Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meandering thoughts on my week ending April 1, 2011

            A funny episode happened this week with Ryka. I guess it was entertaining depending on which side of the fence you were on. You do not want to not be in Ryka’s world. By this, I mean you want her to “like” you. I was reading on the front porch and looked up to see her fiercely racing across the front yard from one side to the other. One would have thought that a magical morsel was being dangled in front of her (imagine chocolate being dangled in front of me.) Then, I saw the morsel; it was not magical, it was a teenie, weenie dog the size of a large rat, and it was running away from the fence as fast as its legs could carry it. Ryka was seeing dessert and it was just out of reach. The conclusion I came to; you do not want to not be on Ryka’s good side.
            I have been spending countless hours sitting on the swing on our front porch since Ryka and Calypso joined our family; this week was no exception. Just like children, they must be supervised at all times; at least until Calypso grows another 40 pounds. When the rare occasion happens that they are each satisfied with their own piece of ground or their own bone or their own oyster shell (they have a fascination with oyster shells) and they realize that the other one is quiet, they just cannot help themselves. The action starts all over again. One or the other will stalk and advance on the other until their opponent decides to take action and charges back. It resembles a football game of tackle and run.
            Calypso and Ryka are West German Shepherds and they are extremely smart. Ryka watches me when I am working with Calypso and has begun to imitate what I do. In the past, I have used Calypso’s harness to restrain her and Ryka began grabbing onto her harness to restrain her. I changed the harness to a collar for a little more control and I noticed that Ryka is now grabbing the collar the same way she has observed me doing. Not only has Ryka learned from me, but Calypso has also learned from Ryka. I thought Calypso was hanging onto Ryka neck and when I went to separate them, I found she had grabbed onto Ryka’s collar, which has left me wondering, who is training who.
            Today, Ryka was lying in the front yard in the shade of the red maple tree. Calypso was playing on the porch until she looked up and spotted Ryka. She grabbed an old red rag that they play with and off down the steps she headed. She settled about ten feet from Ryka and lay down. In Calpyso’s world, this is throwing down the gauntlet. Ryka made no move towards her. She got up and moved a couple of feet closer and settled back down; still, no move from Ryka. Calypso, at this point, could not stand it and went in for the tackle.
            Calypso has perfected the flip and roll method of gaining the upper hand. When Ryka is upon her, she throws her little body into a roll and rolls away. If she is the one making the move, she comes at Ryka from behind and launches herself over Ryka’s head like a little Sumo wrestler.
            On Wednesday, Cara and I went to school for an activity afternoon. We read nursery rhymes and did activities with each rhyme. Her solution for “The old woman in the shoe who had so many kids, she didn’t know what to do” was she should get a babysitter. Ummm.
             After her mom returned home from school, she wanted me to come and watch her ride her two-wheel bike. She learned to ride without training wheels this week and she is so proud of herself. She did very well. Cara loves to color and each morning before school is spent drawing and coloring with her Papa or reading a book with Papa. When she eats breakfast with us, Papa has to cut her food up into ten pieces and they make up songs counting down to an empty plate. Their latest was a song about there being ten pieces of toast sitting in line, Cara ate one and then there were nine. The sayings tend to get pretty funny sometimes, especially when Andrew starts chiming in.
            Andrew is nine and we make chocolate chip pancakes every morning. I am allowing him to flip the pancakes and he loves to help cook. I have to keep an eye on him. He loves to load the pancakes with chocolate chips.
            Thursday night I had a Lafourche Parish Planning Commission meeting. And, the rest of the week was just plain boring. I had a migraine on Friday and an upset stomach (probably from the migraine) on Saturday. 

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