Monday, April 11, 2011

The Book Review


          I've been thinking (I know, it's a chore when you're me) of new things to write about on my blog. I've decided that I am going to do book reviews! Aren't you excited?! Well, I am. 
          I have a growing library, in fact, so much, so that I had to purchase a Kindle. I literally have no more places for books. I've tried talking my husband into building library shelves in my office (I am talking about all four walls) but, the look I usually receive at that suggestion makes me think I had better wait a while before bringing that subject up again. 
          Getting back to doing book reviews, I am always reading and I love to tell everyone about what I am reading - so, what better way than on my blog (this way I do not see you roll your eyes!) and I can continue blissfully thinking that you are enjoying listening to me rant about the book as much as I am enjoying ranting.
          I'm not posting a review today. This brilliant idea just came to me. I have to find the perfect book to review, so come back soon!

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