Saturday, March 5, 2011

Is it fixed or did we just break it?

            We humans have such strange ways of describing things that happen sometimes.
            I have been sitting here trying to figure out if I wanted to write about this or not, I sort of felt the need to write about some of the things that have been going through my mind (strange as they are) lately.
            Thursday, I dropped Ryka off at the veterinarian hospital to have surgery. Being so attached to her, even after such a short time (one and a half weeks) led my mind to Crazyville.
            Why do people refer to having a pet spayed or neutered as having them fixed? We do not “fix” our pets; we actually break them (told you I’ve been on a short trip to Crazyville.) Where in the world did that phrase come from? It is ridiculous. Just think about it (join me in Crazyville for a while.) “I am having my dog fixed” implies that I broke the dog. I did not break the dog so why am I having it fixed? Let’s just call it what it is. My dog is not broken; but she has been spayed.
            Even though I had Calypso at home, I was lonesome. Ryka and I have become attached at the hip and all I could do was watch the clock until it was time to pick her up. The vet brought her out to the car and she hopped in, more than a little anxious to be going home. She is finally acting more like herself and she and I took several long walks today and spent our usual time on the front porch together.
            I sometimes wonder if I put too much of a burden on her or if we fill a void in each of our hearts. That thought will eventually require another trip to Crazyville and I have been there long enough for one week.
A gloomy day today on Bayou Lafourche.
            The other little munchkin, Calypso, is growing rapidly. She loves to play. She is learning to fetch the ball and even pawed my leg today when I did not reach down to take the ball out of her mouth fast enough. It was not a happy time for either dog today as it rained (actually stormed) most of the day. Maybe there will be sunshine tomorrow.
            Not much of a story tonight, just a lot of thought provoking thoughts on what has been happening the last few days. I posted a few more pictures of the dogs and my husband (maybe I should have given Jeffery first billing) on my picture page if anyone is interested in viewing them.

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