Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Dog, Old Habits

Sentry on watch, not on a walk.
            It can only be described as strange, or perhaps common, the way dogs develop the exact same tendencies.
From the front gate looking back.
            I exercise each day by walking the length of our property in what I refer to as “occupied” country; meaning it used to be country for miles, but it’s has gradually built up into one lane family subdivisions with a few pieces of single owned acreage such as ours. From front gate (the highway) to the first cross-fence (our property extends to almost a mile and we have it sectioned off) it is approximately an acre. As the sun reaches its favorite position high in the sky, there are few places with shade to be found; trust that the dog will find them.
            Before Sentry passed away, she would follow me for a couple of laps and then find a shady stretch of grass and watch me as I continued walking (so much for canine company or perhaps it was the singing.) I used to detour every few laps and circle around the house just to make her get up and find me. It served to make her more alert for a while; she figured out I couldn’t be trusted to go from point A to point B the same way every time. Mostly, she just lazed around.
The cross-fence.
Shade is good.
Shade is definitely better.
            Ryka has been with me for a week now and it did not take her very long to realize there is only one way from point A to point B and that is, right under the shady oak tree. She is a little more apt to follow me longer than Sentry did. I think it’s because it is still cool in the mornings. Where she once plopped down in the grass in the sun to watch me walk by, she quickly found a patch of shade at the back fence. Then, I turned around and headed back and she was not about to let me leave her there. The “rat of the worst kind” only found another patch of shade ahead of me to sit down and wait, so much for canine loyalty when it comes to exercising. I guess we humans are going to sweat alone unless we hit the open road and there truly is only one point A and one point B and many miles between the two (with no shade.)

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  1. Too funny ! I wonder if Moose and Marley would do the same being labs. They love walking on the leash but of course have no choice but to follow me :-)


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