Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Day I got Glamorized and More

               I had a friend who is a Mary Kay Consultant. I have nothing against Mary Kay cosmetics, just getting suckered into a “Glamorization.” I had a little party at my house one morning to help a friend out and she asked me if I wanted to attend their meeting that night to receive a glamour makeover. (For background music while reading this post, click to the second song on my I Pod to the left and enjoy.)
               Na├»ve me! I said yes. Little did I know that I would be pressured to become a Mary Kay Consultant (the word ‘cult’ is in consultant.) When I say pressured, it was just that. I felt lucky to get out of there with my life, although the glamour makeover was interesting and fun. What girl doesn’t enjoy a makeover and playing with makeup?
               The makeover participants sat around tables with makeup, and then listedned to makeup techniques. Then, we each had the opportunity to make ourselves up and to purchase any items we wanted. Once our makeover was complete and the consultant meetings being held in other rooms were over (probably plotting our captivity), the group reconvened in the auditorium for song and dance. It was a real cheerleading experience. They praised each other and encouraged each other to keep doing well and that was good. It was nice the way they supported each other.
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               After the cheerleading and praising, our sponsors then led us around the room strutting to Pretty Woman! Oh yeah! - I was gettin' into it. Me - intense introvert – strutting to Pretty Woman. Then, a song played as we all drove around the room pretending to be driving pink Cadillacs; there was a lot of singing and waving during that song. I start laughing just thinking about it.
               The makeup part was so much fun; but guess what came along after the fun? Oh Yeah!! A hard core "nice" sales pitch and if you wanted out of the locked door, you had to join up. (Just kidding - but I did find it intense.) And, to answer your question - I resisted - I am not a Mary Kay rep and I did make it out alive!

               And, of course, there’s the latest debacle. My computer email was hacked. Thankfully, a wonderful friend let me know what was going on, because I surely could not figure out the problem. A priest friend from Ireland (also living in Ireland) emailed me to let me know that when he opened the link and saw it was for Viagra, he figured something was up (and it wasn't that!) Only me! Lucy! My email is hacked and I have the wonderfully embarrassing time of having a priest email me telling me I sent him a link to Viagra! I still cannot speak of the mortification.
               I can hear God saying now, “LUCY...you got some 'splaining to do!!!!!” and then the camera pans to the reconciliation room and a trembling voice saying "bless me Father, for I have sinned. I sent a Priest an ad for Viagra".

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  1. Chrissy McBroom-Carrier - This is hilarious about the Mary Kay...I just got out of being a consultant, I know and feel exactly what you described, lol !!!!!

  2. Believe me - if I see a pink Cadillac coming towards me, I am running the opposite way!


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