Thursday, March 10, 2011

Must Love Dogs

Who knew you could have an entire conversation....about doggie doodo? Three old friends from high school now know you can (another episode of "Lucy" and friends.)

And we did.....and, somehow I do not think they will mind me immortalizing the sorta went like this.....

I posted: My sweet husband did the poopee bag for the vet so I didn't have to! He even put the zip lock in a brown paper bag because he knew it would gross me out!

Then I posted: Just what everyone wanted to read I'm sure! lol

Friend Dianne: Oh, T*M*I!! LOL

Friend Dianne: It takes a lot to gross me out. My little puggle leaves surprises for me on a daily basis. I probably could have done it with a sandwich in the other hand. There really is such a thing as getting "immuned" to things.

Friend Marlene chimed in: Yeah, Bob is the "official poopie picker upper" because he takes Elmeaux out front every morning and when he comes home from work. My job is to make sure that he has bag on hand. I will, however, do it when necessary. I must brag that I can actually pick up two poops in one bag, and Bob is a "one poop per bag" kinda guy. Yeah, WAY T.M.I. I know.

Friend Marlene: What is wrong with us? Is this the "poopie post"?

Friend Marlene:  BTW, YOU started it, Donna! lol

Me:  I wonder if I should apologize?! rotfl I am truly impressed Marlene - 2 per bag?! And you, Dianne, with a sandwich in hand? My sandwich in hand would be the sandwich I just spit up because of what the other hand was doing! I am in awe of both of you!

(I must add here that Marlene has a small dog. I have a German Shepherd. I'd need a GALLON size ziplock where she probably uses a pint size!)

Me:  To my credit - I do scoop the stuff out of the outdoor pen and fling it over the little fence into the flower bed! I will NOT tell you the length of the handle of the scooper I use though.

Friend Marlene:  Well, Donna, you know it's like this....sometimes when I take Elmeaux for a walk, I only have one bag, and he goes twice! It's not because I'm trying to get in the world record book, or anything like that! lol

Me:  I'm glad we live in the country. They can mess all over the yard (and they do) and I just have to scoop it up every couple of days and throw it in the nearest flower bed! Jeffery made me the funniest pooper scooper to use. I laugh the entire time. I'll have to post a picture one day! Then you will really laugh!

Me:  Time to start loading the kennel and transferring dogs to go to the vet.

Friend Dianne:  Well thanks Donna and Marlene! I had my "belly laugh" for the day. Love you both!

......And now our conversation will be forever in print! Thanks guys!......


  1. Thanks Donna! I've always wanted to be infamous for something. So honored to have made your blog. Let's do it again sometime.

  2. Roflmbo !!! Love it ! I have to scoop with 2 hands cuz my dogs drop P bombs !!! I don't dare venture into my backyard cuz the poop stays until the sun dries it out and it disintegrates ! The only reason I bought a house with a big yard is for Moose and Marley. It's there yard so they can poop if they want to, poop if they want to, if you were a dog, you would poopy-do too !!! (sung to the tune of "It's my party, I can cry if I want to.....") lol
    Speaking of poop, Moose is whining right now to go out, guess his supper is moving through the gut and what's in the tail in needs to move on out for the new stuff to pass through !!!

  3. that was supposed to be "tail end"

  4. You are quite welcome Dianne! And Rhonda, we got the gist! lol I wonder what our children would say if they knew what their mom's talked about!

  5. As Dianne's daughter rolls her eyes and shakes her head in disgust!

  6. I think you are right Dianne! We'll hide this post from them!

  7. Very intertaining. I must brag dog is sooo prissy that he won't drop bomb any where in the yard. OH no,he will walk the entire perimiter of the yard and lay his doody down. We never trained him to do that. I guess he just likes walking around as freely as we do! We never have to worry about him pooping in his kennel when we leave for a couple of hours.He will hold it until he gets out again! Speaking of which,he's whinning to go out right now!


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