day of school today! It is the last morning that I will have the kids because they go to their dad’s tomorrow. We have had a great year together, the three of us. With all the road construction and bridge out lately, Andrew has become our "Time Keeper" and he is responsible for making sure that we have brushed our teeth and we are out the door at 7:30 a.m. sharp. He has also become "Keeper of the Grace" because with all the short orders for breakfast around here, I sometimes forget to have them say grace before their meal. We have blessed the food after we have eaten too many times. We have blessed the food in our bellies a few too many times.
             This morning Cara (who is SO competitive for a girl) decided that if Andrew could eat four pancakes, she could devour just as many slices of buttered toast. After giving her a skeptical look, and her looking back at me with her eye that she gives, I added bread to the toaster. She decided to skip the number "3" altogether and pretend that it was her fourth slice. Her belly couldn't quite keep up with her intentions.
            I have learned these things this year. Cara likes biscuits with strawberries and toast with watermelon (“because it goes better”.) She eats her bananas peeled but not sliced (like a monkey) and her strawberries whole (unless, of course, they are so big that when she bites everyone gets sprayed with juice!) She likes her watermelon sliced with no seeds and her cantaloupe sliced. She like her blackberries smashed with sugar, room temperature, not from the frig. Andrew likes an many mini chocolate chips on a pancake as you can possibly sprinkle, and then add more. We then use the pizza cutter to cut them up. He likes his milk in a little glass jar from the frig. He prefers to take his vitamin in the afternoon after school with orange juice while Cara likes hers in the morning; and he LOVES his Nana's chocolate chocolate chip cookies. They both love cranapple juice!
           Today I have a hair appointment but other than that, I think I may just forget about the housework and read. I haven’t had the dogs on their leashes for a couple of days so a little reminder of who’s boss (no, not them) may be in order today.

Hope everyone has had a great week! Thanks for visiting!

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