Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Princess and the Roach

            Today started off like any other day. I woke up, fixed my cup of cocoa, and headed out to pick up Andrew and Cara.   
            Andrew and I visit in the mornings and eventually Princess Cara will bee Bopp down the stairs, socks in hand, and climb into my lap. I then put Cara’s socks on and send her to make her shoe selection of the day (how much bling, bling can one girl wear?)
            This morning was no different…until Cara made a face and told me that she thought there was something in her shoe. I was a good Nana, I told her, “Yes, there is. There’s a foot in your shoe,” but she was not buying it. She shook off her shoe, and Andrew yelled that a grasshopper flew out of the shoe. At the same time, Cara and I bolted from the chair. Andrew then yelled, “It’s on your back!” This bit of information freaked out both Cara and I and we responded by yelling, “Whose back?” at which point, Andrew yells, “Cara’s back!”

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And if you think I had heels on at 6:30a, well...
            I then had a horrible moment that I am deeply mortified to admit to. There was just a small moment when I thought, “thank goodness.” I quickly came to my senses and spun Cara around. At that point, I saw it was NOT a grasshopper but a ROACH (more guilty feelings)! I knocked the roach to the ground and stomped on it, keeping my foot (in a shoe) tightly pressed to the floor.
            Andrew, Cara, and I were standing there looking at each other, hearts pounding, and goose bumps rising, and trying to calm our breath. About that time, Jessica came downstairs and wanted to know why all the commotion. She was looking from one of us to the other, and then we all started talking at once.
            The excitement ended with Andrew learning the difference between a ROACH and a grasshopper; and me telling Jessica that the roach was under my foot, and since it was her house, thus making it her roach, and she had to get rid of it. I told her I was NOT moving my foot until she was ready to pick it up (which she did) just in case it was still alive (it was) and Jessica had to take care of it (remember, her house, her roach.)
            All of this excitement, and it was barely 6:30 in the morning.
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  1. LOL! I LOVE your blog and how you write. I want to read this story to my nine-year-old :)

    I'm following.

  2. Thank you for visiting and following! Too much excitement for so early in the morning! Can't wait to hop on over to your blog.

  3. Just too adorable and too much action for that early in the morning.

  4. Thanks Mary. AND you are so right!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am soooo glad it wasn't me. Roach, beetle, grasshoper, junebug, wasp, ant, caterpiller...they're all the same to me! You would have heard me screaming from here. lol

    Love your blog. I just signed up to be a follower. In case you're intersted, perhaps you'd like to check out my Book Review Blog at:



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