Monday, March 28, 2011

From Fashionista to Raganista

Beautifully creased white shirts

            I used to be a fashionista, now I’m just a raganista. It is a sad, but oh so true story. I used to wear nice clothes. I had matching belts, high heel shoes, and handbags. I wore suits and sweater sets. I had skirts in every length and every color. I had slacks with professional creases. I had baubles and trinkets in every size and shape. Being a fashionista was serious business.
            Then, I retired to life in the country. Jeans and cutoffs replaced my skirts and slacks. T-shirts replaced my button-downs. Tennis shoes and crocs replaced high heels. A serviceable watch replaced the baubles, while gardening gloves replaced rings. Huge functional totes replaced smart colorful purses.
Coordinating belts and shoes
            I still have nice clothes; they just rarely make their way off the padded hangers. Makeup, a thing of the past; has long since replaced by a huge straw hat and moisturizer. And, it's not at all unusual to let a week go by without putting my feet into shoes.
            Magazines with beautiful clothes fill my mailbox. The UPS truck whizzes by on the highway, my hopes and dreams of a new dress dashed by the turning wheels. Just when I think I might put on a pair of nice jeans, my puppy reminds me that she does not distinguish between old and new when she sinks her teeth into the fabric and rips.
Basket of tennis shoes
            Wearing a pretty sundress while out mowing the grass might garner a few strange looks, even if I wear a pair of pretty sandals. And, can you imagine the whispering if I was caught weed eating in a suit? Oh my!
Folded t-shirts

             My closet used to be my “happy place.” I am sure it will be again one day soon, but for now; the grass needs mowing and the puppy must learn not to use her Jaws of Life grip on my pants leg (and my skin.) When that happens, I will once again throw open the doors to my “happy place” and become the fashionista I once was. What a glorious day it will be!
            Does this describe your life? 
Buttondowns (I like white)

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  1. Love love love your super organized closet! Nothing makes me drool more than a nice clean organized closet! I wish i could redo mine but it's such a small walk-in that I don't think any shelving system would give us more hanging space. I think Jordan just needs to get his own closet!!!! LOL


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