Friday, January 14, 2011

It’s National Delurking Day today!

       By now I am sure everyone knows the journey I am on; my 21 Days of Compliments. I was catching up on a few of the blogs I enjoy following and came across a story about today being “National Delurking Day.”
       I thought, “That sounds interesting, let me continue reading and see exactly what is “Delurking Day?” Delurking Day is about you, the reader, coming clean. According to my stat plug-in, there are quite a few of you visiting my blog and quietly going away (Don’t worry, I do it too!) Today is your day to talk back to me. I would love to hear something about you, maybe where you are from or what interests you, and how did you find me? Write about anything! What is your favorite hobby, did you just read a great book, or if you have children, what silly thing have they done lately?
       I am taking the day off today from my 21 Days of Compliments and I’m waiting to hear from all of you! I would love to just say thank you for following my blog. I am honored you stopped by.
       I am also including a link to the post where I found “Delurking Day.” I hope that you will hop on over there and leave a comment too! Today is all about saying “Hi.”
       “If you’re participating in National Delurking Day, leave your blog post URL in a comment here. Then, hop around to the other links and leave some comment love on others’ blogs. And hey! If you’ve never commented on my post, why not today? I know I'm traveling around today leaving lots of encouragement and letting everyone know how much I love their blogs!  Happy DeLurking to you!”

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  1. I read all your blog posts, but you already know who I am! It's nice to be able to keep up with what's going on in the lives of our friends and family who are far away! I, too, have tons of people who read my blog and I wish I knew more about them, as they don't leave comments! My blog link is pamelamarie.blogspot


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