Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Awards


I love blogging, but as everyone knows, writing our posts can be daunting at times, especially when the think tank (brain) is lacking ideas. I really appreciate all of my followers who stick with me week after week. I love reading the comments and commenting back. I also appreciate the hard work everyone does on his or her blog.

So, in receiving this award, I was given two things to do. 1) admit seven random things about myself, and 2) nominate five other irresistible bloggers for this award.

Please be kind and don’t laugh as you read the seven random facts about me (some of you may already know these little facts):

1.         I love making up words to fit where there just aren’t any appropriate words.

2.         I hate really big bridges; especially the ones that go so high above your head as you are driving across it. I have been known to hyperventilate. I have nightmares about driving off bridges because a section is missing. I even carry around my Pieta book because it says I will not drown if I die with this book on my person (no, it does not say I won’t drive off a bridge.)

3.         I do not trust easily; actually, rarely ever. I have one true best friend and she didn’t come along until I was 46 years old; but what a gem she is (well worth the wait.) I am an introvert (off the charts people!) and I am extremely sensitive (my feelings get hurt easily.)

4.         As some of us tend to do, (and the rest is a quote from Amanda (Manda) “I lose myself in blogging. I think it may actually be a little unhealthy. I can mess around with my blog for hours and hours. Whether I'm writing posts, networking, changing the layout of my blog, looking for more books to read. I absolutely love blogging. Even if no one read my blog, I would still do it for me, because I love it.”

5.         I have a real issue with tailgaters! I have been known to slow to a slow crawl to back them off and then resume my speed. There was only one time this didn’t work (and he was an ass.) Yep! All you big truck drivers, I am the lady in the suburban that brought you to a complete halt on the highway so I could turn into my driveway – ya shouldn’t have been following so close!

6.         I am obsessed with my two dogs (German Shepherds) I am in love with them. If my husband would allow it, I would have them inside sitting at my feet in my office while I blog. That way, I could combine my two obsessions – my dogs, and my writing.

7.         I love public speaking. I can get up in front of a few hundred people and be perfectly at home. But, having to make small talk? Sends me into a panic mode. My best friend and I laugh when we sign up to attend Writer’s Conferences. There is always the proverbial “meet and greet” “social hour” thing. We never go. We only talk to each other and we can do that in the car on the way home.
Check out these wonderful blogs by clicking the links that I have provided. I promise you will love their blogs as much as I do. And, as soon as they post their seven facts, you know a little bit more about these wonderful ladies.

Thanks to my blog acquaintances/friends for being so awesome! 


  1. Oh how sweet of you to think of me and tag me. I could never come up with 7 fascinating things like you have but I will come up with something. I wonder why you have such a fear of bridges, is it heights? I'm asking because of terrified of not just high bridges but heights in general and I literally hate to fly but sometimes it's necessary. I have been so excited about our vacation in July until we decided it would be better on my back to fly than to spend two days driving. UGGGGG. I'm glad you love your dogs. Pets are just like family members, if something happens to them it's a terrible loss. Well I didn't mean to write a book so I'll hush now :). HA. Thanks again!!!

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me! I really appreciate you taking the time to look over my blog, and give me the "award." Very sweet of you! :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Thank you for following my little book blog :) That was sweet of you! I was so excited to see a new follower & I not only re follow I read the blogs too.
    I can relate to everything except the public speaking.
    I am painfully shy/introverted too.
    it borders on social anxiety disorder (have you noticed how everything is a "disorder" now?)
    The bridge thing made me think of my Nana (RIP) she was coming home from one of the NY airports to CT (where we/I live) this was waay back in the 80's I was a little girl & a chunk of the bridge fell out & a few ppl died. She had JUST crossed it about 1 hour earlier! She got home, unpacked, etc. turned on the tv & there it was on the news.
    They were in Aruba.
    My dog Bella & cats r my babies too. ALL of them were taken in off the streets around my house by me, fixed, vaccinated, etc.
    I also did it for countless other cats around me that were not house cats but feral's. The overpopulation was sad to see so I hoped I helped a bit.
    I can't wait to read more of your blog :) It's really cute too. I love it!
    have a gr8 day!

  4. I haven't gotten around to posting this yet but I will!! Thanks again.

  5. Donna - thank you for such a lovely honor. It's been a few days getting here, but I'm enjoying your awesome blog. Nice.

    I'm also signed up as a follower.

    Thank you again for your thoughtfulness...I'm feeling truly humbled.

    Bless you,
    Kay Dee

  6. I forgot to add my thoughts on your comments...you sound an awful lot like me as far as being an introvert - 'virtually' I can hang in there with the rest of them, but I have difficulty talking in a crowd - one-on-one I'm okay, but throw me in a crowd and I sieze up like there's no tomorrow. (grins)

    You sound like the perfect friend to me (smile).
    kay dee

  7. Thanks for coming back and telling me that. I posted something on personalities (mine) a while back. I'll look for it and send you the link. I just stand there like the village idiot! lol

  8. I will gladly be your friend. If there's something better than being the smiling village idiot, it's having the one over from the next village standing next to you! What a mental picture that was (laughing!)

  9. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I absolutely love yours and can see why you have won three awards! I'm glad we connected.

  10. I love your blog ( and Im a new follower ) =)
    I love blogging also..and reading!
    and..I dont like long bridges either!


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