Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh Lonesome Me

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            It has been very lonely around my home since my dog, Sentry, passed away. As each day turns into the next, I realize more and more just how intertwined our two lives were. I felt her presence whether she was curled up on the back step or on the front porch. It was comforting to know she was out traversing the yard, and her alerting bark was a signal that she was guarding me.
            I sometimes find myself wandering through the house, opening the front door half expecting to see her there. Our house is a raised cottage, and she could tell the direction I was walking to and more times than not, she would be waiting with her tail wagging. My heart is heavy these days with missing her. With her here, I was never alone.
            I have been on a mission lately. I am not trying to find a replacement for Sentry, for in my heart she can never be replaced. I am trying to find a dog that will pick up where she completed her journey. The quest that I am on has proved to be an educational one.
            I met with a German Shepherd breeder located not far from my home. He has a wonderful compound and loves his dogs. He taught me about the eating habits, grooming habits, and gave me pointers on training the dog. By the time I left, I wanted to put every dog he showed me in the back of my suburban. I would have taken them all home with me. I would wear my badge "The Dog Lady" proudly. 
            Continuing with my hunt for the perfect dog for me, I learned about German Shepherd rescue centers. I found out that I would have to apply to adopt if I wanted one of their dogs. There is an application process that includes home visits (they want to see the environment where the dog would live;) and one to two visits on-site with the dog at the facility to observe our interaction. At that point, I might be able to adopt the dog.
            I have fallen in love with so many dogs via their pictures. I found one puppy that resembled Sentry so much that it could have been her pup. My biggest obstacle so far has been my husband. He is not one to make quick decisions, and true to form, he is hesitating with this decision. He has seen me grieve for two dogs and isn’t quite sure he is ready to watch me go through the pain again. I guess my next big hurdle is to convince him that the loneliness is a worse pain.
            I suspect my journey to find a dog is going to take longer than I anticipated.
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  1. I understand your loss and your dilemma. When I wanted to get a companion for Moose, I was inspired by a friend of mine who had (at the time), 8 rescue dogs. I searched the known sites looking for a cream colored lab. I found Marley on one of them. The cute little puppy had a price tag of $300. When I emailed the owner, the cute puppy had obviously been on the web for awhile and he told me he was now $150. We arranged to meet for a pickup in Baton Rouge where he was located. As we sat outside the gated entrance to the complex, I caught a glimpse of this beautiful cream colored lab running with a Japanese man. My heart melted ! It was love at first site ! The educated young man had lived in Indiana where he bought the "little" puppy for a hefty price. Being Japanese, he had no idea what being the parent of an american labrador retriever entailed. He informed us that the dog's name was Miller, "like Miller Lite beer." He knew commands in Japanese, had papers, was already neutered, and had health insurance! The 8 month old puppy hopped in the back seat of the car and never looked back. We quickly changed his name as no dog of mine would ever be named after a beer! The movie "Marley and Me" was soon to be released so we decided to call him Miller Marley for a few days and then just Marley. And, Marley he is ! Just like his namesake from the movie. He is my "clearance puppy"! I can't imagine our lives without him and I can't imagine anyone else having the patience to tolerate his antics. I think you will be lead to the right canine companion. Your heart will lead you and you will fall in love again.

    As far as that hubby of your goes...I told you what to do! Bring him to Best Buy and show him how cool it would be to watch TV on a 42" flatscreen! Heck, if you find one on sale, you could even throw in some surround sound. I know it is painful to lose a companion but the immense joy and love that is gained is well worth it, for they enrich our lives in ways no mortal ever could. And that my sister is my humble opinion for the day :-)

  2. And that humble opinion cannot be beat. Only thing - my husband has NO interest in a big screen tv. He is not the norm! I just need to cry and then I'll get one. I just don't like those tactics! lol


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