Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oysters and Hot Chocolate?

            You would not have that questionable look on your face if your day has been like my day so far; and it is only 9am.
            We were late getting home from church this morning because my husband was helping with the burning of the palms. It stormed yesterday and the rain delayed the burning ceremony. I had to ride home with a horrid smoke smelling person (and now the arduous task of getting the smoke smell out of his sport coat begins!) That was bad enough!
            Upon entering the garage, both of the dogs were doing the potty dance. I was afraid if either of them sneezed, they would pee out of their ears (sorry, no nice way to say it.) Of course, the munchkin has to go first since she is the puppy. It is like the starting of a dog race when you open her kennel door. There is a country song that comes to mind that has something about the race is on and something in the backstretch, (I think.) She flies out of the kennel, scampers around the laundry bin and table at break-neck speed, and if the back door is not open, she will run into the door.
            She races around in the cool brisk air, almost too excited to potty. Finally, after enough coaxing, she pottied and then raced for the door. Now, it is time for dinner, only dinner isn’t ready because I have been outside watching her run around! She knows the routine already. First, I get her bowl and scoop her food out of her bucket (she knows which bucket is hers) and then I head to the sink to add a little gravy and meat from the can of dog food. By this time, she is hoping first on one paw and then the other. As soon as I put her bowl down, she attacked it. This led me to believe it was okay to get poor Ryka from her kennel and hustle her out of the door.
            Not so! Calypso grabbed a mouth full of food and immediately chased after Ryka. Rkya, knowing from routine that either she or the puppy is out at one time, headed back to her kennel. Meanwhile, I am hanging on to a squirming puppy and trying to coax Ryka to the door. Thank goodness Jeffery showed up about that time. He grabbed Calypso and herded her back towards her dinner, and I finally got Ryka out the back door.
Amelia Bedelia (1963)Image via Wikipedia
            Then, the second race was on. I have to keep Ryka on a leash right now due to her recent surgery. When it is time to potty, I put the long leash on so she has some lead way to choose just the right spot (not just any spot will do.) She had me almost running to keep up with her down the grassy road to the back of the property and then she abruptly stopped to potty. No sooner is she finished, we were off at a clip again. I was flying through the yard, still dressed in church clothes and my red raincoat, splashing through a ditch with water to another part of the yard where she suddenly found just the right place to finish her business. Amelia Bedelia or Lucille Ball – either scenario you would happen to be picturing in your head would work in this case.
            Therefore, this morning when I opened up the refrigerator and saw a little bag with four fried oysters from yesterday, I thought one word – perfect. I took a much-needed break and had fried oysters and hot chocolate for breakfast (you read correctly.) I saw a commercial yesterday for I-Hop featuring fried chicken and waffles and I thought that was odd………
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  1. Going to church is always so calming -- except when it isn't. LOL Have a great and blessed Sunday.

  2. From my friend Susan Connolly: Ok. You know your friend is from Louisiana when she just "happens" to have oysters left over from yesterday. Don't even want to think about having them with Hot Chocolate....


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