Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweeteas – “It’s a Southern Tradition!

Sweeteas (It's a Southern Tradition!)

            “I give to you the little girls who frequented my dreams. ‘Terms of Endearment’ appeared to be their theme. There was Honey, Darling, Sunshine, and Sweet Pea, a bunch of little southern girls about as adorable as could be. They were charming, captivating, and lovable just the same, and so southernly sweet. Sweeteas was their perfect name.”

My Review:

            The Sweeteas Books and little girls are the wonderful creation of Rochelle Frazier. I had the extreme pleasure to meet this extraordinary young woman at a recent Writer’s Conference that I attended. She is every bit as sweet as the Sweeteas themselves. As well as being the creator and the author, she also illustrated each book. Be sure and visit the Sweeteas website and sign up to be a Sweetea!
            “It’s a Southern Tradition” is about being a Southern lady with those famous Southern mannerisms we all pride ourselves on. It is a beautifully illustrated book that you will enjoy reading with your daughters or granddaughters for many years. So treat yourself to this book or another book of Sweeteas adventures, sit down with a glass of cold ice tea, and enjoy the afternoon.

            You can purchase this book on the Sweeteas website or from by clicking on the book in "My Recommendations" to the left on my blog.


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