Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just paying it forward

             Have you ever heard the phrase "pay it forward?" It seems I've heard it quite a few times as of late. It really can be a wonderful thing. 
            Today I was at Ochsner for a doctor's appointment. Since I have been taking a fluid pill, the bathroom is normally my first stop upon reaching any destination. Today was no exception. Imagine my elation when I opened the door and the most wonderful fresh smell emitted into the air. 
            Upon entering the restroom, I immediately noticed a young woman in the process of scouring the restroom from top to bottom. It was so pleasant to use a sparkling restroom that I could not help myself. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job popped right out of my mouth. 
            Needless to say, her surprise mirrored my own but she also realized my sincerity and graciously accepted my thank you. I think I felt as good as she did. Exiting the restroom, I collected my patient husband and headed toward the escalator telling him about my experience. (I think he sometimes tunes my chatter out.) 
           I have always tried to show appreciation to the workers that are usually forgotten, but very important in our daily lives. I am thankful that they are willing to clean the bathrooms, or to collect the garbage because someone has to do it. I do not want to do these particular tasks. I am fairly certain our sanitation workers wonder what asylum I escaped from because when I am out walking and they stop to collect my garbage, I always say thank you. By the surprised look on their faces, I may be the only person to say thank you.
            I continued to the doctor’s waiting room and took my place in line to check in for my appointment. The receptionist greeted me with a warm smile and hello as I stepped up. After checking in, I asked her how to go about finding out to whom I would send a letter of gratitude in a particular department commending someone for their help. She instantly thought I was speaking about the office I was currently in and made a phone call to find out the person’s name. She was so kind and helpful that I asked her name and thanked her for her assistance.
            Upon hearing my name called for my appointment, I headed off. Naturally I bypassed the scale (wouldn't you?) and was immediately called back (I tried.) At first, it registered straight dashes across (how wonderful to weigh nothing!) Then, the dreaded numbers appeared. Oh well, had to happen I guess.
            A short time later, my doctor entered the exam room with the most wonderful news! Not only had I lost six pounds but my blood pressure was normal (first time in a year.) Upon hearing the news, I immediately sat up straighter and I swear to you that my clothes felt like they fit better. I left her office with a light step.
            Next, I headed down to the billing department (an experience I blogged about a few days back.) I asked for the young woman who was so helpful before. I was not disappointed; today she was once again most helpful. She looked over the paperwork I had with me and helped sort out the errors and my account is as good as new (for the present.) I also asked her for the name and address of her supervisor. I told her that she had been so helpful that I wanted to write a letter showing my appreciation; and similarly, wanted to write a letter expressing my discontent with the bully I had to deal with.
            She was smiling ear to ear as she gave me the information I asked for. After a pleasant chat with this young woman, my husband and I left and headed for home quite content.
            Getting back to the “pay it forward,” by simply giving someone a compliment from the heart, my heart, I was repaid ten times over today. Because of a small phrase that can end up being so enormous, “thank you,” I had a wonderful day as well as others. That is a good feeling. No, that is a great feeling. Now, I am off to write not one or two, but three letters.
            Remember; if you ever have the chance (and there are many) pay it forward. It will come back to you repeatedly. 


  1. Hi girl! I'm back!!! I loved this article. You are absolutely right about saying thanks to people that do the jobs we don't want to do. I can't say I always thank them like that, but I know whenever I make a phone call to any business, even if its to fuss (nicely) about a bill that's ridiculous, I always great the person with a hello and how are you? It's amazing how taking a few seconds to great someone on the phone will immediately change their demeanor on the phone. Don't believe me? Try it. Listen to the way they great you, say hello and ask them how they are and their voice will immediately change. I've managed to get great customer service that way!

  2. Hi MJ! Great to hear from you. I certainly agree with you. A smile or cheerful hello is sometimes all it takes to make the difference between no customer service or great customer service. By back - I hope you mean on Facebook too. Miss you much, much! I look forward to following your blog again.

  3. Donna I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying reading your blogs.I just started reading them again last week. i have been so busy with work I don't have much time for the pc any more. I read all your blogs on the 21 days of compliments,they were all very good.Keep up the good work! I wish I could find the time to visit you sometime...and who knows maybe one day I will. Until then keep writing and I will keep reading. May you be blessed! Juliet

  4. Thank you Juliet for the compliments and for reading my blogs. We'll get that visit in soon! That's a promise!


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