Friday, March 25, 2011

So…what’s in your bag?

            On Hoda and Kathy Lee there was a segment (many segments) about what’s in Hoda’s wallet. There was one day when she actually emptied her purse and let’s face it ladies, we are all curious about what someone else has in their purse (don’t bother denying it!)
            I was reading a couple of blogs that I follow on a regular basis, and I could not believe the topic! Everyone seemed to be posting pictures of their bags and all of its contents. They all have the same curiosity that I do (girls will always be girls.) I was thinking it would be a fun post and I was hoping to get others to play along and post some of the things they couldn’t possibly leave out when packing a purse.

            Here goes:
My favorite RED bag. It has oodles of room.
         "...He reached past Cameron and tossed her purse over the seat. "See if you can find her keys," he told Wilkins. 
        "Are you kidding? What if she wakes up and sees me rummaging around in there? You don't touch the purse. The purse is sacrosanct...."."
The contents (which also contain contents!)

1.   My pink polka dot monogrammed notebook cover (I like pretty)

2.   My catch-all pouch that contains a lipstick pencil and lipstick, tape measure (never know when it will come in handy,) rosary, bandaids, wipes, tissue and some other odds and ends (I am an organization    fanatic so remember everything has a place and everything in its place)

3.   My ziplock with my memory sticks and the card that my phone picture card fits in if I want to develop pictures

4.   My keys (that's my TEC cross from high school)

5.   My wallet (the green thing - I like to be different and I have never met a wallet that I liked)

6.   My business cards

7.   My silver monogrammed pill holder (remember - I like pretty)

8.   Hand lotion (Moonlight Path from Bath and Bodyworks)

9.   Eyeglass case

10. Extra little notebook with an extra pen (in case someone wants to borrow a pen - I don't lend very well so I also have an extra to loan)

11. My little container of crackers (I forget to eat and usually end up with a headache)

12. My water bottle (it has a pink top and princesses on the side - remember - pretty)

13. Not pictured is my phone which I am taking the picture with. I also use it for recording voice memos, to do's, and my grocery list which eliminates more clutter

14.  Almost forgot! My Kindle

15.  Also missing is my To Be Read file that I grab before heading out of the door

So - how many of you are going to be brave and list what's in your bag? If you don't have a blog - do it on Face book (if you are brave enough!!!)



  1. I love the contents (which also contain contents!) comment! And your notebook is pretty. All your stuff has great color.

  2. Love your bag and the contents, Donna! I like pretty, too. It's such fun to see what girls have in their bags. I get great ideas! :)


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